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Shishido Ryou
Kanji 宍戸亮
Kana ししどりょう
Gender Male
Age 14POT
Birthday September 29 (Libra)
Height 172 cmPOT
173 cmNPOT
Weight 60kg[1]
Blood Type B
Dominant Arm Right
Eyesight (Unaided) 1.2, both eyes
Shoe Size 26 cm
  • Grandmother
  • Father
  • Mother
  • Older Brother
  • Cheese (dog)[2]
Current School Hyoutei Academy Middle School 3rd Year
Class 3-C
Seat 16[3]
Committee Off-campus Activities Committee
Best Subject(s) Geography, History
Worst Subject(s) Geometry, English Conversation
Club Position Regular
Play Style Counter Puncher[4]
Doubles Partner(s)
Shoes YONEX Power cushion 199(SHT-199)
Racket(s) YONEX SRQ Titan 800 Pro
Anime Debut Episode 28
Voice Toshiyuki Kusuda
Tenimyu Actors
  • Kamakari Kenta (1st A)
  • Murai Ryouta (1st B)
  • Kuwano Kousuke (2nd)
  • Kobayakawa Shunsuke (3rd)

Shishido Ryou (宍戸亮(ししどりょう)) is a 3rd year student at Hyoutei Academy Middle School. He was kicked off the regulars after a devastating defeat by Tachibana Kippei, humbling him. It motivated him to claw his way back with sheer will, sweat, blood, and a sacrificial haircut. He returned to become half of the undefeated Hyoutei Doubles 1 pair with Ootori Choutarou. Shishido attended Hyoutei Academy Elementary School with teammates Akutagawa Jirou and Mukahi Gakuto. The three have been friends since childhood.


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Daily School Life

  • 5:00: Rises from bed, does jogging while walking his pet dog
  • 5:45: After jumping rope 1000 times, light shower
  • 6:30: Goes to school, has a CalorieMate (cheese flavored) after coaching the underclassmen during morning drills
  • 9:00~: 1st Period: Mathematics I - Algebra (dozes off)
  • 10:00~: 2nd Period: Social Studies II - History (ups the strength of his grip with a power ball)
  • 10:50~: Recess: Plays cards with his classmates
  • 11:00~: 3rd Period: Personal Computer
  • 12:00~: 4th Period: Technology III - Medical Care
  • 12:50~: Lunch Break: After eating the cheese sandwich he bought, hits tennis balls against the wall
  • 13:20~: 5th Period: Japanese I (is called on by homeroom teacher Kobayashi to recite a poem)
  • 14:20~: 6th Period: Physical Education - Rugby
  • 15:20~: Drags Jirou, who's dozing, to attend the off-campus activities committee meeting
  • 16:00~: Club Activities: Looks over Hiyoshi's form
  • 18:30: Treats Ootori to ice cream at a convenience store, stands and reads magazines
  • 19:00~: Free training at a street tennis place in the neighborhood
  • 20:30 Returns home, shower, dinner
  • 21:00~: Laundry (9 T-shirts and a towel), enjoys TV
  • 22:00~: During his roadwork, meets with Ootori for secret special training
  • 0:00: Returns home, bathes, goes to bed

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Shishido Stats.png
Speed 4
Power 3
Stamina 3
Mental 4
Technique 3

Match History

Tokyo Tournament Tsuji vs. Shishido 0 - 6
Tokyo Tournament Shishido vs. Kayama 6 - 0
Tokyo Tournament Tachibana vs. Shishido 0 - 6
Kantou Tournament Ootori/Shishido vs. Inui/Kaidou 6 - 3
National Tournament Ootori/Shishido vs. Ebino/Noto 6 - 0
National Tournament Akutagawa/Shishido vs. Nakamura/Oonita 6 - 1
National Tournament Ootori/Shishido vs. Kikumaru/Ooishi 7 - 6 (9-7)
U-17 Pair Matches Ootori vs. Shishido 9 - 7


  • Shishido changes 8 shirts a day.
  • He has saved three lives.


  • "Super lame!" ("Gekidasa daze!")
  • "You guys are super lame."
  • "Because men are fighting animals, the only suitable colour is an aggressive and hot-blooded red." (on people who like red)[6]

Others about Shishido

  • "He seems to be the most energetic when he is working out in the morning ~ I really cannot imitate his act of waking up early just to walk his dog. But I heard that he is actually unable to wake up in the mornings and therefore needs two alarm clocks ~" - Akutagawa Jirou[3]
  • "We don’t need losers who look like scrubs. But that guy is different. That’s why I supported him." - Atobe Keigo[4]
  • "After you had a haircut, your image has changed greatly! I wonder if I should try to change my appearance too... Kusukusu." - Kisarazu Ryou[3]
  • "He gets all of his spending money through doing chores around the house. He told me that if he washes the dishes he gets 50 yen; if he takes out the garbage he gets 100 yen. And then, he spends all the money he earns on spoiling his kouhai. He’s a really good guy." - Mukahi Gakuto[7]
  • "Shishido changing to Doubles’ play is really quite surprising, but I think it really suits him! At this rate, I can’t lose to him either!" - Ooishi Shuuichirou[3]
  • "When I saw the blood welling up during our special training, I knew I would never respect someone as much as Shishido-san." - Ootori Choutarou[4]
  • "I heard that after our match, your Rising Counter has become even better than before! May we be able to have another match!" - Tachibana Kippei[3]

Shishido about others

  • About Akutagawa Jirou: "Jirou is surprisingly good with kids. When his sister was little, he used to give her piggyback rides and take her to go play at the park. He always seems sleepy, but strangely enough the kids seem to just love him." [1]



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