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This is a list of all episodes and movies of Prince of Tennis (テニスの王子様) and New Prince of Tennis (新テニスの王子様) organized by arc. Filler arcs and episodes are labeled as such. Quasifillers (marked with ○) denote episodes which replace an arc in the manga, such as the Jousei Shounan arc's replacement of the Midoriyama arc.

Prince of Tennis

Season 1

Intraschool Ranking Arc

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English Title Summary Filler?
1 Oct 10, 2001 王子様現る A Prince Appears Ryuuzaki Sakuno meets Echizen Ryouma, a returnee from the United States, for the first time on the way to a tennis tournament. Ryouma is disqualified due to lateness, but has a match against high schooler Sasabe, whom he beats easily.
2 Oct 17, 2001 サムライ·ジュニア Samurai Junior School starts at Seigaku, and Ryouma shows up two second years who are bullying his fellow first years. He then plays a match against second year Momoshiro Takeshi, who withdraws due to injury. Osakada Tomoka meets Ryouma for the first time.
3 Oct 24, 2001 登場!青学レギュラー The Seigaku Regulars Make Their Debut The Seigaku regulars are introduced, along with reporters Inoue Mamoru and Shiba Saori. Ryoma beats second year bully Arai Masashi with a broken racket and is entered by Tezuka Kunimitsu for the intraschool tournament, despite his first year status.
4 Oct 31, 2001 マムシと呼ばれる男 The One Named Viper The intraschool ranking tournament begins. Ryouma beats his initial opponents easily before facing second year regular Kaidou Kaoru. Kaidou uses the Snake Shot, forcing Ryouma to switch to playing with his dominant hand.
5 Nov 7, 2001 スネイク·ショット Snake Shot Kaidou uses the Snake in order to wear down Ryouma's stamina. He appears to be succeeding at first, but it turns out that Ryouma is hitting shots in order to force Kaidou to bend his knees closer to the ground. Ryouma ends up winning the match.
6 Nov 14, 2001 その男, 越前南次郎 Echizen Nanjirou Inoue and Shiba travel to the Echizen household in order to snag an interview with Ryouma's father, Echizen Nanjirou, a famous retired tennis player. Nanjirou quite literally beats Inoue with his eyes closed, but lets slip that he's focusing on training Ryouma.
7 Nov 21, 2001 二人のリョーマ The Two Ryoumas Ryouma plays third year regular Inui Sadaharu, a Data Tennis player, for his next ranking match. Using his data on Ryouma, Inui manages to successfully predict where his shots are going and counter him accordingly.
8 Nov 28, 2001 スプリットステップ The Split Step Using a the One-footed Split Step, Ryouma successfully manages to increase his speed and agility and, combined with his Twist Serve, surpasses Inui's data. This episode also shows Ryouma's relationship with his father and how easily he's beaten by him.
9 Dec 5, 2001 ザ·ハード·デイ The Hard Day Inui is unable to return the Twist Serve and loses. Ryouma wins his subsequent matches, securing his spot as a regular. Kaidou then beats Inui, kicking him out of the regulars. He becomes the team's manager and the infamous Inui Juice is born.
10 Dec 12, 2001 逆襲!佐々部再び Counterattack! Sasabe Again? The first years visit the tennis school where Katou Kachirou's father teaches. They run into Sasabe and his father, the Golden Retriever, and Ryouma plays the elder. The match doesn't conclude as Sasabe didn't warm up properly and injures himself.

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Tokyo District Preliminary - Fudoumine Arc

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English TItle Summary Filler?
11 Dec 19, 2001 越前VS桃城 Ryouma vs. Momoshiro Ryouma and Momoshiro decide to play each other for the remaining Singles 3 position. They end up playing doubles at a street court, where they easily defeat their challengers before being bested by the Izumi Tomoya/Fukawa Kimiyoshi pair.
12 Dec 26, 2001 ア·ウンな二人 The Perfect Match Ryouma and Momoshiro decide to play Doubles 2 against Gyokurin Middle School out of pride. They end up rematching the Izumi/Fukawa pair, although they continue to do poorly due to their lack of coordination borne from their singles player status.
13 Jan 9. 2002 男はダブルス! Real Men Play Doubles Their strategies failing, Ryouma and Momoshiro split the court in half, each effectively playing singles in their own half and using the "Ah-Un" strategy to divvy up balls which land on the center line. They prove victorious in the end.
14 Jan 16, 2002 つばめ返し! The Triple Counter Fuji Shuusuke and Kawamura Takashi start off Seigaku's next game against relatively unknown public school Fudoumine's Ishida Gin/Sakurai Masaya pair. Feeling cornered, Shuusuke uses's one of his Triple Counters: Tsubame Gaeshi.
15 Jan 23, 2002 それぞれの戦い To Each His Own Battle In an attempt to counteract Tsubame Gaeshi, Ishida uses a powerful shot known as the Hadoukyuu. When Shuusuke attempts to return it, Kawamura intercepts it, injuring his wrist in the process. Shuusuke forfeits the game in order to get medical attention.
16 Jan 30, 2002 ブーメラン·スネイク The Boomerang Snake The Kikumaru Eiji/Ooishi Shuuichirou pair, also known as the Golden Pair, win their match. The Singles 3 game between Kaidou and Kamio Akira commences after a break due to the rain, and Kaidou hits the Boomerang Snake for the first time.
17 Feb 6, 2002 小さなガッツポーズ A Little Gesture of Triumph Kaidou is unable to hit the Boomerang Snake again despite repeated attempts, but the match ends up turning into a stamina battle, so he wins it. Tachibana An reveals her identity as the younger sister of Fudoumine's Tachibana Kippei to Momoshiro.
18 Feb 13, 2002 ラブレター The Love Letter Nanjirou reminisces on his time training under Ryuuzaki Sumire at Seigaku. The next match starts, with Ibu Shinji returning Ryouma's Twist Serve with ease and countering it with his own Kick Serve, turning it into a service game.
19 Feb 20, 2002 傷だらけのリョーマ Battle-Scarred Ryouma Ibu's Spot, which causes temporary paralysis of the arm, causes Ryouma to lose his grip on his racket, resulting in it hitting his eye. Ryouma's eyelid begins to bleed profusely, endangering his chances at victory.
20 Feb 27, 2001 タイムリミット Time Limit Tezuka gives Ryouma ten minutes to win the game or forfeit. Ryouma manages to overcome the Spot by switching which arm he plays with, securing both his victory and the team's. Seigaku celebrates at Kawamura's family sushi restaurant.

