Oshitari Yuushi

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Oshitari Yuushi
Kanji 忍足侑士
Kana おしたりゆうし
Gender Male
Age 14POT
Birthday October 15 (Libra)
Height 178 cmPOT
179 cmNPOT
Weight 64 kgPOT
62 kgNPOT
Blood Type A
Dominant Arm Right
Eyesight (Unaided) 2.0, both eyes
Shoe Size 27 cm[1]
  • Oshitari Eiji (Father, 48)
  • Oshitari Kazumi (Mother, 45)
  • Erina (Older Sister, 18)[2]
  • Oshitari Kenya (Cousin, 14)
Current School Hyoutei Academy Middle School 3rd Year
Class 3-H
Seat 4[3]
Committee Overseas Cultural Exchange Committee
Best Subject(s) Math, Science, Engineering
Worst Subject(s) Artistic Gymnastics
Club Position Regular
Play Style All Rounder
Doubles Partner(s)
Shoes MIZUNO Wave Gist
Racket(s) BRIDGESTONE Wingbeam S65[1]
Manga Debut Genius #117
Anime Debut Episode #53
Voice Kiuchi Hidenobu
Tenimyu Actors
  • Saito Takumi (1st A)
  • Akiyama Shintarou (1st B)
  • Kikuchi Takuya (2nd)
  • Isaka Ikumi (3rd)

Oshitari Yuushi (忍足侑士(おしたりゆうし)) is a 3rd year student at Hyoutei Academy Middle School and a regular on Hyoutei's tennis team. He is introduced as Hyoutei's genius (tensai) with unknown and untapped potential, comparable to Seigaku’s resident genius, Fuji Shuusuke. Although friendly, Oshitari has the ability to close off his mind/heart so nobody truly knows what he's thinking. Oshitari Yuushi ("Oshitari") is originally from Osaka, the source of his iconic Kansai dialect/accent. His cousin Oshitari Kenya ("Kenya") lives there and attends Shitenhouji Middle School.


Oshitari has dark blue, long layered hair, fashioned in what also known as a mullet. He wears round frame glasses without a prescription, and he is fairly tall. In the manga his eyes are brown, but in the anime they are a dark purple/blue color. He is usually seen wearing his uniform jersey and polo zipped/buttoned all the way up. He plays with a wristband on his right wrist and his racket is dark green in the anime.


Best known for his glasses, his host club voice, and his love for romance, Oshitari is both genius and rascal. He frequently comments on the situations he's present for, as the voice of reason (assuming a tsukkomi[4] role.)


Anime specific events

He played a match against Fuji (Episode 111)

Personal Information


  • Hobbies: Seeing movies
  • Dislikes: Caterpillars, Nattou
  • Spends His Allowance On: Movies, Theatre Performances
  • Most Wanted Item/Thing: It’s a secret 20.5[1], Nothing 23.5[5]
  • Skills Beyond Tennis: Slicing a fish into 3 pieces
  • Father's Occupation: Doctor at University Hospital
  • Daily Routine: Reading on the train
  • Most Visited Spot on Campus: Salon, for reading
  • Routine During Tournaments:
  • Random Fact: Collects many pairs of the same glasses and names them all.[6]


  • Favorite Foods: Kasujiru, Soused mackerel[1]
  • Favorite Color: Green-Brown
  • Favorite Quote: "Fortune is unpredictable and changeable" (人間万事塞翁が馬)[7]
  • Favorite Movies: Japanese Romance
  • Favorite Books: Romance Novels
  • Favorite Music: Showa-era Pop Music[8]
  • Favorite Type of person: Someone with beautiful legs
  • Favorite Date Spot: a peaceful park[9]

Tennis Bag Contents[10]

Romance Novel
His recent favorites are agonizing love stories by female authors. He reads during breaks and on the train to and from school.
Movie magazine
He keeps up to date with new movies in cinemas. He often goes to the movies on Wednesdays when there isn't tennis practice, usually with someone.
Glasses Wipes
He currently prefers the scented type for relaxing effects.
Mobile phone
The slim, folding kind. Atobe has gotten mad when he's used it during practice. He uses it for mostly calls, but messaging as well.
Totem-pole Pencils
He carves these in class using a cutter. Oshitari claims that it increases his concentration, but the true purpose is a mystery.

