Match Results

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(This template defines the table "MatchResults". View table.)

This template inputs individual match data into the MatchResults table. (It also displays that match data.) It is good for adding match information to the database for matches that aren't part of a tournament. Do not use this template if the match is part of a team tournament– add that match data on the tournament's page, or use the AddMatch template.

Keep in Mind

  • Team1 and Team 2 should be in alphabetical order. Players1 play for Team1, Players2 for Team 2.
  • Doubles pairs should be Last Name/Last Name with their names in alphabetical order. Singles players also use last name only. If there are two players with the same last name, use their first initial (ex. Oshitari Y.). The only exception for now is for the Echizens- you can use their full name.
  • Winner should be the players' names, not the team name.

If you need to use this template, copy this:

{{Match Results
|Position=D2, D2, S3, etc.
|Team 1=
|Player(s) 1=
|Team 2=
|Player(s) 2=
|Score=# - #
|Chapter=Genius ###-###}}

Display this template with existing Match Results

If you want to display this table, but the match results you want to display are already in the Match Results database, copy this:

{{Single Match Results
|Team 1=
|Team 2=