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Seigaku Training Arc

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English TItle Summary Filler?
21 Mar 3, 2002 テニスコートは燃えているか? Is the Tennis Court Burning Up?
22 Mar 13, 2002 薫の災難 Kaoru's Troubles
23 Mar 20. 2002 登場!乾汁デラックス Here Comes Inui's Deluxe Drink
24 Mar 27, 2002 リョーマの休日 Ryoma's Day Off
25 Apr 10, 2002 青学最強の男〈前編〉 Seigaku's Strongest Man, Part 1
26 Apr 10, 2002 青学最強の男〈後編〉 Seigaku's Strongest Man, Part 2

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Season 2

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English Title Summary Filler?
27 April 17, 2002 Karupin's Adventure

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Tokyo Tournament - St. Rudolph Arc

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English Title Summary Filler?
28 April 24, 2002 A New Regular Appears!?
29 May 1, 2002 Momo and Viper
30 May 8, 2002 Mizuki's Scenario
31 May 15, 2002 The Moon Volley
32 May 22, 2002 Super Move! Eiji's Pretend to Sleep Attack!?
33 May 29, 2002 The Tiebreak
34 June 5, 2002 Twist Spin Shot
35 June 12, 2002 Drive B
36 June 19, 2002 Big Brother, Fuji Shuusuke
37 June 26, 2002 Tennis Ball with Ryouma's Face
38 July 3, 2002 Penal-Tea
39 July 10, 2002 Higuma Otoshi!
40 July 17, 2002 A Duel in the Rain

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Tokyo Tournament - Yamabuki Arc

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English Title Summary Filler?
41 July 24, 2002 Trouble!
42 July 31, 2002 Ooishi Being Targeted
43 August 7, 2002 Lucky Sengoku
44 August 14, 2002 Jack Knife
45 August 21, 2002 The Devil on the Court
46 August 21, 2002 Samurai Spirit
47 September 4, 2002 I Can't Lose!
48 September 11, 2002 The Decisive Moment

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Preparing for the Kantou Tournament Arc

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English Title Summary Filler?
49 September 18, 2002 Different Kind of Fight
50 September 25, 2002 Segaku's Claim to Fame!
51 October 2, 2002 Inui's Challenge
52 October 9, 2002 Seigaku's Biggest Crisis
53 October 16, 2002 The Momo Who's Returned

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Season 3

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English Title Summary Filler?
54 October 23, 2002 Kaoru's Special Training

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Kantou Tournament - Hyoutei Arc

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English Title Summary Filler?
55 October 30, 2002 Hyoutei Presses Near
56 November 6, 2002 Doubles for Three
57 November 13, 2002 Scud Serve
58 November 20, 2002 The Worst Compatibility
59 November 27, 2002 The Hidden Trouble
60 December 4, 2002 Power vs. Power
61 December 11, 2002 Duel of Hadoukyuu!
62 December 18, 2002 The Disappearing Serve
63 December 25, 2002 The Last Triple Counter
64 January 8, 2003 Compilation Stories TeniPuri *
65 January 15, 2003 Become Seigaku's Pillar of Support!
66 January 22, 2003 Rondo Towards Destruction
67 January 29, 2003 End of the Ball
68 February 5, 2003 The Never Ending Tie-Break

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Currently Unnamed Filler Arc

