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Hiyoshi Wakashi
Kanji 日吉若
Kana ひよしわかし
Gender Male
Age 13
Birthday December 5 (Sagittarius)
Height 172 cmPOT
173 cmNPOT
Weight 60kg[1]
Blood Type AB
Dominant Arm Right
Eyesight (Unaided) 0.5 right eye
Shoe Size 26.5 cm[2]
  • Grandfather
  • Grandmother
  • Father
  • Mother
  • Older Brother[3]
Current School Hyoutei Academy Middle School 2nd Year
Class F
Seat 19[2]
Committee Journalism
Best Subject(s) Math, History
Worst Subject(s) Music
Club Position Regular
Play Style Aggressive Baseliner
Doubles Partner(s) Mukahi Gakuto
Shoes Prince Triple Threat Linear AC (DPS-211) Black
Manga Debut Genius 153
Anime Debut Episode 67
Voice Iwasaki Masami
Tenimyu Actors
  • Kawai Ryunosuke (1st A)
  • Hosogai Kei (1st B)
  • Ise Daiki (2nd)
  • Utsumi Akiyoshi (3rd)

Hiyoshi Wakashi (日吉若(ひよしわかし)) is a 2nd year student at Hyoutei Academy Middle School. He is to be the future team captain after the third years’ graduation.[5] He is from a martial arts family which lends to his tennis style, ‘Enbu Tennis’. He is most famous for his favorite word, "Gekokujou".


Hiyoshi is a somewhat sullen-looking character. His hair is frequently described as mushroom-like. He does not smile often, and when he does, it is usually more of a smirk and accompanied with a "Gekokujou". In the manga, his hair is light brown and he has brown eyes. In the anime, his eyes are grey and his hair is a little darker, an orange-brown.

Hiyoshi wears glasses at home, but he does not like them, so he wears contacts in public.


Hiyoshi is very ambitious. He has had a very traditional upbringing, living in a dojo. He is neat and organized, described by his roommate Zaizen Hikaru at U-17 that he seems "high strung".[6] Although he speaks politely, he is a bit of a snob. He is not shy to tell people he will gekokujou them.

Hiyoshi is able to keep calm in intense situations and think methodically, as seen in his matches.

He has shown an interest in the supernatural and UFOs.


Prior to the events of the main story

Hiyoshi attended Hyoutei's Elementary Division with his friend Ootori Choutarou, as seen in Another Story OVA. After witnessing newcomer Atobe Keigo's defeat of Hyoutei's entire tennis club, he vows to join the tennis club when he is in middle school and gekokujou Atobe.

In his first year, Hiyoshi played in the Newcomers Tournament against Kirihara Akaya.

Kantou Tournament

Hiyoshi before his match against Echizen

Hiyoshi is first introduced during the Kantou Tournament - Hyoutei Arc, at the end of Atobe vs. Tezuka. He is Hyoutei's reserve player who is to play against Echizen Ryouma. Upon his name being called, many members remark that no other team would have a reserve player on par with Hiyoshi, implying he is very skilled. Mukahi says to Hiyoshi that he should be okay, "because it's you." Yanagi Renji points out that Hiyoshi played a match the year before in the Newcomer's Tournament against Kirihara Akaya and did well against him. When Kirihara pretends not to remember, Sanada Genichirou doesn't believe him and states that Hiyoshi is sure to be Hyoutei's captain next year.[7]

Hiyoshi's name is first mentioned by Sakaki, naming him as the one who will replace Taki Haginosuke after his defeat by Shishido Ryou. However, Hiyoshi is not shown at all during the teams' battle until his own match, in neither the manga nor the original anime. Although, in Best Games!! (2019), he is shown watching the match before his with the rest of his team.

Hiyoshi is seen watching other teams' matches with his teammates throughout the rest of the Kantou tournament.

Anime Only

When Hyoutei joins Seigaku at their mountain training camp, Hiyoshi plays a match against Inui.


Hiyoshi reappears with Hyoutei at Nationals, where he plays doubles 2 with Mukahi Gakuto against Inui Sadaharu and Kaidou Kaoru.

Anime Only

The day before Hyoutei vs. Seigaku at Nationals, Mukahi and Hiyoshi meet up to plan their strategy. They bicker mildly before Hiyoshi asks why they are meeting up at an amusement park, surrounded by people on dates. Embarrassed, Mukahi exclaims that it was Hiyoshi's idea to meet up there. They unite with the rest of their team that evening at the courts where they suffered defeat at the Kantou Tournament, in their first match against Seigaku.

