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Marui Bunta
Kanji 丸井ブン太
Kana まるい・ぶんた
Gender Male
Age 15
Birthday April 20 (Aries)
Height 164 cm
Weight 62 kgPOT
53 kgNPOT
Blood Type B
Dominant Arm Right
Eyesight (Unaided) 2.0 both eyes
  • Grandmother
  • Father
  • Mother
  • Younger Brother
  • Younger Brother
Nicknames Volley Specialist
Current School Rikkai University Middle School 3rd Year
Class 3-B
Seat 16
Best Subject(s) Japanese, Music
Worst Subject(s) Science, Mathematics
Club Position Regular
Play Style Serve and Volley
Doubles Partner(s)
  • Jackal Kuwahara
  • Niou Masaharu
  • Kite Eishirou
Racket(s) Wilson (TRIAD3 115)
Manga Debut Genius 192
Anime Debut Episode 116
Voice Takahashi Naozumi
Tenimyu Actors

Marui Bunta (丸井(まるい)ブン太) is a 3rd year student at Rikkai. In The New Prince of Tennis, Marui becomes a representative for Team Japan.




Prior to the events of the main story

Kantou Tournament

Watched Akaya get his butt kicked by Ryoma, curbstomped some fodder, didn't play against Fudo, beat Momo and Kaidou


Curbstomped some fodder, fake lost to Nagoya Seitoku, lost to Golden Pair

U-17 Camp

Beat Jackal, helped Chouchou get his mojo back (anime only), played doubles with Kite

World Cup

Made a joke about Sengoku's luck

Anime only arcs

We talking bout anime take on Regionals here



Marui is a Serve and Volley specialist who is capable of miraculous net play. A self-proclaimed genius, Marui targets his opponent's weaknesses without hesitation and leaves his opponents in awe of his capabilities at the net. His high technical ability allows him to be a near perfect offensive player.


Techuu Ate

Jikansa Jigoku

Wonder Castle


Marui Stats.png
Speed 4
Power 2
Stamina 3
Mental 3
Technique 5

Speed - 4: While his normal style doesn't require him to use his full speed, during critical moments he can go all-out.

Power - 2: Despite his aggressive style, he relies on technique rather than power.

Stamina - 3: He doesn't like drawn-out matches and hates getting tired. However, as a Rikkai regular he has a decent amount of stamina.

Mental - 3: Being one of the genius level players, he does not abandon his position. This must be because of his unwavering mental strength even in a pinch.

Technique - 5: His volleys are definitely genius-like. Reaching that level is impossible without natural talent.

Kurobe's Memo:

He is capable of plays a normal person cannot even imagine. Furthermore, he is able to put the team ahead of his own desires and stay committed to his role in doubles. However, I recommend that he stops eating so much candy, so that he doesn't get out of shape.[1]

Match History

Newcomers Tournament Akutagawa vs. Marui L - W
Kantou Tournament Wakabayashi/Yokoyama vs. Jackal/Marui 0 - 6
Kantou Tournament Uchimura vs. Marui not played
Kantou Tournament Jackal/Marui vs. Kaidou/Momoshiro 6 - 1
National Tournament Sakakibara/Suzuki vs. Marui/Niou 0 - 6
National Tournament Uyama vs. Marui not played
National Tournament M. Carothers/Moulin vs. Jackal/Marui 6 - 1
National Tournament Jackal/Marui vs. Kikumaru/Ooishi 5 - 7
U-17 Pair Matches Jackal vs. Marui 8 - 10