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English Title Summary Filler?
69 February 12, 2003 Who Will be a Regular? *
70 February 19, 2003 Tennis vs. Ping Pong *
71 February 26, 2003 It's a Date! Unofficial Ibu/Echizen vs. Kamio/Momoshiro ends 7-5 *
72 March 5, 2003 Kaoru Becomes Ryoma *
73 March 12, 2003 Tezuka's Decision *
74 March 19, 2003 A Message for Echizen *
75 March 26, 2003 Farewell, Tezuka Kunimitsu *

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Season 4

Kantou Tournament - Jousei Shounan Arc

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English Title Summary Filler?
76 April 9, 2003 青学対城成湘南 Seigaku vs. Jousei Shonan Inoue and Shiba visit Jousei Shounan, whose coach Hanamura Aoi introduces the regulars and her unique training method. An interview with Wakato Hiroshi mocking Kaidou provokes Ryuzaki to change Seigaku's lineup to let Kaidou play Singles instead of Doubles. Jousei's coach tries to recruit Echizen but he declines.
77 April 16, 2003 冷静と情熱の戦い Fight of the Calm and the Passionate Inui and Momoshiro are up against the siblings Tanaka Youhei and Kouhei. Initially at a disadvantage because Momoshiro isn't playing in tune with Inui, they manage to turn the game around after he adjusts. Despite this, Jousei Shounan wins due to Momoshiro having to withdraw after accidentally drinking an experimental Inui Juice.
78 April 23, 2003 サンダーボルト Thunderbolt Kikumaru and Oishi play against the "unit" Kiriyama Daichi and Oota Shou. Their opponents' Thunderbolt is giving them some trouble until they adjust their serve to exploit their individual opponent's weaknesses. Oishi's hand injury from before the Hyoutei match is affecting his performance.
79 April 30, 2003 I フォーメーション I Formation Kiriyama and Oota exploit Oishi's hand injury after noticing it, but the Golden Pair manages to win by using their new I Formation.
80 May 7, 2003 プリテンダーの戦法 Style of the Pretender Kaidou starts playing against Wakato, who uses his "Style of the Pretender" to copy the playing style of other tennis players. Initially he copies Lleyton Hewitt but switches to Pete Sampras after Kaidou manages to score a point.
81 May 14, 2003 マムシVSニセマムシ Viper vs. Fake Viper Wakato switches styles three more times (Andre Agassi, Goran Ivanisevic, Gustavo Kuerten) but Kaidou manages to adjust each time. Finally he starts copying Kaidou himself.
82 May 21, 2003 華村の誘惑 Hanamura's Temptation Wakato's loses against Kaudou because he lacks the necessary training to fully copy the Boomerang Snake and his pride keeps him from changing to a different style. Hanamura fails once again to recruit Echizen before his upcoming match.
83 May 28, 2003 最高の作品 The Best Masterpiece Echizen plays against Hanamura's greatest "masterpiece" Shinjou Reiji who's Mirage allows him to hit every ball with the same stance, making his opponent unable to discern the exact type of shot. Echizen finds a way to combat the Mirage but then Shinjou unleashes a powerful move.
84 June 4, 2003 ディープ·インパルス Deep Impulse Shinjou keeps using his Deep Impulse, a shot designed to injure his opponent. Echizen adopts the Stutter Step to return the ball before it reaches it's maximum speed.
85 June 11, 2003 死闘の果て The Result of the Deadly Duel Echizen is able to use his opponent's strength against him by returning Deep Impulse and manages to win despite Shinjou combining it with his Mirage. Due to Seigaku having won three matches, Singles 1 is canceled and everyone meets at Kawamura's to celebrate with all-you-can-eat sushi.
86 June 18, 2003 リズムにHigh! High on Rhythm Yamabuki's Sengoku and Fudoumine's Kamio face off against each other in the Regionals. Despite being pushed to his physical limits Kamio wins by using his Sonic Bullet, a shot so fast that his opponent can't react, and qualifies Fudoumine for the Nationals.

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Currently Unnamed Filler Arc

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English Title Summary Filler?
87 June 25, 2003 テニスの王子様スペシャル (1) Prince of Tennis Special! (1) Chibi episode: Echizen meets the wild Seigaku regulars.
Seigaku goes bowling with the special Inui Juice "Aozu" as a penalty.
88 June 25, 2003 テニスの王子様スペシャル (2) Prince of Tennis Special! (2) Katou and Mizuno manage to "win" the bowling competition.
Chibi episode: Inui loses his glasses and asks Fudoumine to investigate. Everyone from Seigaku gets arrested before it turns out they were on his head all along.
89 July 2, 2003 青学, ダダダ壇 Seigaku, Da-Da-Dan Dan from Yamabuki joins Seigaku for practice. Aspiring to be like Echizen he challenges him to a match and loses. To everyone's surprise he manages to pull of a decent Twist Serve and Drive B.
90 July 9, 2003 房総ビーチバレー Cheap Housing Beach Volleyball Seigaku goes to the beach where Sasabe and his father challenge Echizen and Kaidou in beach volleyball. On their way home they run into Rokkaku's coach and captain.

