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Speed Serves are flat serves. They can also be used as smashes.

Users utilize their height to drive an accurate serve with high speed into the opponent's court.

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Sonic Serve: A basic speed serve.

Super Sonic Serve: A faster Sonic Serve. Its maximum speed is 192 km/h.

Waterfall: By adding a jump to the Super Sonic Serve to hit from a greater height, this serve clocks in at 212 km/h.

Magnum: A jump serve for which the user tosses the ball especially far forward.

Scud Serve: A 200 km/h serve. However, its reliability decreases dramatically when hit to the left.

Neo Scud Serve: An improved Scud Serve. Not only is hitting to the left no longer an issue, it can reach speeds as high as 215 km/h.

Invisible Serve: The serve gains speed from the fast swinging motion.

Mach: The ultimate flat serve. It is even faster than the serves of pro players[1] and never misses.

Tachyon: A slightly slower Mach. When used as a smash, it is called Neutrino.

Kohou: To compensate for a lack of height, it utilizes a big jump to increase the point of impact. When used as a smash, it is called Dunk Smash.



  1. As a point of reference, the fastest recorded serve by a real-life pro is 263 km/h.

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