French U-17

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France U17.png
Capital Paris (pop. 11,000,000)
Population 66,990,000
Surface area 544,000km²
Languages French
Currency Euro
National U-17 Team
Captain Leopold Camus de Charpentier

France is in Europe. It is said that they will lead the revolution of the tennis world with love. They are currently ranked 3rd in the tennis world.


Two years prior, France hosted the U-17 World Cup tournament. The team promotes freedom, equality, and love for tennis. The team's strength stems from it's unique players and their passion for tennis.


High School Members
3rd Years Leopold Camus de Charpentier
Tristan Bardot
Edgard Delacroix
2nd Years Timothée Moreau
Middle School Members
3rd Years Osval Delon
2nd Years Jonathan St. Georges
1st Years Prince Ludovic Chardard
Supporter Camus' Racket
Former Duke Watanabe


The elegant design is also fitting for royalty. While it’s sportswear, its design is refined for popular use under the high society.[1]

The “Country of love” ’s name is shining on the chest. With the arrangement of white as foundation to red and blue, the whole body represents the tricolore. The country’s name on the chest is finely arranged over the heart.[1]


  • 00:45 Sleeping
  • 05:00 Revolution’s dawn: All the members look at the daybreak and take a pledge on the aspirations of the revolution. They sacrifice sleeping time for the revolution.
  • 06:00 Body maintenance
  • 07:00 Individual training (Free choice)
  • 11:00 Photosession: It’s a task of the players to communicate with the mass media. Since they have to assemble for journals and magazines, thy also have to arrange the sales of their photobooks.
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 13:00 Beautiful body training: Taking Camus as center, he aims for the ability to take decisions during a match and beauty.
  • 20:00 Dinner and Strategy meeting
  • 23:00 Time to talk about love: It’s ample time for the love essential for victory. In fact, what they’re doing is a mystery.



  • It is permitted to bring your own training materials, including Osval's ninja weapons.[1]


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