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Kantou Tournament - Rokkaku Arc

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English Title Summary Filler?
91 July 16, 2003 六角中の一年生部長 Rokkaku's Freshman Captain The Rokkaku regulars invite Seigaku to the playground built by their coach Ojii and introduce themselves. Their freshman captain Aoi Kentarou asks Echizen for a test match on the nearby Rokkaku courts. Motivated by Aoi's desire to play against him Echizen decides to also face him in the semifinals.
92 July 23, 2003 長ラケットの男 The Boy with the Long Racket The semifinals start and Kawamura and Momoshiro face off against Hikaru Amane and Kurobane Harukaze. Hikaru's unusually long racket and Kurobane's powerful Pronation serve give them no chance to score a point and they're close to losing the match.
93 July 30, 2003 ダッシュ波動球 Dash Hadoukyuu With Momoshiro being able to read his opponents' minds and them being scared of Kawamura's new Dash Hadoukyuu Seigaku manage to completely turn the game around. After the match they find out that Kawamura can use it only once per game because it would destroy his wrist otherwise.
94 August 6, 2003 菊丸封じの秘策 The Secret Plan to Seal Kikumaru Fuji and Kikumaru play against Saeki Kojirou and Itsuki Marehiko. Saeki briefly renders Kikumaru's Acrobatic Play useless by anticipating his movements, but fails once he uses his Seal Step, which allows him to rapidly move to a new location while also taking a big hit on his stamina.
95 August 13, 2003 つばめ返し, 破れたり! Tsubame Gaeshi, Broken! Fuji returns all the shots while Kikumaru takes time to recover. Itsuki's Sinker renders Fuji's Tsubame Gaeshi useless by removing all the spin from the ball. Once Fuji manages reapply the necessary spin and Kikumaru finishes his recovery they are able to win the match.
96 August 20, 2003 燃えろリョーマ! Ryoma, Get Pumped! Aoi uses his special racket made by Ojii in his match against Echizen which assists him in always returning the ball to the same place. The game continues for over three hours until it has to be postponed to the next day due to the setting sun.
97 August 27, 2003 決着のスマッシュ Finishing Smash Echizen and Aoi, excited about the continuation of their match, wake up early to play a couple of games. During their match Echizen is able to beat him by slightly modifying his Drive B.

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Preparing for Kantou Tournament Final Arc

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English Title Summary Filler?
98 September 3, 2003 ビリヤードの王子様 Prince of Billiards Seigaku meets to play billiard with the Inui Juice "Improved Akazu" as a punishment for those who foul three times. Despite playing billiards for the first time Echizen wins the voucher for Kawamura Sushi. *
99 September 10, 2003 呪いのラケット The Cursed Racket Echizen finds a lost racket in front of his house. A couple of accidents and a made up story by Inui make everyone believe that it's cursed. In the end it turns out that it belongs to Horio. *
100 September 17, 2003 キャプテン大石 Captain Oishi Ooishi is worried that training continues as usual before the finals and thinks he should do more as captain. After seeing the others play 2-on-1, 3-on-1, and finally himself 7-on-1 against the other regulars he realizes that everyone was already working their hardest.
101 September 24, 2003 立海大を食え! Eat Rikkaidai! Seigaku meets at Kawamura Sushi to redeem Echizen's expiring voucher. There Inui shows them a video of their upcoming opponent Rikkai's incredible strength in a match against Fudoumine. After eating wasabi sushi together everyone is motivated to train some more on their own before returning home.

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Season 5

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English Title Summary Filler?
102 October 1, 2003 観月のささやき Mizuki's Whispers Momoshiro and Kaidou end up in a doubles match against Mizuki from St. Rudolph and Jousei Shounan's Captain Kajimoto Takahisa to each join their respective schools if they lose. After some struggle they manage to work together and beat their opponents. *
103 October 8, 2003 眠れない夜 Sleepless Night The newspapers report that Rikkaidai has its sights set on winning the Nationals and isn't worried about the Regionals Finals against Seigaku. The Seigaku regulars decides to take it easy the day before the Finals but everyone individually ends up going to tennis court to play after school anyway. *
104 October 15, 2003 リョーマVS真田 Ryouma vs. Sanada The Finals match is postponed for a week due to heavy rain. While the others get back to school to practice, Echizen starts an unofficial match against Rikkaidai's Sanada Genichirou. Fuji visits Tachibana, who was injured during Fudoumine's match against Rikkaidai, in the hospital. *
105 October 22, 2003 リョーマ惨敗 Ryouma Utterly Beaten Echizen loses against Sanada, not being able to score a single point. To practice he asks Kawamura to fire multiple Hadoukyuu at him but can't return them either. Akutsu, who secretly watched the match against Sanada, borrows Kawamura's racket and plays against Echizen to help him recover from his defeat. *
106 October 29, 2003 合宿に行こう! Off to the Cottage! With one more week to train, Seigaku to decides to go on a training camp in a cottage. Their rackets are locked away and they partake in multiple activities. Meanwhile Inoue reports how Rikkaidai is training and Shiba gets lost on her way to Seigaku's training camp. *
107 November 5, 2003 部長あらわる!? The Captain Appears!? Seigaku's previous captain Yamato visits the training camp to go vegetation gathering with the regulars. While Echizen doesn't understand how this is supposed to help with their training he learns by conversation with Yamato that what really counts is his love for tennis. *
108 November 12, 2003 合宿でドッキリ! Surprise at the Camp! The regulars finally get to play with their rackets and are surprised how much they're training already has paid off. The freshmen end up getting stuck in the storehouse with a bear and the regulars try to distract it with their unique tennis moves. At the end it turns out the bear was actually just a robber in costume. *
109 November 19, 2003 テニス・バイアスロン Tennis Biathlon On the last day of the training camp they do a tennis biathlon, completing various challenge between three checkpoints. Meanwhile Coach Ryuuzaki and Shiba visit Atobe's nearby cottage to surprise Seigaku with a special practice match against Hyoutei. *
110 November 26, 2003 翔べ!樺地 Jump, Kabaji! Kikumaru struggles against Kabaji copying his athletic technique. Eventually Kabaji can't keep up anymore due to Kikumaru having improved his skills during the training camp.

