Kantou Tournament - Hyoutei Arc

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Kantou Tournament
Atobe vs. Tezuka Genius 153.jpg
Hyoutei vs. Seigaku
Start Episode 54
End Episode 68
Start Genius 122
End Genius 159
Previous Arc
Preparing for the Kantou Tournament Arc
Next Arc
Midoriyama Arc (manga)/ Jousei Shounan Arc (anime)

The Kantou Tournament - Hyoutei Arc is the 8th arc in The Prince of Tennis, and the 1st arc of the Kantou Tournament. It covers episodes 55-68 of the anime and chapters 122-159 of the manga. Seigaku faces Hyoutei in the Kantou Regional Tournament's first round.


Doubles 2: Mukahi/Oshitari vs. Kikumaru/Momoshiro

Ooishi Shuuichirou is unable to play due to a sudden injury and Momoshiro Takeshi takes his place to play with Kikumaru Eiji. They begin the match and are seemingly outmatched by Hyoutei's Oshitari Yuushi and Mukahi Gakuto, an established doubles pair. Oshitari is a trickster to rival Momoshiro and Mukahi's Acrobatic Tennis is a level above Kikumaru's. The games are in Hyoutei's favor as the match reaches 4 - 0. However, Mukahi tires out from jumping so much, and Kikumaru takes over Oishi's usual role as support, letting Momoshiro jump. Oishi then appears to cheer them on. The tides turn suddenly and Kikumaru and Momoshiro achieve victory in the first match.

Doubles 1: Ootori/Shishido vs. Inui/Kaidou

Following Seigaku's victory, Shishido Ryou calls for the Hyoutei Cheer again, changing the atmosphere. He has come back from his defeat and expulsion from Hyoutei's regulars to play doubles with Ootori Choutarou. Meanwhile, Inui Sadaharu and Kaidou Kaoru are also a new doubles pair, formed by Inui's suggestion so that Kaidou can use his Boomerang Snake, which at the time he could only land in the doubles court.

Inui and Kaidou are immediately overwhelmed by Ootori's Scud Serve, a super fast serve they are unable to process, much less return. Later in the match they manage to take advantage of Ootori's control problems with his serve, but despite Inui's data gathering and Kaidou's sheer determination, Shishido and Ootori take the victory. This is in part because Inui informs the referee that he has made an incorrect call (in Seigaku's favor), restarting the point. Although it is not match point, it could have extended the match and given Inui more time to use the data he gathers in the first half of the match.

Singles 3: Kabaji vs. Kawamura

Set up to be a power match, singles 3 turns into a battle of the Hadoukyuus. Kabaji Munehiro the copy expert can perfectly mimic Kawamura Takashi's Hadoukyuu, so they hit them back and forth until one of their arms gives out. In the end, both of their arms give out, and it is a dual forfeit.

Singles 2: Akutagawa vs. Fuji

Akutagawa Jirou defeated Fuji Yuuta from St. Rudolph in 15 minutes. His older brother Fuji Shuusuke, additionally fired up from Kawamura vs. Kabaji, seeks revenge. He asks Kawamura if he can use his bloodied racquet. In this match Akutagawa's magic volleys are troublesome, but no match for Fuji's mysterious third triple counter, Hakugei.

Singles 1: Atobe vs. Tezuka

Where to even begin... Someone make a match page. See Atobe vs. Tezuka.

Reserve Match: Hiyoshi vs. Echizen

Hiyoshi Wakashi appears from seemingly thin air as an opponent for Echizen Ryouma, who is fired up after his captain's match and itching to play some tennis. He hustles Hiyoshi by playing below his abilities, until Hiyoshi breaks out his unique Enbu Tennis style. Echizen stops hustling and switches to his dominant hand to play, and stuns the crowd with his youth and ability, resulting in victory for Seigaku.

Differences between the anime and manga

Out of all the anime's Kantou Tournament arcs, Hyoutei vs. Seigaku is by far the most loyal to the manga. In the anime, Rikkaidai players Sanada Genichirou, Yanagi Renji, and Kirihara Akaya are shown wearing red uniforms as opposed to yellow. This is because at the time this part of the anime was being made, color pictures of Rikkaidai uniforms had yet to appear.

Match Results

D2 Mukahi/Oshitari Y. vs. Kikumaru/Momoshiro[1][2]
Final Score 4 - 6
Winner Kikumaru/Momoshiro
D1 Ootori/Shishido vs. Inui/Kaidou[3][4]
Final Score 6 - 3
Winner Ootori/Shishido
S3 Kabaji vs. Kawamura T.[5][6]
Final Score 2 - 2 no game
Winner no game
S2 Akutagawa vs. Fuji S.[7][8]
Final Score 1 - 6
Winner Fuji S.
S1 Atobe vs. Tezuka[9][10]
Final Score 7 - 6 (33-35)
Winner Atobe
R Hiyoshi vs. Echizen Ryouma[11][12]
Final Score 4 - 6
Winner Echizen Ryouma


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