Mouri Jusaburou

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Mouri Jusaburou
Kanji 毛利寿三郎
Kana もうりじゅさぶろう
Gender Male
Birthday January 3 (Capricorn)
Height N/APOT
191.63 cm[1]NPOT
Weight N/APOT
83.02 kg[1]NPOT
Blood Type B[1]
Dominant Arm Right
Eyesight (Unaided) 2.0 (both)[2]
  • Father
  • Older Brother
  • Older Sister
Current School Rikkai University High School 1st Year

Committee Health Committee[6]

Former School(s) Rikkai University Middle School Shitenhouji Middle School
Club Position OB
Play Style All-rounder
Doubles Partner(s)
Shoes DUNLOP (Hybrid Pro II)[1]
Racket(s) DUNLOP (BIOMIMETIC M3.0)[1]
Manga Debut Golden Age 70
Anime Debut OVA vs. Genius 10 Episode 4
Voice Nojima Kenji
Tenimyu Actors Maruyama Ryuusei

Mouri Jusaburou (毛利寿三郎(もうりじゅさぶろう)) is a 1st year high school student at Rikkai and the No. 10 representative on the Japanese U-17 team. He is a former regular at Shitenhouji who transferred to Rikkai before his 2nd year. He became Ochi Tsukimitsu's doubles partner at U-17 and, together, are known as the Super High School Doubles Specialists.


Mouri has short, curly red hair and brown eyes. He stands at a height of 191.63 cm, making him the second tallest Japanese player introduced in the series. He is seen wearing the red Japanese U-17 High School Representative uniform and does not take off his jacket nor does he switch into shorts when playing.


Mouri is portrayed as cheery and upbeat and does not tend to take things seriously. He is known to slack off and skip tennis practice often, citing that practice is something done when he feels like it.[5] Though Mouri claims that he can get along with anyone,[7] Yukimura Seiichi, Sanada Genichirou and Yanagi Renji are initially shown to not be particularly fond of him.[8] Despite their hostilities, Mouri cares deeply for his juniors and even motivated Yukimura through his rehabilitation process by secretly leaving cold sports drinks at his hospital bedside.[5] He is shown to have some level of arrogance like the rest of the Genius 10, but not to the extent of Byoudouin Houou's level.


Mouri was initially a student at Shitenhouji in his first year of middle school before transferring to Rikkai.[9] At Rikkai, he was a regular and member of the tennis team, but would often skip practice. As a result, Yanagi does not have much data on him as a player.[10] At the Nationals one year prior, he played against Shitenhouji's Oshitari Kenya in the semifinals, winning the match without dropping a single game.[10] [11] He graduated from Rikkai's middle school division and enrolled in the high school division, joining the tennis team in the process. He was given special treatment on account of being a genius and continued to skip practices.[5]

When Yukimura was hospitalized, his behaviour caused his juniors to resent him, as they perceived him as someone who took things for granted. He suffered a 0-6 loss to Hyoutei's Ochi at the Kantou Singles Tournament and got injured in the process.[5] When he got his injury checked out at the hospital Yukimura was staying in, he contemplated quitting tennis entirely. It was there that he saw his junior struggle through his rehabilitation, clinging onto tennis in a way he had never been able to do. This inspired Mouri to reflect on himself and he started practicing until he could no longer stand every day. During this time, it is believed that Mouri began leaving a cold bottle of sports drink (Pocari Sweat in the manga) for Yukimura to find after he had finished his rehabilitation for the day. This caused Yukimura to believe that he was being encouraged by a "Sports Drink Fairy". He then went on to win a newcomers tournament without dropping a single set, which allowed him to secure an invitation to the Japanese U-17 Representative Selection Camp.[5] It was at the camp where he was paired with Ochi by the coaches in an effort to discourage him from skipping practices.