Inui manages to tie against Hiyoshi and it turns out he was playing with body weights the entire match.

111 December 3, 2003 元祖天才・不二周助 Original Prodigy: Fuji Shuusuke Shishido plays against Ooishi and decides to end the match after seeing how much Ooishi has improved.

Oshitari uses his Higuma Otoshi to keep up with Fuji. In the end his returns all land out because of Fuji's increased strength after the training camp. Finally Fuji wins after his shot breaks through the net in Oshitari's racket. Shortly after his net also breaks.

112 December 10, 2003 波動球VSスカッドサーブ Hadoukyuu vs. Scud Serve Kawamura plays Ootori, who's Scud Serve no longer has a weakness. He can only really return the shots with his Dash Hadoukyuu, but Ooishi stops the game so he doesn't injure his hand before the Finals.

Mukahi can jump even higher now and is able to return all of Momoshiro's balls. Momoshiro wins by using his new Super Great Momoshiro Special, making the ball unable to bounce.

113 December 17, 2003 麗しの跡部 Atobe the Beautiful Kaidou plays against Akutagawa, who is able to play in a way to avoid him hitting his Snakes. After being motivated by Momoshiro he manages to return Akutagawa's balls again and knocks him out by hitting a Boomerang with Hadoukyuu.

Echizen plays against Atobe and has problems with his Rondo Towards Destruction. Still, he asks him to play serious since the current match isn't enough to get him going.

114 December 24, 2003 リョーマがゆく! Ryouma is Going! Atobe draws out the match on purpose in order for Echizen to show his potential. Once he leads 6-5 he asks Echizen to give up since he can only tie at this point and so his wrist won't get injured the Rondos. Echizen ties Atobe and it turns out that he grew strong enough that Atobe's wrist was actually more injured from all those Rondos. In the end it is shown that Tezuka organized all the training matches against Hyoutei. *
115 January 7, 2004 男だらけの野球大会 Baseball Game Filled with Men Chibi episode: A baseball match between Seigaku and their past opponents.

In the wild west, Don Atobe sets up a bounty for the one taking out the dual-pistoled gunman in a duel.


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Kantou Tournament - Rikkai Arc

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English Title Summary Filler?
116 January 21, 2004 青学VS王者立海大 勝つのは俺だ!! (1) Seigaku vs. Champion Rikkaidai - I'll Be the One Who'll Win!! (1) Echizen, Momoshiro and Fuji run into Kirihara and Jackal while visiting Tachibana in the hospital. After leaving Echizen spots Sanada, who was visiting their captain Yukimura in the hospital, and asks him to play again. Sanada is certain they won't be able to play in the Finals because Rikkaidai will win the first three matches. Echizen leaves, saying Seigaku will win the Regionals.
117 January 21, 2004 青学VS王者立海大 勝つのは俺だ!! (1) Seigaku vs. Champion Rikkaidai - I'll Be the One Who'll Win!! (2) Kaidou and Momoshiro get caught up saving a dog on their way to the Finals and almost miss the assembly, which would make Seigaku have to forfeit. Thanks to Kawamura picking them up along the way they arrive just in time.
118 January 28, 2004 戦いの儀式 Battle Ceremony Momoshiro and Kaidou play against Marui Bunta and Jackal Kuwahara, who are confident and play with wrist weights. They are able to keep up with Momoshiro's Super Great Momoshiro Special and Kaidou's Hadoukyuu enhanced Boomerang Snake.
119 February 4, 2004 綱渡りのダブルス Tightrope Walking Doubles Their opponents finally take off their wrist weights. Marui uses his net play and Jackal manages to return Kaidou's Hadoukyuu Boomerang. Once Kaidou is motivated by Momoshiro to continue playing he's able to keep their opponents in check with his Short Snake. Despite their great comeback they lose to Rikkaidai.
120 February 11, 2004 仁王に見抜かれた菊丸 Kikumaru Was Read by Niou Kikumaru and Ooishi play against Niou Masaharu and Yagyuu Hiroshi. Niou figures out Kikumaru's habit of tilting his racket opposite the direction he wants to move, effectively sealing all of his moves. Kikumaru loses his cool and doesn't know what to do. Yagyuu uses golf swings to return the ball with lots of power.
121 February 18, 2004 柳生の決断 Yagyuu's Decision The Golden Pair manages their comeback when Kikumaru regains his cool, but then Yagyuu decides it's necessary for him to play alone in order to assure their win. Despite playing their best in the end they lose to Rikkaidai.
122 February 25, 2004 乾、吠える!! Inui Hollers!! Inui is playing against his old doubles partner Yanagi Renji.

