Zeus Iliopoulos

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Zeus Iliopoulos
Gender Male
Age 15
Birthday April 4 (Aries)
Height 155 cm
Weight 50 kg
Blood Type O (Rh0)
Dominant Arm Right
  • Grandfather
  • Grandmother
  • Father
  • Mother
  • Older brother
  • Older brother
  • Older sister
  • Older sister
  • Younger sister
  • God of omniscience and omnipotency
  • Lord Zeus
Current School Greek U17 (1st Year)
Club Position Captain
Play Style All of the world
Shoes Yonex Power Cushion Aerus GC
Racket(s) Prince Thunder Rip
Manga Debut Genius #184

Zeus Iliopoulos is a 1st year student from Greece. He is the captain of the Greek team and revered by his teammates as a God. He aims to create "The model of tennis".

Zeus Iliopoulos


Zeus has blond, curly hair and blue eyes. He is noticeably one of the shortest participants at the World Cup, and is also the shortest between the high schoolers. He is styled after the image of greek youth.


Zeus is calm and cheerful, yet he is also described as transcendental and imperturbable. He is not easily frustrated and prefers a genuine and fun way of playing tennis much more than winning. He is revered as a god, which he himself doesn't seem to mind, and values repentance for one's actions, to the point of sacrificing the Stephanopoulos brothers. He dislikes destructiveness and violence.


  • Hobbies: Astronomical observation
  • Most Wanted Item/Thing: A temple
  • Skills Beyond Tennis: Weather forecasting
  • Things he's bad at/with: His grandmother


  • Food(s): Greek yogurt
  • Color(s): Rainbow
  • Motto(s): If you wish upon a star, your dreams will come true
  • Book(s): Sky&Telescope's Pocket Sky Atlas
  • Type of Person: Anyone
  • Date Spot: Olympia
  • Daily habit during the camp: Looking at the starry sky


Zeus first appears observing the first match between Japan and Greece from the sidelines. Afterward, he's introduced as the captain of the Greek team, sending out the Stephanopoulos brothers. He plays Singles 3 against Tanegashima Shuji, and takes the lead by 5, but loses eventually after Tanegashima uses a bottlecap to make his play unpredictable to both sides. He later appears before the finals, cuddling a koala at the petting zoo.


Hermes Kounellis
It's stated that Hermes' meek personality makes him a good assistant to Zeus.


Play Style

Zeus has a remarkable rainbow aura, noted by both Tanegashima and Shiraishi, which made the latter resign from his match. He can control the pace of the match extremely well, making it seem like he's losing rallies despite the opposite usually happening.

Other Special Moves

  • Olympos Iris Pose
Routine During Tournaments

Tennis Bag Contents

Astronomical telescope
He predicts his fortune by the movement of the stars.


  • Everyone calls him -sama because they respect him outside of tennis as well.
  • According to Hermes, he attributes a player's inexperience towards their personality.
  • What he wants most from a woman is a plaster bust of himself to decorate his house with.

Messages From and To Others

Others about Zeus

  • "The god of omniscience and omnipotency huh...I won't let that remark slide. I wish for a match one day." - Yukimura Seiichi
  • "When I went, I didn't feel like I could win. I should study the weak points of my Perfect tennis." - Shiraishi Kuranosuke
  • "If he had figured out my trick, he'd have won. I can't help but compare Zeus-sama's face to Buddha." - Tanegashima Shuji
  • "It's been a long time since I saw Zeus-sama having so much fun. It was fortuitous that he could play with Tanegashima." - Hermes Kounellis



  • All will be well so long as they repent.
  • This is wonderful!
  • It will not go that smoothly a second time.
  • Fufufu.



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