U-17 Camp

Camp Revolution

Mouri is seen returning with the members of the Genius 10 from their foreign expedition trip. It is here where he is introduced as the No. 10 representative of the Japanese U-17. It is there that he learns the Nos. 11-20 representatives have been defeated by the middle schoolers and that they are now going to challenge and steal the Nos. 1-10 spots as well.[12]

Genius 10 Challenge

Mouri and Ochi are the first to play a match against the middle schoolers vying for their representative spots.[10] They are matched with Atobe Keigo and Niou Masaharu, the latter of whom channels an illusion of Tezuka Kunimitsu to play the match. Mouri warns their opponents to stop talking if they want to be able to return Ochi's Mach Serve, but they end up winning the first game regardless. When Niou begins his service game, he hits Tezuka's Zero Shiki Serve to try and steal back the game. Mouri immediately figures out how to counter the serve and returns the ball before it has a chance to roll towards the net.[13] At the 6-5 mark in the first set with Atobe and Niou leading, Ochi exerts his Mental Pressure on Atobe, causing him to fault all of his serves and tying the series 6-6.[14] He is surprised and impressed when he learns that Atobe had overcome Ochi's Mental Pressure during their tiebreak.[15] Mouri and Ochi lose the first set 6-7 after a 48-50 tiebreaker and win the second set 6-0 after Niou tires himself out and can no longer use his Illusion.

Mouri and Ochi start off the last set by going up 3-0 before Niou channels an illusion of Atobe himself, allowing the middle schoolers to use Synchro. Ochi then realizes that Niou had been staring at their movements the entire time while lying on the ground and is now feeding that information to Atobe.[16] The game goes to 6-5 in Ochi and Mouri's favour, all while Atobe plays by himself. In an act of desperation, Mouri dislocates his shoulder to render Atobe Kingdom useless, placing his trust in Ochi to win it.[16] Unfortunately, Niou lobs the ball over the net, causing Mouri and Ochi to lose the third set 6-7.[17] They are the only two members of the Genius 10 to lose their match to the middle schoolers.

When Mifuune Nyudou returns to the camp and announces that the U-17 World Cup is allowing each nation to send forward a team consisting of middle school representatives, Mouri and Ochi both reclaim their Nos. 9 and 10 spots respectively.[18]

U-17 World Cup

Before the Group Stage

In Coach Mifuune's competition between the middle and high schoolers to see who can pick up more women at the beach, Mouri naively tries Mitsuya Akuto's "Akuto Meshi", believing that it looked delicious. He immediately dislocates all of the joints in his body and plunges face-first into the sand before the competition even starts.[19]

Quarterfinals vs. France

The night before the lineup for the match against France is submitted, Mouri is seen with the other high school representatives trying to break into Coach Mifuune's room in order to swap Byoudouin's name with Duke Watanabe's for Singles 1.[20] He utilizes his Joint Dislocation to squeeze through the ventilation system to open a window to the outside, where Ochi, Oomagari Ryuuji and Hakamada Izou awaited him. As he sneaks around the coach's room, he is ambushed by a lion, but saved by Ochi, who uses his Mental Pressure to scare it off before it could attack both of them. After the ordeal, the high schoolers discovered that Mifuune had placed Watanabe in the Singles 1 position, rendering all of their actions meaningless. Sometime before the quarterfinal match, Mouri runs into Yanagi and asks about Yukimura's condition, claiming that he is worried about his junior. This causes Yanagi to lash out against him, saying that he will never understand the pain and struggles Yukimura went through and that he would never forgive him for what happened.[8]

Mouri ends up being paired with Yanagi by the coaches in the Doubles 1 match against France's Edgard Delacroix and Jonathan St. Georges.[21] The first set starts off well for Japan and they lead 5-0, but Yanagi opts to play by himself rather than utilize Mouri's skills to their advantage.[8] Before the start of the sixth game in the first set, Yanagi sees the same sports drink on the bench that Yukimura found while he was going through rehabilitation, making him realize that the "Sports Drink Fairy" was Mouri all along.[5] The two reconcile before the game resumes with Mouri asking Yanagi to control him in order to allow his data tennis to shine the brightest. France mount a comeback and steal the first set from Japan when Delacroix reveals his Art Tennis.