Yanagi uses his own Data Tennis to see through Inui, but that's when Inui decides to throw away all his data.

123 March 3, 2004 思い出の決着 Conclusion of the Remembered It turns out Inui didn't actually throw away his data but manipulated Yanagi so that the match would play out exactly the same, up until the point they had to stop at four years ago. They proceed to enter into a long tie break, but Inui manages to win.
124 March 10, 2004 切原の赤い罠 Kirihara's Red Trap Fuji plays against Kirihara Akaya. After winning the first two games his opponent's eyes turn red he attacks Fuji's knee repeatedly. Despite the damage Fuji keeps on going.
125 March 17, 2004 怒りの不二 Angry Fuji When Tachibana, who was previously injured while playing against Kirihara, turns up during the match after hearing about Fuji's injuries, Kirihara decides to direct one shot towards the fence behind which Tachibana is standing. This makes Fuji angry, making him go all out against Kirihara and eventually winning the match.
126 March 24, 2004 激突!リョーマVS真田 Clash! Ryouma vs. Sanada The rest of Rikkaidai's regulars leaves to attend their captain's surgery while Echizen plays against Sanada. Sanada's serves are so fast that they're almost invisible, but Echizen is able to figure them out and begins scoring points with his new Cyclone Smash, which he developed after his match against Atobe.
127 March 31, 2004 奥義!見えないサーブ Secret Technique! Invisible Serve Echizen's eyes start to strain from following Sanada's fast serves, so he starts playing with his eyes closed. Then Sanada plays a smash that's too fast to see.
128 April 7, 2004 決着!勝つのはどっちだ Conclusion! Which One will Win? Echizen is getting tired from constantly hitting his Cyclone Smash and the strain on his eyes. He awakens after being cheered on by his past opponents and shows his Samurai Eye. Using the techniques of his rivals he is able to defeat Sanada and win the regional tournament for Seigaku.

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Season 6

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English Title Summary Filler?
01 May 26, 2009
02 May 26, 2009
03 May 26, 2009
04 May 26, 2009

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Season 7

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English Title Summary Filler?
01 May 26, 2009
02 May 26, 2009
03 May 26, 2009
04 May 26, 2009

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Prince of Tennis Specials

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English Title Summary Filler?
Prince of Tennis: A Day of the Survival Mountain
Prince of Tennis: New Year's Special

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Nationals OVAs

The National Tournament arcs of Prince of Tennis were released after the original anime series, in 3 separate OVAs.

Prince of Tennis National Tournament OVA

National Tournament - Higa Arc

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English Title Summary Filler?
01 March 24, 2006 Return of the Prince The participating teams gather for Nationals and the tournament begins. Rokkaku faces Higa while the other teams watch. Ryoma surprisingly returns from New York and it is decided whether or not he will replace someone on the team for Nationals.
02 May 26, 2006 Hot & Cool Higa vs. Seigaku begins with Singles 3, Tanishi vs. Echizen. The personalities of Higa are introduced. Much, much trash talking ensues. In a battle of size, Echizen's chibi-ness is thoroughly tested with a serve more powerful than anything he's faced before.
03 May 26, 2006 The Fourth Counter Doubles 2, Chinen/Hirakoba vs. Fuji/Kawamura. Kawamura has trouble finding an opportunity to use the Hadoukyuu, Higa's coach reveals the source of the team's seemingly violent attitude, and Hirakoba Rin has buckets of fun playing against challenging opponents.
04 July 28, 2006 Kikumaru All Alone Singles 2, Kai vs. Kikumaru. The tables turn a few times in this series-changing match, where Kikumaru grapples emotionally with playing singles and Kai puts up a strong battle. In the end, 'Prince of Tennis' crosses the line from magic realism to surrealism with a new technique.
05 July 28, 2006 The Longest Summer Doubles 1, Aragaki/Shiranui vs. Kaidou/Inui. After a challenge by Yagyuu, Kaidou plays the match to test his limits. Inui does not rally, letting Kaidou return all the shots, and Kaidou refuses to use the snake. It becomes a battle of endurance.
06 September 22, 2006 The Man Called Killer Singles 1, Kite vs. Tezuka. Captain Kite's merciless reputation comes to light. He takes the now-famous Higa Shukuchihou method to another level, proving to be a formidable opponent. He will do anything to win, and his methods light something up in Tezuka.
07 September 22, 2006 The Prince of Beach Volleyball In an alternate universe, Rokkaku and Seigaku play beach volleyball. The consequences of losing are harrowing.

