Inui Sadaharu

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Inui Sadaharu
Kanji 乾貞治
Kana いぬいさだはる
Gender Male
Birthday June 3 (Genimi)

Blood Type AB
Dominant Arm Right

Current School Seishun Academy Middle School 3rd Year

Club Position Regular, Manager
Play Style Serve and Volley
Doubles Partner(s)

Manga Debut Genius 4
Anime Debut Episode 3
Voice Tsuda Kenjirou
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Inui Sadaharu (乾貞治(いぬいさだはる)) is a 3rd year student at Seishun Academy Middle School, regular and manager of the tennis team and member of the Japanese U-17 medical team. He is the childhood friend of Yanagi Renji and a Data Tennis player.


Inui's most prominent feature are his thick, black frame square glasses that conceal his brown (manga)/green (anime) eyes during the entire series. He has spiky black hair and is frequently seen carrying a green notebook where he records his data. When he is not a regular of the team, he is depicted wearing green sweatpants and a white T-shirt. When he is a regular, he is seen wearing his Seigaku kit, with the school-branded sweatpants and the jacket zipped up to just below his neck. As a member of the U-17 Camp's Black Jersey Brigade, he is depicted wearing the black version of the team jacket and white shorts. Inui is typically depicted with a neutral expression, but has a sinister smile when he brings out his various "Inui Juices" to torment his teammates.



Prior to the events of the main story

Inui meets a young Yanagi Renji at a tennis school, where the two pair up to become a doubles team. Yanagi teaches him about Data Tennis and the two are said to be one of the leading doubles teams in the junior tennis world.[1] Realizing that they had never played a game against each other, the two decide to play a best-of-one set. The game reaches 5-4 in Yanagi's favour before they are kicked off the court by their coach.[2] While running away, Inui promises Yanagi to continue the match at an upcoming tennis tournament they were scheduled to play in, but he never shows up on account of moving away.

Intra-school Ranking Tournament

Tokyo District Preliminaries

Preliminaries vs. Fudomine

Tokyo Tournament

Quarterfinals vs. St. Rudolph

Finals vs. Yamabuki

Kantou Tournament

Before the Tournament

Round 1 vs. Hyoutei

Quarterfinals vs. Midoriyama

Semifinals vs. Rokkaku

Finals vs. Rikkai

National Tournament

Before the Nationals

Round 2 vs. Higa

Quarterfinals vs. Hyoutei

Semifinals vs. Shitenhouji

Finals vs. Rikkai

Anime-Only Arcs

Movie 1: Futari no Samurai

Atobe's Gift

Kantou Tournament Quarterfinals vs. Jousei Shounan

Junior Selection Camp

Movie 2: Eikokushiki Teikyuu Shiro Kessen!

Another Story OVAs

U-17 Camp

Prior to the U-17 Camp

Invitation to the Camp

U-17 Pair Matches

Mountain Training

Camp Revolution

Genius 10 Challenge

U-17 World Cup

Prior to the World Cup

In Coach Mifuune's competition between the middle and high schoolers to see who can pick up more women at the beach, Inui is seen alongside Yanagi, serving various Inui Juices to the Japan U-17 team. They are introduced as Mitsuya's assistants.[3]


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