Hyoutei vs. Rikkai

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Hyoutei vs. Rikkai
Start Episode 1 (Hyoutei vs. Rikkai - Game of Future)
End Episode 2 (Hyoutei vs. Rikkai - Game of Future)
Previous Arc
U-17 World Cup

Hyoutei vs. Rikkai is an anime-only match/arc. It covers episodes 1 and 2 of the 2021 OVA, Hyoutei vs. Rikkai - Game of Future. It takes place after the U-17 World Cup. Hyoutei plays against Rikkai in an exhibition match to celebrate the opening of a new tennis stadium in Kanagawa.


Doubles 2: Mukahi/Oshitari Y. vs. Marui/Tamagawa

Basically the whole thing is Tamagawa's lob vs. Mukahi's jumping abilities. At first, everyone wonders who Tamagawa is. Mukahi asks if he's Rikkai's secret weapon, even. He says no. Oshitari and Mukahi dominate initially with their seasoned combination, but then Tamagawa whips out his special move: an extremely high lob. However, Mukahi returns it with his unreasonable jump height. This shakes Tamagawa's confidence (Marui's inability to remember his name doesn't help). When Tamagawa decides he's just holding his senpai back, Marui does this ultimate defense, "Wonder Castle". It actually does a number against the Hyoutei pair, but they're waiting out his endurance. Then Tamagawa jumps back in with a revitalized version of his lob that Mukahi either hits out or cannot reach. They take a break and there's a flashback to when Oshitari and Mukahi first met. Mukahi tells Oshitari there's no point in them winning if he can't defeat Tamagawa's lob. In the end, Mukahi backflips onto his partner's arms, and Oshitari launches him into the air like a space rocket so that he can reach the lob, and they win the match. Mukahi collapses in exhaustion but Oshitari catches him. Marui gets Tamagawa's name right, finally.

Doubles 1: Kabaji/Ootori vs. Sanada/Yanagi

This goes about how you'd expect. Kabaji manages to copy Sanada's and Yanagi's special moves for a bit, though.

Singles 3: Shishido vs. Yagyuu

Yagyuu has this new laser beam, "reflection laser". Shishido is tested in his ability to play singles once more. Yagyuu says "adieu!" at least once. Niou is notably absent, but Shishido tells Yagyuu that his doubles partner is always there in his heart. This wiki would never lie to you, he really does say this. Ootori helps Shishido figure out the trick to the reflection laser, and they employ the power of doubles (even from the sideline). Shishido and his tenacity defeat Yagyuu's move and win.

Singles 2: Atobe vs. Yukimura

They've never played each other before! This match is a fever dream. A must see. Yukimura's grip strength is attacked relentlessly. They throw all of their special moves at each other, including new ones, like "Atobe Dimension". After an obscenely long tie break, Yukimura takes victory. He also gains a new respect for Atobe and his unwavering confidence.

Singles 1: Hiyoshi vs. Kirihara

Kirihara is just delightful in this match. He tries to bully Hiyoshi, who has deadpan comebacks each time that leave Kirihara annoyed. Hiyoshi on the other hand is using Atobe's moves, surprising everyone, and then special moves of his own. However, his moves are incomplete. Ultimately Kirihara, who has an edge with his World Cup experience, takes the win as Hiyoshi falls to the court in exhaustion.

Match Results

D2 Mukahi/Oshitari Y. vs. Marui/Tamagawa[1]
Final Score 7 - 5
Winner Mukahi/Oshitari Y.
D1 Kabaji/Ootori vs. Sanada/Yanagi R.[2]
Final Score 4 - 6
Winner Sanada/Yanagi R.
S3 Shishido vs. Yagyuu[3]
Final Score 7 - 6
Winner Shishido
S2 Atobe vs. Yukimura[4]
Final Score 6 - 7 (343-345)
Winner Yukimura
S1 Hiyoshi vs. Kirihara[5]
Final Score 4 - 6
Winner Kirihara

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