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Yamato Yuudai
Kanji 大和祐大
Kana やまとゆうだい
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Gender Male
Age 17
Height 182 cm
Weight 68 kg, 67 kg[1]
Birthday November 4
Horoscope Scorpio
Eyesight (Unaided) 0.25 (both eyes)
Blood Type O
  • Grandmother
  • Father
  • Mother
  • Older Sister
Current School Unknown (2nd Year)
Former School(s) Seigaku
Club Position Former Captain (Junior High)
Dominant Arm Right
Play Style Counter puncher
Shoes Mizuno Wave Exceed AC7
Racket(s) Head Metallix 2
Manga Debut Genius #
Anime Debut Episode #
Seiyuu Ikeda Masanori

Yamato Yuudai (大和祐大(やまとゆうだい)) is a 2nd year high school student and the former captain of Seigaku's tennis club.


Yamato as seen in flashbacks had straight, black hair. He always wore a white sweatband on his head and a pair of dark, round sunglasses. In New Prince of Tennis, it is revealed that he has undergone an incredible transformation. His hair is now dyed blonde, grown long, and permed. He has a "v" shaped scar on his cheek and a large surgical scar on his right arm. When asked about his new look, he said he did it to be hot.[1]


Yamato is calm, wise beyond his years, and soft-spoken. He is a natural leader looking to develop the future players of Seigaku. He has previously been self-sacrificing with his body, not allowing his body to fully heal before pushing himself on the court, and paid for it with surgeries and physical therapy. He has come to realize that tennis should be played for one's own benefit and betterment rather than destroying one's self for the team.

He is strict with the other members of the team. When Tezuka Kunimitsu was attacked by an upperclassman, Yamato punished all members of the tennis club equally, including Tezuka, to impart upon the team that they are in it together.


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Play Style

Yamato controls the pace of the match so that he can progress the match to his advantage. This allows him to compensate for his physical disadvantages. His skill earned him a spot on the third court despite his below-average stats.

Fanbook X0.5 Information[3]

Yamato Yuudai 10.5 Stats.jpg

Speed - 2: His reaction time and explosive powers are somewhat on the lower end, but he makes up for it by outsmarting his opponent and using his superior battle tactics to assist his low speed.

Power - 2: Due to previous injury, his power is weak. He will need to go through more strength conditioning to prevent his old injury from flaring up.

Stamina - 2: He isn't fit for long periods of play. However, to prevent himself from tiring, he works to waste his opponent's stamina by becoming 'bratty' and hastening the progress of the match to his own favor.

Mental - 2: He possesses a wide field of vision. However, his weakness is that he looks at his own power too objectively. When he has to face an opponent of higher rank, his tenacity wanes during the bout.

Technique - 2: He hits a special shot where just before he strikes the ball, he changes its trajectory. It has a high degree of difficulty.

Kurobe's Memo: After the 5th Court Shuffle Match, It seemed like Yamato was going to retire. Even though his calm, discerning insight showed him that his body was nearing his limit, due to the forethought shown to his juniors and the fact that he seems like a coach already even though he's only a high schooler, he was recommended to attend the camp Leadership Program.

Genu Yume Utsutsu

Yamato changes the trajectory of the shot just before striking the ball. The opponent, naturally predicting the course of the ball, will swing at the "phantom ball."

Personal Information

  • Favorite Food: Warabimochi
  • Favorite Color: Dark green
  • Favorite Motto: "The country is destroyed; yet mountains and rivers remain." (Derived from a poem "Spring View" written by a Chinese poet Du Fu.)
  • Favorite Date Spot: Going to a riverbank and bringing a bento to share.
  • School Committee: Health commmittee
  • Hobbies: Senryuu (poetry similar to haiku, often cynical or darkly humerous in tone), hiking
  • Dislikes: Sitting in seiza
  • Most Wanted Item: Calligraphy pen.


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  • Yagyuu Hiroshi and Mizuki Hajime infer that Yamato lives alone since he folds laundry well, spoke about eating instant ramen, and carries keys. [4]
  • He claims his drastic image change was so he would look hot.[1] Previously, it was stated that only the Seigaku Regulars knew the reason why.[5]
  • The racquet he uses is extremely light and has an oversized head which would normally be used by senior players. The racquet generates most of the power from the stroke due to the size of the racquet head, so it probably is meant to help him make up for his low stats and returning from an injury.
  • He ranked 14th for the character that readers would most like to see in a kimono. [4]
  • He wears Menicon contacts.[5]

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  • "Nn~ Yamato Yuudai ... it appears that he's good at folding up his laundry beautifully. Oh? He's carrying quite a few keys but..." - Mizuki Hajime
  • "I was also thinking about it when he was talking about instant ramen just then ... ha! He lives alone, there's no mistake about it!" - Yagyuu Hiroshi

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