Mouri finally begins to take things seriously going into the second set. In order to further help Yanagi collect data, he goes to sleep.[22] In this state, St. Georges cannot collect his data, as he is not capable of extracting the information from a sleeping person. It is revealed by Byoudouin, Irie Kanata and Oni Juujirou that when Mouri gets into a zone-like state, his brain activity mimic that of deep sleep.[23] While asleep, he has the ability to return all of Delacroix's shots with ease, dragging the second set to 5-4 in France's favour. He soon wakes up and, allowing Yanagi to use his data, wins the second set 7-5.

Before the start of the last set, Mouri tells Yanagi to stop thinking of himself as one Rikkai's "Big 3" and aim for the top spot instead. France begin by taking the advantage, going up 5-0 with Yanagi playing passively in order to complete his data on Delacroix and St. Georges. Mouri and Yanagi turn the set around and end up winning, claiming the victory for Japan. Yukimura hands Mouri the same cold bottle of sports drink, congratulating "Drink Fairy Senpai" on a good game, suggesting that he has forgiven Mouri for what happened.[4]


table of character history

Personal Information

  • Hobbies: Stamp Rallies, Plant Watching[1]
  • Dislikes: Hot things (has a cat's tongue), hair dryers[1]
  • Most Wanted Item: Vegetable seeds[9]
  • Skills Outside of Tennis: Pro-wrestling joint-locking techniques, dislocating his joints, getting along with anyone[7]


  • Favorite Food: Oyakodon (chicken and egg rice bowl), Yasai Tendon (vegetables rice bowl)[9]
  • Favorite Color: Orange[9]
  • Favorite Motto: 「花鳥風月」(The beauties of nature)[9]
  • Favorite Book: Travel magazines[9]
  • Favorite Type (of person): Someone gentle[9]
  • Favorite Date Spot: Relaxing trip to the hot springs[9]
  • Daily Routine During The Tournament: Walking around the representative town.[9]

Tennis Bag Contents

Hand--Me-Down Clothing
"He often wears clothes given to him by the third years because they fit him... That's all, can I go now?" --Ochi Tsukimitsu[9]


Ochi Tsukimitsu
Mouri deeply respects Ochi and looks up to him. As a result of their partnership, Mouri began to skip practice less.[5] He has complete trust in Ochi, which is evident when he willingly dislocates his shoulder during their match against Atobe and Niou.[16] Mouri affectionately calls him "Tsuki-san".
Yanagi Renji
Yanagi was the most resentful of Mouri's laid-back attitude towards tennis. He was unable to collect data on him during his time at Rikkai's Middle School division because Mouri would skip practice.[10] When Yukimura was hospitalized, Yanagi grew more frustrated seeing Mouri being able to practice tennis whenever he wanted, but chose not to, when Yukimura was unable to practice at all. Before their quarterfinals match against France, Yanagi lashed out at Mouri, saying he would never forgive him and accused Mouri of not caring at all. The two reconcile their differences during their match and Yanagi is finally able to collect his data.[23]
Yukimura Seiichi
Yukimura was resentful of Mouri's laid-back attitude and refusal to attend tennis practice when the former was confined to the hospital with his illness. Despite his demeanor, Mouri deeply cares about Yukimura.[8] Mouri became inspired to take tennis more seriously after seeing his junior desperately cling onto tennis while going through his rehabilitation. He started to anonymously leave a cold sports drink bottle by Yukimura's bedside for him to find after every rehabilitation session, giving Yukimura hope to continue. Mouri reveals his identity as the "Sports Drink Fairy" during Japan's quarterfinal match against France, which causes Yukimura to forgive him. After his match, Yukimura congratulates Mouri by handing him the same brand of sports drink, calling him "Drink Fairy Senpai" in the process.[4]
Sanada Genichirou
Though not explored in depth, it is mentioned that Mouri did not get along well with Sanada either.[8] It is speculated that Sanada has also forgiven Mouri after the identity of Yukimura's "Sports Drink Fairy" is revealed.
Byoudouin Houou
Byoudouin believes that Mouri will be the one to lead Japan as the next leader of the Genius 10.



