U-17 World Cup

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U-17 World Cup
Winner In progress
Start Golden age 139
End In progress

The U-17 World Cup is held in Australia and is currently ongoing. 15 high schoolers and 17 middle schoolers represent Japan in the World Cup.

The tournament results on this page focus on the matches covered in New Prince of Tennis. Check out the U‑17 World Cup (Overview) page for more general data, including information about the matches between other countries. The rankings of countries prior to the tournament can be seen on the U‑17 World Ranking page.

U-17 Pre-World Cup Exhibition Match

Germany vs. Japan

1st Match Bismarck/Siegfried vs. Duke/Fuji S.[1]
Final Score 5 - 7
Winner Duke/Fuji S.
2nd Match Q.P./Tezuka vs. Atobe/Irie[2]
Final Score 6 - 0
Winner Q.P./Tezuka
3rd Match Frankensteiner/Volk J. vs. Tokugawa/Yukimura[3]
Final Score 6 - 3
Winner Frankensteiner/Volk J.

U-17 World Cup Group League Block B

Round 1

Greece vs. Japan
D2 Heracles/Papadopoulos vs. Ochi/Oishi 5 - 7
D1 Stephanopoulos A./Stephanopoulos O. vs. Kirihara/Toono 4 - 6
S3 Zeus vs. Tanegashima 5 - 7

Round 2

Australia vs. Japan
D2 Chris/Jan vs. Sanada/Yukimura 5 - 7
D1 Mac/Milky vs. Atobe/Fuji S. 6 - 7
S3 Dorgias vs. Tooyama Dorgias Retired

Round 3

Switzerland vs. Japan
D2 Henri/Peter vs. Kite/Oomagari 6 - 3
D1 Albert/Randy vs. Duke/Ishida G. 6 - 1
S3 Amadeus vs. Akutsu Akutsu Retired

U-17 World Cup Championship Tournament

Scores shown below are the set count.

Round 1

Aramenoma vs. Japan
Not played


France vs. Japan
D2 Timothee/Tristan vs. Kimijima/Shiraishi 2 - 0
D1 Edgar/Jonathan vs. Mouri/Yanagi R. 1 - 2
S3 Prince vs. Echizen Ryouma 1 - 2
S2 Osval vs. Sanada Osval Retired


Germany vs. Japan
S3 Q.P. vs. Oni 2 - 1
D2 Dankmar/Volk B. vs. Duke/Niou 1 - 2
S2 Tezuka vs. Yukimura 2 - 1
D1 Bismarck/Siegfried vs. Kirihara/Tanegashima 1 - 2
S1 Volk J. vs. Byoudouin ? - ?
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