Shitenhouji Middle School

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Region Kansai
Prefecture Osaka
Established 1912
Headmaster Mwangie Schittenhosie
Student body Total 1086
Tennis Club (Middle School)
Coach Watanabe Osamu
Captain Shiraishi Kuranosuke
Vice-captain Koishikawa Kenjirou
Treasurer Konjiki Koharu
Assistant Treasurer Hitouji Yuuji
Membership 48

Shitenhouji Middle School (四天宝寺中学校(してんほうじちゅうがっこう), Shitenhouji Chuugakkou), is in Osaka. They are the champions of the Kansai Tournament and have been one of the top four schools in the nation for two years running.


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Middle School Tennis Club Regulars
3rd Years Shiraishi Kuranosuke
Koishikawa Kenjirou
Chitose Senri
Hitouji Yuuji
Ishida Gin
Konjiki Koharu
Oshitari Kenya
2nd Years Zaizen Hikaru
1st Years Tooyama Kintarou
High School Tennis Club Members
2nd Years Taira Yoshiyuki
1st Years Hara Tetsuya
Coaches Watanabe Osamu
Former Mouri Jusaburou



The winter uniform is a standard black gakuran[1] with the Shitenhouji emblem pinned to the left collar, and a white dress shirt underneath. The only difference in the summer uniform is that they wear a short sleeved white dress shirt instead. The dress shirt differs from other schools' shirts in that the collar isn't a standard oxford collar, but instead it's a short collar that circles around the neck.


The standard dress of the uniform is a one-piece with a dark accent around the arm holes and down the front. The collar is a standard sailor uniform style with the Shitenhouji emblem pinned to the bottom of the scarf. They wear knee high socks and loafers in the summer. In the winter they wear the same dress, but replace the knee high socks with tights and wear a over-the-head sweater with the scarf tucked in and the Shitenhouji emblem stitched on the left breast. In the anime the uniform is shown to be yellow and navy blue.

Tennis Club

The base color of the uniform shirt is yellow with a green bamboo forest pattern on the collar and bottom half. There is no specific requirement for what's worn under the uniform shirt, but it's typical to wear a tank top.[2] The jacket matches the uniform shirt, but the collar is the same yellow as the rest of the uniform and appears to be of a knit material. The shorts are white with the bamboo pattern on the sides, and the pants are similar except yellow instead of white.

In the anime, the bamboo pattern has been replaced with a highlighter green shade, but is otherwise identical to the manga.

They appear to be lax on the other uniform guidelines, as well, seeing as Tooyama wears a giraffe printed tank top and black shorts.



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