U-17 Training Camp

Hiyoshi is invited to the camp with the other Hyoutei regulars. In the U-17 Pair Matches, he faces Atobe, who treats it as preparation for Hiyoshi's captaincy. Hiyoshi loses and is sent to the mountain with the other losers, only to return with a black jersey.


Events in Hiyoshi's Life
Age 0 December 5 Born
Age 3 Awakens to Gekokujou after his brother stole his snack
Age 4 Visits Toyokuni Shrine with his family, wishes to overthrow his brother
Age 8 Is taken by his father for a trip to gain skill in combat
Age 12 March Graduates from Hyoutei Elementary School
April Enters Hyoutei Middle School
May Chases a burglar at home and catches him by running on the roof
June Protects a kitten on his way back home, entrusts it to Ootori
August Everyone met a Zashiki-Warashi at the outdoors school, he is the only one who didn’t
Searches for Ogopogo at the tennis boarding camp in Canada
Autumn Has a match against Kirihara in the Newcomer's Tournament
October Loses to Atobe in the sports festival’s “King & Knight”
November Coaches the sword fight in the historical play at the school festival
Age 13 December Reviews the administration of a hot spring resort he visited and reorganizes the operation
Winter Changes his form to adopt to kobujutsu
March Searches for the Yuki Onna at the tennis boarding camp in Switzerland
April Advances to his second year
Has a huge fight with Gakuto about being given a wet cracker
June Tokyo Tournament
July Kantou Tournament

Round 1 against Seigaku, Loses to Echizen Ryouma as the reserve player

August 8 It’s decided that Hyoutei can advance to the Nationals
August 17 Opening of the National Tournament

Round 1 against Tsubakikawa, Wins in S2 against Miura

August 18 Quarterfinals against Seigaku,

Loses in D2 against Inui and Kaidou

August 19 Achieves Best 8 at the Nationals
Participates in the Yakiniku battle, eats little and drops out
August 23 Works together with others to make Echizen regain his memories
September Has a practice game against Kabaji and Ootori in singles
October Is the anchor of team Blanc in the relay at the sports festival
Presents his furoshiki skills during a school trip to Germany
November Participates in the U17 camp

Loses during the friendly fire match against Atobe

Participates in the special training on the cliffs
Occupies the courts after becoming part of the revolution corps
Age 14 December Opening of the U17 Pre-World Cup

Becomes a part of the supporting group in Australia

Saves a 1st year from Seigaku who was quarreling with a hoodlum
Opening of the U17 World Cup
Takes a purikura at the shopping mall with Kaidou, Kirihara and Zaizen
Goes to Melbourne Zoo with Hyoutei, watches the penguins

Personal Information


  • Hobbies: Reading (The Seven School Mysteries), Touring abandoned buildings
  • Father's Occupation: Kobujutsu instructor
  • Most Visited Spot on Campus: music room[3], later student council room[8]
  • Dislikes: karaoke, later being filmed[8]
  • Spends His Allowance On: Buying old books
  • Most Wanted Item: Singles 1 spot, later Hyoutei's victory at Nationals
  • Special Skill: Enbu tennis, Kobojutsu stroke
  • Skills Outside of Tennis: Furoshiki, Soroban (Japanese abacus)
  • Daily habit during the tournament: Checking the club journal site of the Hyoutei Tennis club
  • Place he wants to travel to: Hong Kong
  • Gift he'd give someone dear: Gekokujou them[8]


  • Favorite Food: Nure senbei (moist rice crackers), Freeze-dried tofu
  • Favorite Color: Nothing in particular[3], later ice blue[8]
  • Favorite Motto: "Gekokujou"
  • Favorite Movie: Hong Kong Kung-fu movies
  • Favorite Book: The Seven School Mysteries
  • Favorite Music: Calm songs
  • Favorite Date Spot: Mystery spots, Escape rooms
  • Favorite Anniversary: 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month (when Hyoutei holds club ranking matches[9])
  • Preferred Type (of person): A neat and clean girl[3], later a person who can use chopsticks in a beautiful way[8]

Tennis Bag Contents

Novel The Seven School Mysteries
He uses book covers because it's annoying when people can see what he's reading.
Personal chopsticks
Rare lacquered chopsticks that he's very particular about. He uses at school and when he eats out.
Wet tissues
He uses them for wiping his hands and his racket. When he gets sweaty he loses concentration.
Contacts lens case
Since starting middle school his eyesight has worsened. He doesn't like glasses and only wears them at home.
Disposable camera
He was given this as a member of the Journalism Committee. None of the photos Hiyoshi has taken have appeared in the school newspaper yet.
Photo of a UFO
A picture of a strange shadow near a building. It's not clear where he got it from, or if he took the picture himself.[10]


Atobe Keigo
Hiyoshi admires Atobe a great deal as his captain and as someone to defeat. He remains dedicated to the cause of gekokujou-ing Atobe, who has more or less groomed him to be Hyoutei's future captain.
Mukahi Gakuto
Hiyoshi and Mukahi play doubles together at Nationals. They make a good doubles combination, but they bicker a lot outside of games. Nonetheless, they are shown to be fairly close friends, as Mukahi runs away to Hiyoshi's house at one point.
Ootori Choutarou
Hiyoshi and Ootori have been friends since elementary school.


