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From Tenipuri Info places importance on citing sources. Sometimes those sources can be difficult to find, so here are some resources.


A fairly thorough list of fanbook translations can be found at Meteorlatte's Translation Directory. It is maintained frequently as more translations are done or found by a contributor. Eventually, the directory might be migrated to Tenipuri.Info

Finding Quotes

A great resource for characters' quotes about other characters are the PairPuri books, in both the "Witness Talk" and "Words for the Two" sections.

Words for the Two

Witness Talk


This isn't necessarily worth citing, but you might need help finding an episode to check for an event. While our episode guide is still a work in progress, Wikipedia has a pretty good one.

Match Data

FET has match data for many tournaments, even for matches that aren't shown. It is not currently maintained, however.

Player Stats

Marui Stats.png
Speed 4
Power 2
Stamina 3
Mental 3
Technique 5

You can insert a table like this using this code:

{{Stat Table
|File=Marui Stats.png<!--Replace with stat image file-->
|Technique=5 }}

If you need to make a chart, you can use this generator. Export as a png under save options, crop it, and upload. If there is no chart, leave the File= field blank, and it will show only the table.

The good people at Manga Helpers developed this spreadsheet that contains the stats found in stat tables like this. The document can be found here.

For details on the players stats and Kurobe's memo, see this thread.