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Yukimura Seiichi
Kanji 幸村精市
Kana ゆきむら・せいいち
Gender Male
Age 14
Birthday March 5 (Pisces)
Height 175 cmPOT
176 cmNPOT
Weight 61 kgPOT
63 kgNPOT
Blood Type A
Dominant Arm Right
Eyesight (Unaided) 1.5 both eyes
Shoe Size 26.5 cm
  • Grandmother
  • Father
  • Mother
  • Younger Sister
Nicknames Child of God
Current School Rikkai University Middle School 3rd Year
Class 3-C
Seat 21
Committee Beautification Committee
Best Subject(s) English, Mathematics, Art
Worst Subject(s) Chemistry (The smell of chemicals reminds him of the hospital)
Former School(s) Minami Shounan Elementary School
Club Position Captain
U17 Position 2
Play Style All-rounder
Shoes Yonex (Power Cushion 190)
Racket(s) Wing Heart (Forje Z 115)
Manga Debut Genius 192
Anime Debut Episode 116
Voice Nagai SachikoJP
Robbie DaymondEN
Tenimyu Actors
  • Yagami Ren
  • Masuda Toshiki
  • Kaminaga Keisuke
  • Tateishi Toshiki

Yukimura Seiichi (幸村精市(ゆきむらせいいち)) is a 3rd year student at Rikkai. Yukimura is a national-level tennis player, winning in the national tournament ever since his first year in Rikkai. Nicknamed "The Child of God", he is respected as one of the strongest tennis players in the junior high school circuit, if not the strongest, and is considered the final boss in the original Prince of Tennis manga.


Since his childhood, Yukimura has sported navy blue waves that almost reach his shoulders and a hairband to keep his hair in place, both during practice and during matches. He is always shown with a jacket draped over his shoulders, and he prides on never having it fall off his shoulders while playing a tennis match.

Yukimura's eye color is brown in the manga, and purple/blue in the anime. His headband color also differs in the anime and the manga, being green and white respectively.



Prior to the events of the main story

Yukimura has been a Rikkai regular since his first year in middle school, along with Sanada Genichirou and Yanagi Renji, forming what is known to be Rikkai's Big Three (sometimes referred to as Troika). Together, they led Rikkai to victory for two years straight, passionately aiming for a third consecutive win in the manga as third year students.

On their second year, Yukimura and Sanada became captain and vice-captain of Rikkai's tennis club respectively.


On the winter of his second year, Yukimura collapsed at a train station. He suffers from an illness similar to Guillain-Barre Syndrome, which slowly paralyzes the body. He overhears the doctors saying that he will never be able to play tennis again.



In the final match of the original manga, Yukimura lost to Echizen, 6-4.

At the camp, players were asked to pair up, and later on were made to play a match in order to decide which players will stay at the camp. Yukimura paired up with Sanada and won. Won against (high schooler).

At a match against Germany in the pre-World Cup, Yukimura played doubles with Tokugawa Kazuya against Volk and Frankensteiner, and lost.

Yukimura and Sanada played doubles against Australia in the World Cup, and won 7-5.

Anime only arcs

In the anime, Yukimura was first shown when Sanada visited him in the hospital, where kids were shown playing with him. They went to the rooftop, and Yukimura revealed to Sanada that his surgery has only a 50-50 chance of success. He also made frequent appearances in Sanada's flashbacks during Sanada VS Echizen. In the manga, the rest of Rikkai were not able to go to the hospital in time for Yukimura's surgery. In the anime, however, Sanada asked them to go to Yukimura before his match started.

In the chibi filler episodes, Yukimura was often shown to be sickly. He would often collapse and Sanada would scream "YUKIMURAAAA!!". He was also shown in the background of Kirihara's flashbacks of the beach, where he and Sanada are implied to be Kirihara's parents.

Personal Information

  • Favorite Food: Grilled Fish (mainly fish with white flesh), Tea
  • Favorite Color: Aqua
  • Favorite Motto: You cannot understand Spring's warmth without experiencing the coldness of Winter.
  • Favorite Movie: Godard films
  • Favorite Book: Poem Anthologies (Especially French) → Night Flight by Antoine de Saint-Exupery
  • Favorite Music: Brahms (Symphony No. 4)
  • Favorite Type (of person): Healthy people → Someone who's chasing after their dreams
  • Favorite Date Spot: Art gallery (Right now, there's an impressionist exhibition that he wants to visit...) → Library (He wants to learn about French history)
  • Father's Occupation (line of work): Company worker (Advertising agency)
  • School Committee: Beautification
  • Best Subject: English, Mathematics, Art
  • Worst Subject: Chemistry (The smell of chemicals reminds him of the hospital...)
  • Most Visited Spot on Campus: Campus flowerbed, rooftop garden
  • Hobby: Gardening
  • Dislikes: People who talk behind others' back
  • Spends His Allowance On: Gardening materials
  • Most Wanted Item: Outdoor-use easel
  • Skills Outside of Tennis: Watercolor painting, knowledgeable about plants and animals
  • Number of times he's been slapped by Sanada as a punishment: 1
  • Daily routine: Watering potted plants, image training
  • Daily routine during tournaments: Sketching
  • Random Facts:

Daily School Life

  • 6:30AM - Wakes up
  • etc

Tennis Bag Contents

Vitamin pills and herbal medicine
Medical consultation ticket and a telephone card
Another definition
Verlaine's Poem Anthology
Reference book
Club magazine
Sanada's calligraphy "Good Health"



Sanada Genichirou
Apart from being Yukimura's vice-captain, Sanada is his childhood friend and his first doubles partner. He is part of Rikkai's "Big 3" alongside Yukimura and Yanagi. Sanada is shown to be somewhat fearful of Yukimura, but holds immense respect for him.
Yanagi Renji
Yanagi is one of Rikkai's "Big 3" alongside Yukimura and Sanada. The two are close friends, as Yanagi is on a first-name basis with Yukimura.
Tokugawa Kazuya
Yukimura's tennis resonates with Tokugawa's. He is also one of the people that helps train Yukimura in order to defeat Tezuka Kunimitsu by further honing his skills to defeat a left-handed player more easily.
Mouri Jusaburou
Yukimura is initially shown to resent Mouri for his laid-back attitude and habit of skipping tennis practice. This resentment was further exacerbated when Yukimura was hospitalized and unable to play tennis, but he was able to watch Mouri throw away all of his talent even though he could practice as much as he wanted. When Mouri saw Yukimura in the hospital, struggling through his rehabilitation, it inspired him to reevaluate himself and his approach to tennis. Mouri is also Yukimura's mysterious "Sports Drink Fairy", who secretly left him a cold sports drink bottle for him to find after his rehabilitation sessions. After his identity is revealed, Yukimura is shown to have forgiven Mouri, calling him "Drink Fairy Senpai".



Yukimura is an all-rounder who can return virtually any shot. By returning balls precisely no matter what technique is used, fear creeps into the opponent's heart, causing them to lose their confidence and slowly fall into a state of yips.


Muga no Kyouchi


Sixth Sense

Mirage Mirror


Yukimura Seiichi
Yukimura Stats.png
Speed 4
Power 3.5
Stamina 3.5
Mental 6
Technique 6

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Technique: Technique Comment

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Match History

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  • 2004 Valentine Choco Ranking 15th (48 chocolates)
  • 2005 Valentine Choco Ranking 19th (34 chocolates)
  • 2006 Valentine Choco Ranking 11th (56 chocolates)
  • 2007 Valentine Choco Ranking 10th (63 chocolates)
  • 3rd Popularity Contest 15th (3075 votes)
  • 4th Popularity Contest 23位 (1036 votes)
  • 全国作文コンクール中学の部 生きるを見つめた8ヶ月 優秀賞受賞
  • 40・5 Special Selection Team S2
  • Who do you want to be your older brother? Ranking - 8th
  • Who would be a tennis coach? Ranking - 6th
  • Who would be a tutor? Ranking - 8th(40.5), 9th(20.5)
  • Who would be the scariest when angered? Ranking - 1st(9615 votes, with the 2nd place going to Atobe with 3134 votes)
  • お昼ごはんはお弁当派 卵焼きには自信有
  • School Valentine Choco Ranking 1st 125 chocolates(お礼もちゃんとするからとのこと)
  • 女の子の一生懸命やる姿は可愛く思えるとのこと
  • He went shopping with Yanagi before.
  • They sometimes go to a yakiniku restaurant as a team.
  • 春休みは合宿をかねて柳の叔父のペンションに行くらしい。
  • 中のいい人にイタズラやイジワルをして反応を楽しむフシ有
  • 学校に専属ナース2人が付き添いで来ていた
  • 倒れたあと、かつぎ込まれた病院は森脇総合病院 (マフラーをしているのでおそらく冬から春先の間)
  • 手術した病院は金井総合病院
  • 金井病院での入院日は7月17日、手術日は7月27日(関東大会決勝と同じ日)、



  • Genius 192: "Sanada, I'm sorry for the trouble." (At the hospital, during his first appearance in the manga. Rikkai went for a visit.)
  • Genius 208: "I have no more doubts." (Before his operation, in a call with Sanada)
  • Genius 269: "Although it's only the first match...... Everyone, your movements are terrible!" (After the match, Rikkai VS Murigaoka)
  • Genius 348: "Honestly, the only one who can beat Sanada right now... is me!"
  • Genius 372: "This isn't a jersey-dropping game, boy." (Yukimura VS Echizen, when his jersey drops from his shoulders)
  • Genius 372: "A ball cannot duplicate itself... There is always just one." (During his rally with Echizen)
  • Genius 372: "A ball can never disappear." (During his rally with Echizen)
  • Genius 373: "It's for your own sake that you should hurry up and lose." (In response to Echizen's provocation)
  • Genius 378: "Rikkai's third consecutive win has no faults!!" (When he sees through Samurai Drive and hits the two halves of the ball)
  • "It's fine to continue dreaming... alone, that is." (夢の続きをゆっくり見るといい…一人でね。)

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