Hiyoshi in his Enbu Tennis stance saying his signature phrase.

Play Style

Hiyoshi is an aggressive baseliner. He plays logically, and he is suited for short matches.

Enbu Tennis

A unique style based off Hiyoshi's innate kobojutsu posture which allows him to react more quickly in his motions.

Hiyoshi Kingdom

In his attempt to access the skill Atobe Kingdom, Hiyoshi invented Hiyoshi Kingdom. Through this insight, he cannot see through people to their skeletons, but he can see through their clothes.


Hiyoshi Stats.png
Speed 3
Power 3
Stamina 4
Mental 3
Technique 4

Speed: The way he carries his feet when moving uses Enbu as a base can give birth to a speed that transcends tennis theory.

Power: From his appearance he’s the thin type, but all the martial arts training has given him a tough core, which allows for moderately large power.

Stamina: Due to his unconventional playstyle, he tends to consume a lot of physical energy. The biggest task he must overcome is endurance matches.

Mental: From his personal desire for improvement, he seems to have a fighting spirit to win for the team. Thanks to that, it also improves his mental level.

Technique: His peculiar imagination and unique form allows him to create ever-changing techniques.[11]

Kurobe's Memo:

"I think it's fine if the goals you need to reach are personal ones. Right now, rather than thinking about the team as a whole, it's more important to hone your individual skills. Since martial arts-based tennis is unusual and a style I don't have many samples of, I'm looking forward to how you'll develop."[12]

Match History

Newcomers Tournament Hiyoshi vs. Kirihara L - W
Kantou Tournament Hiyoshi vs. Echizen Ryouma 4 - 6
National Tournament Hiyoshi vs. Niida 6 - 0
National Tournament Hiyoshi/Mukahi vs. Kaidou/Inui 5 - 7
U-17 Pair Matches Atobe vs. Hiyoshi 47 - 45


  • Hiyoshi wears contacts. He doesn't like wearing glasses, so he only wears them at home.


  • “Gekokujou.”
  • ”Gekokujou!”
  • "It would be improper if I didn’t thank everyone who supported me until today. However as the one burdened with the future of Hyoutei, I cannot be satisfied with the status quo. The time for Gekokujou is almost there. Let’s build up Hiyoshi Kingdom together." (After being voted 9th place in the 20th anniversary popularity poll, in Tenipuri Party.[8])

Others about Hiyoshi

  • "There are quite some clothes he received from his brother. It doesn’t seem like he likes them though…" - Ootori Choutarou
  • "He once said that he wanted new glasses. Why don’t you try round glasses?" - Oshitari Yuushi
  • "He folds his laundry neatly, even at the boarding camp. He seems so high strung, is what I thought when I saw him." - Zaizen Hikaru
  • "The other day…he was wearing Argyle socks. He’s really fashionable…" - Kabaji Munehiro[8]

Hiyoshi about others

  • About Tezuka Kunimitsu and Shiraishi Kuranosuke: "Tezuka-san's strictness and Shiraishi-san's motto of getting results, I will become a captain who combines both!"[13]
  • About Kaidou Kaoru: "Kaidou. It seems that you're weak against ghosts, but tell me where you saw them. My journalist spirit has been kindled."[14]


  • RISE-Gekoku+joutou-
  • SOLO BANG!~Ore no meigonshuu~
  • Old-fashioned Boy
  • 2015 Album Gekokujou
    • 下剋上のテーマ-Instrumental-
    • GO WAY
    • 14 no Yoru
    • State of Mind
    • Mousugu Christmas nanda na
    • Hellhound Howling
    • Shuugakuryokou ni ga omou
    • Forever Story
    • My Destiny feat. Kite Eishirou
    • SOLO BANG!~Ore no meigonshuu~-album version-
    • Fuyu, an nite
    • Yare! Do it!! feat. Shishido Ryou
    • HEAVEN KNOWS-album version-
  • Hiyoshi Kingdom ~Hadaka no Oujisama~



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