Mouri Jusaburou
Speed 5
Power 4
Stamina 4
Mental 6
Technique 5

Kurobe's Memo: In the match against Atobe and Niou, he was very boastful about being part of the 1st String. Though he's only a 1st Year High Schooler, he's one of the players I look forward to seeing improving. I wonder if his tenacity to win is due to Rikkai's [Invincible Training]. He may have learned his desire to win from the time spent with the various different players he has been paired with.[6]

Speed - 5: His left and right footwork at the net is more than acceptable. His front to back movements, however, do have a few issues to be fixed.

Power - 4: He is too lacking in power to actively play in singles. If he focused on training his arm strength and grip strength, the power of his stroke would get much stronger.

Stamina - 4: He has the endurance to last for a 3 set match, however he gets so absorbed in the match that he doesn't pace himself. In addition, he says he hates progressing too slowly.

Mental - 6: He's the type of person that will get fired up when faced with adversity. Enough that he is more than able to deal with the pain of dislocating his joints in a match. He's also the type to manifest his full potential when battling strong opponents.

Technique - 5: He doesn't have any particularly bad shot courses. He's a jack of all trades, master of none. It is urgent for him to develop some deciding shots.

Play Style

Mouri is considered an all-rounder player, but excels in doubles compared to singles play due to his lower stamina and inability to pace himself. He does not have any definitive shots compared to other singles players, putting him at a disadvantage compared to them. Despite this, he is shown to be capable of playing singles when he played in Singles 3 against Shitenhouji's Oshitari in the Nationals two years prior.[11]

Joint Dislocation

While not a technique, Mouri's ability to dislocate his joints at will allows his body to contort to a more improbable state. This can allow him to reach a shot that would otherwise be impossible to hit if his joints were intact and make it harder for his opponents to read him. He employs this ability during the Genius 10 Challenge when Atobe uses Atobe Kingdom to break through his absolute blind spots.[16] This ability can only be deployed in a doubles match and Mouri has to trust his partner to finish the match, as he is unable to relocate his joint as quickly as he can dislocate it.

He is also seen using this technique outside of the court when he, alongside the other high school representatives, try to break into Coach Mifuune's room to change the lineup for their quarterfinal match against France.[20]

Zone (Deep Sleep)

While not a technique, Mouri is capable of entering a "zone-like" state within a few seconds.[23] When his brain waves were analyzed in this state by the coaches, they were shown to mimic the same patterns as someone in a deep sleep state. This clears his mind of distractions and sharpens his concentration limit, allowing him to grasp the opponent's movements and return any shot with ease. While in this state, Mouri's data cannot be collected by anyone, except Yanagi.


  • Mouri, along with Hara Tetsuya, are the only Japanese first year high schoolers introduced in the series.
  • Before Tokugawa Kazuya's addition to the Genius 10, Mouri was the only member that was not in his third year of high school.
  • During his time in the middle school division of Rikkai, he brought a sleeping bag into the club room, only for Sanada to stop him.[9]


  • "Anyways, I'm aiming for the top!" [1]

Others about Mouri

  • "He has a carefree side to him, but I hear that his skills in tennis are nothing to joke about." - Tamagawa Yoshio[1]
  • "It’s so cool how strong you are, even if you’re asleep!" - Kirihara Akaya[1]
  • "Although he was lazy in some regard, he is a respected predecessor of Rikkai. I'd like to play against him once again." - Sanada Genichirou[9]
  • "Last year, when Kenya lost in the semifinals, I heard a lot of crying on the phone." - Oshitari Yuushi[9]
  • "In that game, both Atobe and I were scarred to the bone. Rikkai's persistence for victory was as good as any." - Niou Masaharu[9]
  • "We were in the same grade at Shitenhouji for a while! You were a boke back then, but how are you now?" - Hara Tetsuya[9]

Mouri about others

  • About Yukimura Seiichi: "I feel like we're together now more than we were in middle school. I know how strong Yukimura is. Keep up the good work."[24]
  • About Ooishi Shuuichirou: "It was unusual for Tsuki-san to talk about you. I guess he likes you more than I thought."[25]





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