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Hadoukyuu (波動球(はどうきゅう)) is an offensive forehand shot with no spin.

The basic version utilizes 120% of the user's power[1]. However, it puts a great burden on the user's arm when hit consecutively.


Two-handed: By using both arms to hit, the burden on the arm decreases, but the resulting shot is not as strong.

Dash: By putting the weight of the user's body into the ball while hitting it, both the shot's power and the burden on the user's arm and body increase.

108 Styles: The higher the number, the more powerful the shot. The 1st style's power is comparable to that of the Dash version. Unlike the Dash version, the user's arm bears the entire burden of the move.

108 Reverse Styles: This variant utilizes a pulling motion instead of a pushing motion. Its exact effects are currently unknown.

Final: The ball is hit with the frame of the racket, adding a spin to the ball. Thus it defies the standard definition of Hadoukyuu as a flat shot.



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