St. Rudolph Academy Middle School

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St. Rudolph105.jpg
St. Rudolph
Region Kantou
Prefecture Tokyo
Headmaster Watabe C. Mitsuko[1]
Student body Total 577 (♂314 / ♀263)[1]
Tennis Club (Middle School)
Manager Mizuki Hajime
Captain Akazawa Yoshirou
Vice-captain Nomura Takuya[2]
Treasurer Kisarazu Atsushi
Membership 20

St. Rudolph Academy Middle School ((せい)ルドルフ学院中学校(がくいんちゅうがっこう), Sei Fudorufu Gakuin Chuugakkou), is in Tokyo. Despite being new, it has quickly risen to being one of the top 8 strongest schools in Tokyo Prefecture. [3]


St. Rudolph is a new school founded only five years prior to the start of the series. Two years ago, they decided to focus on strengthening it's sport department, utilizing a combination of new equipment, modern theories, and recruiting talented players from other schools. Teammates work well together without divisions in the ranks, despite being a mix of original students and recruited students.[3]


Middle School Tennis Club Regulars
3rd Years Akazawa Yoshirou
Nomura Takuya
Kisarazu Atsushi
Mizuki Hajime
Yanagisawa Shinya
2nd Years Fuji Yuuta
Kaneda Ichirou


From left to right, boys' winter and summer uniforms, and girls' winter and summer uniforms.



The winter uniform is a brown blazer with the school crest on the chest, brown pants, a white long-sleeved dress shirt and a red and white striped tie. The summer uniform switches out the blazer and long-sleeved shirt for a short sleeved shirt with the school crest on the chest. Ties must be worn with the uniform at all times, and boys are required to iron their pants.[4]


The winter uniform for girls is a brown blazer with the school crest on the chest, a white dress shirt, a red and white striped tie, and a knee-length brown skirt without pleats. Like the boys' uniform, the girls' summer uniform switches out the blazer and long sleeved shirt for a short-sleeved white dress shirt with the school emblem on the chest. It is a point that the hem of girls' skirts must end 3cm above the knee.[4]

Tennis Club


The boys' tennis uniform consists of a jersey, a polo, warm-up pants and shorts. The jersey is a white half-zip sweater, with a thick brown stripe around the chest and arms at armpit level. On the stripe, the sleeve reads 'St. Rudolph'. The zipper has a circular pull. The polo is designed similarly to the jersey, but with short sleeves. A notable feature of the polo is it also zips at the collar. The warm-up pants and shorts are both plain brown. In the anime, the 'St. Rudolph' on the sleeves was omitted for ease of animation.

Team Stats

Singles: 3/5 Doubles: 3/5 Benchwork: 5/5 Total power: 3.5/5 [3]


  • Students live in a dorm. [5]
  • The school campus is 15929m². [4]
  • The school emblem shows a shield covered in a gleaming light. This represents having the strength to not give in while their prayers guide them towards their goals. The emblem is worn on the uniform chest to remind the students of these goals at all times.[4]
  • "Become faithful through love and truth" is the school motto[6]
  • After tennis, St. Rudolph's second main sports focus is baseball [7]
  • As a Catholic school, they hold services in their school church on holidays such as Easter and Christmas[7]
  • The school runs sports clubs for tennis, baseball, soccer, volleyball, badminton,basketball, kendo, judo, track and field, and swimming.[7]
  • The school runs culture clubs for handbell, bible, literature, chorus, brassband, art, and theatre.[7]
  • Saint Rudolph of Gubbio is likely the namesake of the school, as this is the only Catholic saint by this name.



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