Personal Information

  • Hobby: Going to hotel buffets
  • Father's occupation: Company employee (manufacturing company)
  • Spends allowance on: Mainly on sweets
  • Motto: Straddle the black, white horse. Back up by going forward, forward
  • Best subject: Japanese, Music
  • Worst subject: Science, Mathematics
  • Most visited spot in school: Home Economics Room
  • Favorite color: Red
  • Favorite food: "I like everything!"
  • Favorite movie: Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Favorite book: Manga, currently trending novels
  • Favorite music: Orange Range (a J-Rock band)
  • Favorite type: Person who gives me things (mostly food)
  • Favorite Date spot: Amusement Park
  • Most wanted item now: Cotton Candy machine
  • Daily routine: Playing with younger brothers
  • Dislikes: Physical labour
  • Special skill aside tennis: Baking cakes, bowling [2]

Daily School Life

  • 5:50AM - Rises from bed, makes a bento
  • 6:30AM - Wakes up his little brothers and has breakfast together with them
  • 7:00AM - Goes to school, eats sweets after morning practice
  • 8:30AM - 1st Period: Social Studies - Economics
  • 9:30AM - 2nd Period: Classical Literature (forgets his dictionary and borrows from Yanagi)
  • 10:20AM - Eats the donuts (seasonal strawberry chocolate) he bought during break time
  • 10:40AM - 3rd Period: Cooking Practice - Cookies
  • 11:40AM - 4th Period: Physical Education - Basketball with Class A
  • 12:30PM - Lunch Break: Has his bento, some purchased bread, and pudding in the classroom
  • 12:50PM - Does light [tennis] strokes with the first-year students as exercise to help with digestion
  • 1:30PM - 5th Period: English
  • 2:30PM - 6th Period: Science Experiment
  • 3:30PM - Secretly goes to a cheap sweets shop with Jackal
  • 3:50PM - Club Activities: Net play practice
  • 6:00PM - Drops by a cake shop along the way
  • 7:00PM - Returns home after visiting a convenience store, dinner
  • 7:30PM - Plays pro wrestling with his little brothers
  • 8:30PM - After bathing, reads the manga he borrowed from Kirihara
  • 11:00PM - Goes to bed[3]

Tennis Bag Contents

Another item 
Another definition


Kuwahara Jackal
Kite Eishirou
Akutagawa Jirou


  • Marui was once accepted into a pastry school in Belgium.
  • Although he didn't win his match against the 1st Stringers, Marui was given the No. 8 badge.
  • Marui once dreamt that he was on a cloud of cotton candy. One of his younger brothers woke him up because he could eat it.
  • Marui likes to borrow random fighting manga from Akaya.
  • As part of an alternative learning experience, Marui temporarily joined the circus. This is where he developed Tsunawatari.