Daily School Life[11]

  • 06:45AM - Gets out of bed
  • 07:30AM - After breakfast, heads to school and morning practice. Only hits serves.
  • 09:00AM - 1st period, Japanese II Classics
  • 10:00AM - 2nd period, English III English conversation
  • 10:50AM - Recess. Borrows 3 romance novels from the library.
  • 11:00AM - 3rd period, Fine arts
  • 12:00PM - 4th period, PE I Artistic gymnastics
  • 12:50PM - Lunch break. Orders a Japanese-style meal, eats in the cafeteria.
  • 01:20PM - 5th period, Engineering. Builds a infrared sensor.
  • 02:20PM - 6th period, Math I Algebra
  • 03:20PM - Overseas culture exchange committee meeting. Organizes information from sister school.
  • 04:00PM - Club activities. Feeds balls to kouhai. Only hits volleys.
  • 07:00PM - Gets sleepy reading a novel on the train
  • 07:30PM - Arrives home
  • 08:00PM - Showers and helps out with dinner right after
  • 09:00PM - Reads after dinner listening to Showa songs in the background
  • 10:30PM - Goes to bed


Oshitari Kenya
Oshitari's cousin who lives in Osaka and attend Shitenhouji. They are close enough that they talk on the phone every few days.
Mukahi Gakuto
Oshitari's best friend at Hyoutei and doubles partner. They became friends early in their first year of middle school, with Mukahi running away from home to Oshitari's house when getting in fights with his dad. They are often seen together in The Prince of After School, fillers/movies, and across various fanbooks. Mukahi knows many of Oshitari's secrets, such as that he names all of his glasses, although he doesn't necessarily keep these secrets well.[12]
Atobe Keigo
Atobe and Oshitari first met when Atobe took over the tennis club in their first year of middle school. Oshitari was the only one present who was able to be of significant challenge to Atobe[13]. They have a respect for each other and one another's skill. They are in frequent communication, as Oshitari is very invested in Hyoutei tennis club matters.


Play Style

Oshitari is known as "The Man of 1000 Techniques". Among these techniques are the Higuma Otoshi, his acronym moves, and frequent drop shots. He has the ability to close off his heart and mind, becoming completely unreadable to even mental assassin Ochi Tsukimitsu. Those who read their opponent will have no luck in a match against Oshitari, who likes to read his opponents as well. His style is not spontaneous, but calculated and planned. As his doubles partner Mukahi Gakuto noted during their match against Kikumaru and Momoshiro, "It's not like [Yuushi] to get serious during a match."ep. 55


Yuushi Stats.png
Speed 3
Power 3
Stamina 3
Mental 4
Technique 5

Speed: He doesn’t let his opponent predict him. To be able to have a play style that betrays the opponent’s prediction requires a degree of leg strength.

Power: A hit from his tall stature is surprisingly strong. However, he’s not good at power matches and covers with his technique.

Stamina: Since he’s slender you might think he lacks physical strength, but he surprisingly has stamina. He’s not bad at endurance matches.

Mental: A favourable evaluation is that he has a poker face and calm judgment that doesn’t allow opponent’s to read his expressions. He also sometimes gets fired up.

Technique: The fact that he can easily do any technique he thinks of is due to his genius abilities.

Kurobe's Memo:

He has shown his hidden fighting spirit before, but I wish he could keep his poker face while playing. Oshitari’s strong point is not allowing his opponent to read his moves, after all.[14]

Match History

Kantou Tournament Mukahi/Oshitari Y. vs. Kikumaru/Momoshiro 4 - 6
National Tournament Mukahi/Oshitari Y. vs. Maki/Itou 6 - 0
National Tournament Oshitari Y. vs. Kushiyama 6 - 0
National Tournament Oshitari Y. vs. Momoshiro 6 - 4
U-17 Pair Matches Mukahi vs. Oshitari Y. 0 - 7


  • His glasses are fake, he wears them to look cool.
  • He let Kenya's iguana escape.[12]
  • He is good with children, according to Kenya.[9]