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National Tournament - Hyoutei Arc

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English Title Summary Filler?
08 November 24, 2006 Premonition Before the Storm The teams prepare for Hyoutei vs. Seigaku, in their own ways.
09 November 24, 2006 Heart Not Giving In Singles 3, Oshitari vs. Momoshiro.
10 January 26, 2007 Short-lived Match Doubles 2, Hiyoshi/Mukahi vs. Kaidou/Inui.
11 January 26, 2007 Tezuka Kunimitsu Singles 2, Kabaji vs. Tezuka.
12 March 23, 2007 Two of Us Doubles 1, Kikumaru/Ooishi vs. Shishido/Ootori.
13 March 23, 2007 Deathmatch - King vs. Prince Singles 1, Atobe vs. Echizen.

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Prince of Tennis National Tournament Semifinals OVA

National Tournament - Shitenhouji Arc

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English Title Summary Filler?
01 June 22, 2007 Fudoumine vs. Shitenhouji Battle Seigaku finish their last match against Hyoutei and go to watch Fudoumine vs. Shitenhouji to see who will move on to the semi-finals. Matches shown are Ishida/Kamio vs. Ishida/Kenya, Tachibana vs. Chitose.
02 June 22, 2007 Roar Singles 3, Fuji vs. Shiraishi.
03 September 28, 2007 The Horror of Comedy Tennis Doubles 2, Kaidou/Momoshiro vs. Hitouji/Konjiki.
04 September 28, 2007 Seigaku's Buren Singles 2, Kawamura vs. Ishida Gin.
05 January 25, 2008 The Two Doors Doubles(?) 1, Tezuka vs. Chitose (because Inui and Zaizen do not participate.)
06 January 25, 2008 One-Point Match An unofficial match between Tooyama and Echizen.

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Prince of Tennis National Tournament Finals OVA

National Tournament - Rikkai Arc

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English Title Summary Filler?
01 April 25, 2008 The Prince Of Yakiniku The night before Seigaku battles Rikkai in the National Tournament Finals, they enjoy an evening of Yakiniku. Other schools from Nationals (including those Seigaku defeated) appear. They decide to have a team meat-eating contest.
02 July 25, 2008 Summit Showdown! Tezuka vs. Sanada.
03 July 25, 2008 The Way We Play Kaidou/Inui vs. Kirihara/Yanagi.
04 October 24, 2008 Can You See the Stars in Broad Daylight!? Fuji vs. Niou.
05 October 24, 2008 The Only One in my Heart Kikumaru/Ooishi vs. Jackal/Marui.
06 January 23, 2009 Prince Vs. The Child of God Yukimura vs. Ryoma.
07 January 23, 2009 Dear Prince~ To the Princes of Tennis Prince of Tennis Series Finale!

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Another Story OVAs

These OVAs, covering anime-original stories, were released in two parts to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Prince of Tennis. Some of the episodes, such as

Prince of Tennis OVA: Another Story - Kako to Mirai no Message

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English Title Summary Filler?
01 May 26, 2009 ナニワの王子様 前編 The Prince of Naniwa, the First Act
02 May 26, 2009 風雲少年跡部 Turbulence, the Young Atobe
03 May 26, 2009 ナニワの王子様 後篇 The Prince of Naniwa, the Second Act
04 May 26, 2009 立海烈伝~王者に挑む反逆児~ The Trials of Rikkai, a Rebel who Challenges an Emperor
Bonus 1 May 26, 2009 Oshitari on a Certain Day Brief chibi episode.
Bonus 2 May 26, 2009 Oshitari on a Certain Day 2 Brief chibi episode.

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Prince of Tennis OVA: Another Story II - Ano Toki no Bokura

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English Title Summary Filler?
01 August 26, 2011 誕生!部長 白石蔵ノ介 Birth of Captain Shiraishi Kuranosuke
02 August 26, 2011 青春学園七不思議 Seishun Gakuen, the 7 Mysteries
03 August 26, 2011 九州二翼 Two Wings of Kyuushuu
04 August 26, 2011 ジローの目覚め Awakening of Jirou
Bonus 1 August 26, 2011 ブンタの目覚め Awakening of Bunta Brief chibi episode.
Bonus 2 August 26, 2011 Uploading Spirit Brief chibi episode.

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The PairPuris are 8 short picture dramas (not animated, but a series of voice-acted stills) depicting Prince of Tennis characters in funny or bizarre situations in their daily lives. Some involve tennis, while some do not.

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English Title Summary Filler?
01 Atobe times Tezuka, divided by Koharu
02 Fuji brothers after school
03 Initial A
04 Kai Para
05 Beach side's Popular Watching
06 I don't understand your feelings!
07 Whose "spectacle" is this?
08 The Ocean Festival!

