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Capital Berlin (pop. 3,520,000)
Population 82,450,000
Surface area 357,000km² (94% of Japan)
Languages German
Currency Euro
National U-17 Team
Coach Siegmund Pupke
Captain Jürgen Borisovich Volk
Vice-captain Michael Bismarck
Advisor Q. P.

Germany is in Europe. Aiming for their tenth consecutive U-17 World Cup championship, they are the current world no. 1.


Germany has won the previous nine U-17 World Cup tournaments and is ranked no. 1 in the world. After remaining undefeated in the group league and ousting South Africa in the round of 16, they have advanced to the quarterfinals.


High School Members
3rd Years Jürgen Borisovic Volk
Michael Bismarck
Dankmar Schneider
2nd Years Q. P.
Middle School Members
3rd Years A. Frankensteiner
Elmer Siegfried
Tezuka Kunimitsu
Bertie Borisovich Volk
Selection Camp Middle School Members
Members Konradin Becker
Ebbo Hoffmann
Diethelm Meyer
Heinz Müller
Ivo Schneider
Georg Vogel
Barnabas Wolf
Coaches Siegmund Pupke


The uniform bears an eagle emblem as a symbol of invincibility. Overall, the uniform is designed to put the opponent under pressure.[1]


  • The color scheme of Germany's uniform matches the colors used in the flag of the German Empire rather than the ones of modern-day Germany.


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