  • "You think you're funny huh?"20.5

Others about Oshitari

  • "I have completely seen through you, Oshitari. Your true self is nothing like what you show, a~n?" — Atobe Keigo
  • "Well, he’s a genius. But if you always have a poor endgame, you can’t stand at the top." — Atobe Keigo[1]
  • "23 more minutes! That's how much longer Kenya and his cousin will continue bragging about their own schools!" — Chitose Senri
  • "Your techniques, they're all copies of other people's. Hm? What? Why are you looking at me like I'm not allowed to say that?" — Echizen Ryouma
  • "Hyoutei's tensai...I'm honored that you have used my skills. *chuckles*" — Fuji Shuusuke
  • "Oshitari-san also does "Higuma Otoshi"!? But truthfully, when compared with Aniki's, I can't deny that his loses out." — Fuji Yuuta
  • "Oshitari-san, he has that much potential yet he doesn't aim for the top. I can't understand that." — Hiyoshi Wakashi
  • "The glasses-wearing guy from Hyoutei, his hair is long and annoying, and he talks so much...somehow, he annoys me." — Ibu Shinji
  • "Those glasses, they aren't prescribed, are they? That's why we can see your eyes through the lenses." — Inui Sadaharu
  • "The fact that you like sagoshiki zushi, Yuushi-kun, means that you have not forgotten how to enjoy the simple tastes of Kansai." — Ishida Gin
  • "Yuushi uses a knife to prepare fish? I feel that using my bare hands works better." — Jackal Kuwahara
  • "Fake and drop...(the technique name is too long and too hard to understand) I can't pronounce it anymore..." — Kabaji Munehiro
  • "Oshitari-san, you sure had a tenacious match with Momoshiro...I'm not envious or anything!" — Kaidou Kaoru
  • "Hyoutei's Oshitari, he's good with tsukkomi. I like that kind of Kansai feeling, nya!" — Kikumaru Eiji
  • "Megane-san, you're on the overseas exchange committee~? Please, exchange with me for sure!" — Liliadent Krauser
  • "Ah~ ah, you can't get so worked up during a match! Your tensai points will drop like that!" -Marui Bunta
  • "Oshitari-san is actually a passionate person. To be acknowledged by such a person makes me pretty happy." — Momoshiro Takeshi
  • "That Yuushi, whenever things don't go his way, he closes himself off! Cut that out and give me back the juice money I lent you!" — Mukahi Gakuto[15]
  • "I’m relying on you Yuushi. Ah, but he still hasn’t given something in return for the juice money!!" — Mukahi Gakuto[1]
  • "Oshitari-senpai, those glasses look broken, yet you're still wearing them. I wonder why..." — Ootori Choutarou
  • "Oshitari, I know you still aren't satisfied with your own tennis. Aim even higher! Itteyoshi!" — Coach Sakaki Tarou
  • "Hyoutei's Oshitari...he has the skill but he let his racket get blown away. That shows that his grip is weak! How embarrassing!!" — Sanada Genichirou
  • "With all that fuss over being a tensai, you shouldn't be losing in doubles! That is totally uncool!" — Shishido Ryou
  • "That glasses guy and Atobe both come to the street tennis courts at times. It's frustrating, but they're both really good." — Tachibana An
  • "Your glasses don't have a prescription!? Glasses are not for deceiving people, and they're definitely not fashion tools!" — Tezuka Kunimitsu
  • "Kenya's cousin, when he takes off his glasses, he transforms into a super hero!? Shiraishi told me that!" — Tooyama Kintarou
  • "They say that wearing fake glasses is an expression of having a complex. Me? These are for practical use." — Yagyuu Hiroshi
  • "In the past, it's been said that 'glasses raise a man's charm by thirty percent,' but in the case of fake glasses, that's only a temporary thing." — Yanagi Renji[15]

Oshitari about others

  • About Akutagawa Jirou: "Jirou is really cheerful, it's great, isn't it. His smile can somehow... make you feel cleansed."[16]
  • About Atobe Keigo "Honestly, I don’t understand anything about what Atobe is thinking. Oh well, as long as he’s winning matches, there’s no big deal about it."[17]
  • About Mukahi Gakuto: "Occasionally, I wish he would stop going wherever he wants. Oh well, that’s his favorite spot though."[18]
  • About Shiraishi Kuranosuke: "I heard from Kenya that Shiraishi's sense of humor is not that great. And that's what makes him a suitable captain for them."[19]




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