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Power Serves are heavy serves.

They require a lot of muscle mass and stamina[1] to hit continuously.


Dangan Serve (弾丸(だんがん)サーブ, Dangan Saabu, lit. Bullet Serve): A basic power serve.

Burning Serve (バーニングサーブ, Baaningu Saabu): While it is about 200 km/h fast, its accuracy is not up to par[2].

Pronation Serve (プロネーション, Puroneeshon): For this serve, the user utilizes rotational power of the arm.

Bull Rope Serve (ブルロープサーブ, Buru Roopu Saabu): A Pronation Serve that utilizes wrist movement to add more spin to the ball.

Big Bang (ビッグバン, Biggu Ban): The user jumps and puts the weight of his entire body into this serve.

Hadoukyuu (波動球(はどうきゅう)): The regular 108 styles as well as the Final Hadoukyuu can also be used as serves.

Super Megaton Wonder Deluxe Yama Funka Serve ((スパー)メガトンワンダーデラックス山噴火(やまふんか)サーブ, Suupaa Megaton Wandaa Derakkusu Yama Funka Saabu): A serve that utilizes Wild Tennis.



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