Words for the Two

Others about Marui [4]
  • "I also aim for cord balls, so I want to become a volleyer like Marui-san and Akutagawa-san and be popular!" - Aoi Kentarou
  • "Do you think you can survive with just volleys? The path ahead isn't that easy." - Akutsu Jin
  • "Akutagawa-san and Marui-san are both volleyers who hit charming volleys..... pfft." - Amane Hikaru
  • "Akutagawa-han and Marui-han both live for the moment. Perhaps this is also the way humans should be." - Ishida Gin
  • "The flexibility of Akutagawa's wrists and Marui's finesse are both illogical. I suppose that's what you call the gift of nature. " - Inui Sadaharu
  • "Occasionally, I can smell the sweet odour of candy coming from someone's bag. I wonder whose it is... " - Ibu Shinji
  • "For middle schoolers, the two of them are quite something. But that's still not enough, you need to develop more synthesis." - Irie Kanata
  • "Marui-kun and Jackal-kun are the ideal doubles combination. That kind of pair is very formidable." - Ooishi Shuichurou
  • "Both Marui-san and Jackal-san are very strong doubles players, aren't they? I want to play against them someday!" - Ootori Choutarou
  • "Watching them play so cheerfully, it just makes me remember my days as a kid." - Oni Juujirou
  • "That 'tightrope-walking' and 'iron-pole strike' are troublesome indeed. But next time, I will push through with my perfected 'Snake!'" - Kaidou Kaoru
  • "We won that match, but to think that it was all a trick.... Japanese people are good at acting!" - Michael Carothers
  • "Marui-kun and Akutagawa-kun are both full of confidence, it's enviable! I will have confidence in my power and do my best too!" - Kawamura Takashi
  • "The National finals match was crazy nya~ If we weren't in "synchro", it would have been tough!." - Kikumaru Eiji
  • "The both of them hit volleys like magic, don't they. Niou-san said the two of them were magicians." - Liladent Krauser
  • "For what they lack in height, they make up for it in the technique area. There are many challenges, but I anticipate their growth." - Kurobe Yukio
  • "Marui-kun is kind of my type, being handsome as he is ♥ That strong look, brimming with confidence, is hot~!" [[Konjiki [Koharu]]
  • "Marui!! How could you have brought confectionery into the training camp! Tarundoru! Bring your bag to me!" - Sanada Genichirou
  • "Marui-senpai is awesome, and he often watches over my training. I admire him very much de yansu~! - Urayama Shiita
  • "Stop it with the "It will be returned cleanly... by Shishido, that is!" at least when you pair up with me in doubles!" - Shishido Ryou
  • "Saying a word to you now after all this time is kind of embarrassing. Well, thank you for everything, Partner. Please watch over me from here on too!" Kuwahara Jackal
  • " Last year, the "RIKKAI Special" I ate at the Rikkai School Festival was delicious~ Were you the one who made it?" - Sengoku Kiyosumi
  • "I heard that baking cakes is Marui's hobby. I also like cooking. Next time, shall we cook together?" - Tachibana Kippei
  • "I automatically used "tightrope-walking" in a match once. I must thank you next time." - Chitose Senri
  • "Ah, you were here? You're so short, I couldn't see you properly. It will be good if you grew taller during this training camp!" Chinen Hiroshi
  • "It is true you two have talent. But if you're content with that, then there is little to no growth for you from here on." Tsuge Ryuuji
  • "You cannot be an athlete with just talent. The present them are most likely the results of the build-up of their efforts." - Tezuka Kunimitsu
  • "We are in the same club and the same class, aren't we. Perhaps, we may even be together until high school and university~" - Niou Masaharu
  • "I want to test whether or not that finesse will appear when up against my Habu!" - Hirakoba Rin
  • "I'm in the same room as Jirou and Marui. But when they start their volley talks, you just can't stop them, even until late into the night!" - [[Mukahi Gakuto
  • "Is it true that Marui-san is good at pigging out!? I can't lose either, I just can't!" - Momoshiro Takeshi
  • "Marui-kun's play is magnificent. However, you shouldn't chew gum on the courts." - Yagyuu Hiroshi
  • "I believe he has a 5-year-old and an 8-year-old younger brother. Marui helps out even during club activities because he takes good care of people." - Yanagi Renji
  • " During my stay in the hospital, I was saved considerably through Bunta and Akaya's cheerfulness. I extend my gratitude once more, thank you." - Yukimura Seiichi
  • "Come to think of it, I have yet to have a match with Marui-san or Jirou-san, right. Shall we play? In singles." - Echizen Ryoma
Marui about Others
  • About Sanada Genichirou: "TEven though he's part of the discipline committee, it's still too much to take away my candy that I bought on the way home!"
  • About Niou Masaharu: "My finger got stuck in Niou's trick gum countless times! Geez. This is why I hate tricksters."
  • About Kirihara Akaya: "Heeey, Akaya. I totally saw that you snuck in candy with you! Let me have some too."
  • About Yukimura: "Hey, let's pair up in doubles this time, Yukimura-kun! It'll be the birth of an invincible, genius and exquisite combination~!"
  • About Oshitari Yuushi: "Ah~ ah, you can't get so worked up during a match! Your tensai points will drop like that!"
  • About Shiraishi Kuranosuke and Tezuka Kunimitsu: "Both of you aren't going to eat desert after your meals? If you blink, I'll snatch it away!"



  • "How's that for a genius?"
  • "It will be done... by Jackal!"


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