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New Prince of Tennis

New Prince of Tennis

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English Title Summary Filler?
01 January 4, 2012 王子様の帰還 The Return of the Prince
02 January 11, 2012 地獄の番人 The Gatekeeper of Hell
03 January 18, 2012 同士討ち Friendly Fire
04 January 25, 2012 部長の選択 The Captain's Choice
05 February 1, 2012 勝者そして敗者 Winners and Losers
06 February 8, 2012 心の崖 Cliffs of the Heart
07 February 15, 2012 ゼロからのスタート Start From Zero
08 February 22, 2012 スペシャルミッション Special Mission
09 February 29, 2012 進化と変化 Evolution and Change
10 March 7. 2012 さらば 手塚国光 Good Bye Tezuka Kunimitsu
11 March 14, 2012 約束 Promise
12 March 21, 2012 革命の火蓋 The Start of a Revolution
13 March 28, 2012 輝ける君たちへ Towards Your New Brilliant Selves

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New Prince of Tennis Specials

These episodes were released alongside episodes from the regular series (see above). They appeared as DVD/Blu-ray extras.

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English Title Summary Filler?
01 April 20, 2012 招聘前夜 Eve of Invitation
02 June 22, 2012 神の子vs皇帝 Child of God vs. Emperor
03 August 24, 2012 伝説を継ぐ者たち Legendary Inheritors (?)
04 October 26, 2012 勝者の意味 The Meaning of Winner
05 December 21, 2012 男たちの絆 The Bonds of Men
06 February 22, 2013 天使と聖書(バイブル) The Angel and the Bible
07 April 23, 2013 ヒミツの王子様 Prince of Secrets

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New Prince of Tennis OVAs vs. Genius 10

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English Title Summary Filler?
01 October 29, 2014 革命への前奏曲(プレリュード) Prelude to a Revolution
02 October 29, 2014 激戦開始 The Battle Begins
03 December 25, 2014 鏡像と虚像 Reflection and Illusion
04 December 25, 2014 決戦前夜 The Night Before the Battle
05 February 20, 2015 最強のペア The Strongest Pair
06 February 20, 2015 裏切りと交渉 Betrayal and Negotiation
07 April 24, 2015 10球を抱いて眠れ Embrace the 10 Ball Strike and Sleep
08 April 24, 2015 皇帝と怪物 The Emperor and the Monster
09 June 26, 2015 覚悟 Resolve
10 June 26, 2015 導かれし者たち The Guided

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New Prince of Tennis: Hyoutei vs. Rikkai - Game of Future

Hyoutei vs. Rikkai is a two part, anime-only OVA released in 2021. It takes place after the U-17 World Cup, before the 3rd years' graduation. Although it is one of the New Prince of Tennis titles, the OVA is more regarded as a spinoff. There is no mention of Seigaku, Echizen, or the typical protagonists– only Hyoutei and Rikkai appear, facing off in an exhibition match. Despite being anime-only, the match order was decided by Konomi-sensei, and he was heavily involved in the production.

Ep. Airdate Japanese Title English Title Summary Filler?
01 February 13, 2021 『新テニスの王子様 氷帝 vs 立海 Game of Future』<前篇> New Prince of Tennis Hyoutei vs. Rikkai Game of Future Part 1 Atobe calls Yukimura and invites Rikkai to play against Hyoutei in a newly built tennis stadium in Kanagawa. Meanwhile, the second years prepare to take over their respective tennis clubs. The match begins and Doubles 2, Doubles 1, and Singles 3 are played.
02 April 17, 2021 『新テニスの王子様 氷帝 vs 立海 Game of Future』<後篇> New Prince of Tennis Hyoutei vs. Rikkai Game of Future Part 2 The ultimate face off between captains and rising stars of Hyoutei and Rikkai occur, Singles 2 and Singles 1.

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The BEST GAMES!! OVAs are a series of matches that fans voted on which they'd like to see re-animated, 10+ years after they were initially released in anime format. 3 OVAs were released, covering 4 episodes/matches. They were released from 2018-2020.

Prince of Tennis BEST GAMES!! Tezuka vs. Atobe

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English Title Summary Filler?
01 August 24, 2018 テニスの王子様 BEST GAMES!! 手塚 vs 跡部 Tezuka vs Atobe See Kantou Tournament - Hyoutei Arc.

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Prince of Tennis BEST GAMES!! Inui/Kaidou vs. Shishido/Ootori; Ooishi/Kikumaru vs. Niou/Yagyuu

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English Title Summary Filler?
01 June 25, 2019 乾・海堂 vs 宍戸・鳳 Inui/Kaidou vs. Shishido/Ootori See Kantou Tournament - Hyoutei Arc
02 June 25, 2019 大石・菊丸 vs 仁王・柳生 Ooishi/Kikumaru vs. Niou/Yagyuu See Kantou Tournament - Rikkai Arc.

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Prince of Tennis BEST GAMES!! Fuji vs. Kirihara

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English Title Summary Filler?
01 January 28, 2020 不二 vs 切原 Fuji vs. Kirihara See Kantou Tournament - Rikkai Arc.

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Prince of Tennis: The Two Samurai, The First Game

Prince of Tennis: Atobe's Gift

Prince of Tennis: Eikokushiki Teikyuu Shiro Kessen!

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