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We strongly encourage you to be active on Discord in general. It will allow you to easily collaborate with other users on articles, fact check information you are missing or are unsure about, and make general suggestions for the site. Of course it’s not all business - we discuss the series casually as well, so please don't hesitate to join in.

This guide is not final and will continue to evolve over time. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, voice them on Discord or send an email to


There are many resources online that can help you learn how to edit a wiki if you're new to editing. We recommend reviewing this FAQ on Wikipedia, a great resource on some basic wiki principles. Specific wiki editing guidance can be found on the Mediawiki help pages.

We have implemented a few items for ease of editing:

  • Templates. Please use the applicable template when creating a new page. To use a template:

Insert {{subst:Template:TEMPLATENAME}} into a page's editing box and save the page (replace TEMPLATENAME with "Character", "Arc", etc.).

When you reload, the template will be there.

  • #wiki-help. This Discord channel may be used for any wiki editing questions.


As indicated above, we expect multiple editors to contribute to most pages over time, and that this is a collaborative effort. For example, if multiple people work on separate sections of an article, you should open discussion to ensure you are not unnecessarily repeating information, or maybe you even want to bounce ideas off one another for how to write a single section. This also applies to editing pages someone else has already worked on. If the original writer is still active, be sure to get their input on the changes you want to make.

Ultimately, we request that there be an open line of communication between editors. Creating an article may take longer as a result and it might not be what you initially had in mind, but it will improve the site overall and ensure that everyone has a voice.

Quality Assurance

We want Tenipuri Info to thrive on high-quality content. To reach this goal, please follow these guidelines:

  • Cite your sources. Make sure to source your information properly and do not rely on secondary sources like other fan sites and wikis. Valid sources include all official material (the manga, anime, and fan books) and statements (e.g., from Konomi’s twitter). Of course, this includes their respective translations. Always include the translator in your references, or credit yourself if you have translated the source.
  • Use templates. While some pages have unique content, most fall into certain categories. If yours does, use the corresponding template and follow the instructions laid out therein.
  • Get your pages checked. We request that every page be proofread by at least one other user. Use the #quality-control channel on Discord to request a proofreader.

If you are unsure about anything, just ask.

Writing Conventions

We write in American English.


Names of characters with Japanese origin are written last name first (e.g., Echizen Ryouma). International characters or characters with a non-Japanese native name have their first names written first (e.g., Liliadent Krauser).

The first time a character is mentioned in an article, please refer to them by their full name, linking to the character’s article; or, bolding the name if it is the character article.

On a character's page:
  • Introduce the character with their full name. Use their last name for the rest of the article.
  • Introduce family members with their relation to the character and their first name only. Use their first names for the rest of the article.
  • Introduce all other characters with their full name. Use their last name for the rest of the article.
On other pages:
  • Introduce the character with their full name. Use their last name for the rest of the article.
  • EXCEPTION: If multiple characters from the same family appear in the article, introduce them with their full name, then use their first names for the rest of the article.


Names should be romanized according the following standards:

  • ou instead of oh
  • oo instead of o (ō)
  • shu instead of syu
  • zu instead of du
  • uu instead of u (ū)
  • ii instead of i (ī)

Please use the following names as examples:

If you are unsure as to how romanize a name, please ask in #quality-control on Discord.


Honorifics may be left as is in quotes and in nicknames, but do not use them otherwise.


Stat Tables

These tables appear under in the "Tennis" heading on character pages. You can find these stats in this table. Including the radar charts, they will look like this:

Wiki standards
Marui Stats.png
Speed 4
Power 2
Stamina 3
Mental 3
Technique 5

Using this code:

{{Stat Table
|File=Marui Stats.png
|Technique=5 }}

If you need to make a chart, you can use this generator. Export as a png under save options, crop it, and upload. If there is no chart, leave the File= field blank, and it will show only the table.

Contributors: Dust, Kashewmoo, Zaizen