Rokkaku Middle School

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Region Kantou
Prefecture Chiba
Established 1949
Headmaster Tanuma Daigo
Student body Total 626 (♂321 / ♀305)
Tennis Club (Middle School)
Coach Ojii
Captain Aoi Kentarou
Vice-captain Saeki Kojirou
Analyst Kisarazu Ryou
Poison Tester Shudou Satoshi
Counselor Amane Hikaru
Membership 66

Rokkaku Middle School (六角中学校(ろっかくちゅうがっこう), Rokkaku Chuugakkou), is in Chiba Prefecture (千葉県(ちばけん), Chiba-ken), Japan. They are also called the veterans of Chiba, having been a regular Nationals go-er for about 40 years.


Middle School Tennis Club Regulars
1st Years Aoi Kentarou
3rd Years Saeki Kojirou
Itsuki Marehiko
Kisarazu Ryou
Kurobane Harukaze
Shudou Satoshi
2nd Years Amane Hikaru
Coaches Ojii
Former Kisarazu Atsushi



In winter, the boys’ uniform has a standing collar and appears to be a standard black uniform. In the summer,they have a white short-sleeved shirt and thin black trousers.


The girls’ uniform is the traditional sailor fuku, with a yellow ribbon and red accents. The skirt is an accompanying red.

Tennis Club

Their tennis uniform appears to be red and piece dyed. In the manga and anime alike they are shown to have had white shirts underneath their red jersey, although this was later retconned out. The borders on their collar and shoulder sleeves appear to be double lined, self stitched hexagons, made possible by the parents. The logo itself is also stitched on their left front. It's a very popular and admired uniform among the children.


Rokkaku's Basic Principles of Teaching are:

First: To acquire fundamental academic abilities
Second: To learn the importance of cooperation
Third: To develop into resourceful people who can respond to any situation[1]


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