Hyoutei Academy Middle School

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Region Kanto
Prefecture Tokyo
Established 1919
Headmaster Sakujii Teruzane
Student body Total 1652 (♂1021 / ♀631)
Tennis Club (Middle School)
Coach Sakaki Tarou
Captain Atobe Keigo
Treasurer Taki Haginosuke
Assistant treasurer Kabaji Munehiro
Membership 215

Hyoutei Academy Middle School (氷帝学園中等部(ひょうていがくえんちゅうとうぶ), Hyoutei Gakuen Chuutoubu), is a large private school in Tokyo. Hyoutei's tennis team is famous for its large size: over 200 members, who are responsible for the overwhelming "Hyoutei Chant" at games, and for their strict policy of regular replacement; if a player loses a match, they are no longer a regular.

This fate was suffered by Shishido Ryou after Hyoutei's loss to Fudoumine Middle School, but he fought for his spot back. After that, the policy seems to be lenient in application. At Nationals, Hyoutei returned to play against Seigaku with the same set of regulars from their first match in the Kantou Tournament.


Two Years Before the Storyline

Atobe Keigo arrived in his first year and revolutionized both the school and the tennis club. On the first day, he declared himself king of the school, and presented impressive, state-of-the-art updates to the school campus and facilities. At tennis practice, Atobe "took over the club room" and declared himself captain. The current captain and young Atobe agreed that if any current club members defeated Atobe, he could not join the team.

Nobody could defeat Atobe, and so he became the tennis club captain. The rules changed: all benefits from seniority were gone, and only the strongest players would be at the top/would play as regulars. This eventually became the policy of replacing regulars who lost matches.

It is shown in a post episode snapshot that Akutagawa Jirou, Mukahi Gakuto, Oshitari Yuushi, and Shishido Ryou were regulars along with Atobe in their first year.

High schooler and U-17 member Ochi Tsukimitsu was captain in his time at Hyoutei's middle school before the current third years enrolled.


Middle School Tennis Club Regulars
3rd Years Atobe Keigo
Akutagawa Jirou
Mukahi Gakuto
Oshitari Yuushi
Shishido Ryou
2nd Years Hiyoshi Wakashi
Kabaji Munehiro
Ootori Choutarou
Middle School Tennis Club Members
3rd Years Taki Haginosuke
Members Chikabayashi
High School Tennis Club Members
3rd Years Ochi Tsukimitsu
2nd Years "Aka Meshu"
Coaches Sakaki Tarou



Tennis Uniforms - Anime

The Hyoutei tennis uniform jerseys have an asymmetrical design. The base is a white polo shirt with light blue sleeves, and the left side of the shirt is light blue, stopping about halfway between the sleeve and the collar. The collar is dark blue in the anime and dark blue/black in the manga, with variance. On the left breast (on the blue section) is a white dot, and on the right shoulder is a section of black stripes, like a barcode. The anime version of the uniform lacks both the barcode and the white dot, and the jacket sleeves have a dark blue trim.

The shorts are white and the pants are dark blue/black with a thin white stripe down the side.

In the anime, all Hyoutei members have matching shoes. They are white with light purple/pink round soles.

Tennis Uniforms - Manga



  • The Hyoutei chant is something Atobe introduced to the tennis club. 23.5
  • Atobe is student council president, but unlike captaining the tennis team he does not attend to the duties himself.


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