Elmer Siegfried

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Elmer Siegfried
Kana エルマー・ジークフリート
Gender Male
Age 14
Birthday December 2 (Sagittarius)
Height 170 cm
Weight 59 kg
Blood Type B
Dominant Arm Right

  • Father
  • Mother
  • Older Sister
School MS 3rd Year

Club Position Regular
U17 Position Representative
Play Style Serve and Volley
Doubles Partner(s) Michael Bismarck
Racket(s) YONEX SUPER RQ Ti 800 PRO
Manga Debut Golden Age #141
Voice Sawashiro ChiharuJP
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Elmer Siegfried (エルマー・ジークフリート) is a 3rd year Middle School student representing German U-17. He is a player with high potential and is known for picking fights with others.

Elmer Siegfried


Siegfried has long, shaggy blonde hair that goes down to just above his shoulders. His bangs are tied back with a red hair-tie. He has blue eyes in the manga and purple eyes in the anime.


He is aggressive with his actions and words; he gets angered and provoked easily. He often seeks to pick fights with people and doesn't need much of a reason to. He is very prideful of himself and his country, and will do anything to protect it. He has a cheeky attitude but still mostly respects his upperclassmen.


  • Hobbies: Shutting opponents down who pick a fight with him
  • Dislikes/Weaknesses: "Gummies shaped like tires"
  • Most Wanted Item/Thing: Girlfriend
  • Skills Beyond Tennis: Woodwork/Carpentry
  • Routine during tournaments: Strolling, Picking fights with Tezuka


  • Food(s): Gummy bears
  • Color(s): Gold
  • Motto(s): Viel Feind, viel Ehr (Many foes, much honor)
  • Book(s): Doesn’t read
  • Type of Person: Anyhow, a cute girl
  • Date Spot: Christmas market


Siegfried plays in a doubles match with Michael Bismarck against Fuji Shuusuke and Duke Watanabe during the first round of the Pre-World Cup Exhibition matches. Before the match, Q.P. tells him to consult with Tezuka Kunimitsu first about the people he will be playing against since Tezuka has experience with them. Siegfried's response to this is to grab at Tezuka's face and let him know that he doesn't trust Tezuka's info since he isn't German and may still be emotionally sided with the Japanese team. At the start of the match, he attempts to provoke Tezuka further by threatening to harm his former teammates, however this causes Siegfried to be too distracted to notice Duke's return, and gets his in the face with a Duke Homerun, hitting him so far back, he flies back into the audience seats. Bismarck tells him to sit in the corner during the match so that Bismarck and play alone against the two. He rejoins the match midway through to hit a shot that Bismarck couldn't reach. During the time he was sitting out, he's already studied and figured out Fuji and Duke's bad habits and hits away from Fuji to prevent his Hollyhock Blizzard, and at an angle that would prevent Duke from hitting a homerun. Duke hits a bunt instead, leaving Bismarck to take over to return the shot, but the match ends in Japan's victory with Fuji's Triple Counter White Dragon. He doesn't shake Fuji's hand after the match, and swears to exact revenge. Later in the series, he is seen achieving Teni Muhou no Kiwami and winning against A. Frankensteiner in a practice match.


Michael Bismarck
Siegfried holds trust in Bismarck's abilities and methods, and listens to him when he's told to sit out for half their doubles match. They often playfully pick on each other.
Tezuka Kunimitsu
Siegfried often picks fights with Tezuka, and sees him as a rival since they're the same age. He takes every opportunity to yell at Tezuka and talks down on him for being the only Asian on the German team.


Play Style

Siegfried's strong point is that he can easily target his opponents weaknesses and bad habits, and can quickly figure out how to expose them to use to his advantage.

Teni Muhou no Kiwami

Teni Muhou is achieved by transcending the desire for victory and fear of defeat and play tennis for its own sake. When in this state, Muga's energy is amplified and explodes without waste in the right place at the right time.


  • Siegfried tasted Tezuka's matcha green tea out of curiosity and surprisingly liked it.[2]

Messages From and To Others

Others about Siegfried

  • "The offender who ate all the Haribo gummies left on the desk was…me. *grins*" - A. Frankensteiner[1]



  • "It’s useless."[1]
  • "Shit! I lost to that Japanese!" [3]


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