Kabaji Munehiro

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Kabaji Munehiro
Kanji 樺地崇弘
Kana かばじむねひろ
Gender Male
Age 13
Birthday January 3 (Capricorn)
Height 190 cmPOT
191 cmNPOT
Weight 85 kgPOT
87 kgNPOT
Blood Type O[1]
Dominant Arm Right


  • Grandmother
  • Father
  • Mother
  • Younger sister
Nicknames Copy Genius
Current School Hyoutei Academy Middle School 2nd Year

Committee Student Council
Best Subject(s) Art, Home Economics, Phyisics

Club Position Assistant Treasurer
Play Style None (Depends on match)
Doubles Partner(s)
Shoes HEAD C.Tech 1000
Racket(s) VölKL QUANTAM. 10 TOUR [2]
Manga Debut Genius #
Anime Debut Episode #22
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Kabaji Munehiro (樺地崇弘(かばじむねひろ)) is a 2nd year student at Hyoutei Academy Middle School. He is heavily associated with Atobe Keigo, serving as his right hand man. Despite being the second youngest of the regulars, Kabaji is the largest and most powerful Hyoutei player.


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Personal Information


  • Hobbies: Constructing bottle ships, making dollhouses
  • Dislikes/Weaknesses:
  • Spends His Allowance On:
  • Most Wanted Item/Thing:
  • Skills Beyond Tennis: Ironing, Patchwork, Filing
  • Father's Occupation: Government employee
  • Random Fact:
  • Special Skill: Perfect Copy


  • Food(s): Pizza, Gyudon, Yakiniku[1]
  • Color(s): Primary Colors[2]
  • Motto(s):
  • Movie(s):
  • Book(s):
  • Music:
  • Type of Person: Someone who takes the lead
  • Date Spot:
  • Most Visited Spot on Campus:

Tennis Bag Contents

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Atobe Keigo
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Niou Masaharu
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Kabaji copying Tezuka Zone.

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Routine During Tournaments


Kabaji Stats.png
Speed 1
Power 5
Stamina 3
Mental 4
Technique 3

Match History

Tokyo Tournament Kurihara/Watanabe vs. Kabaji/Kaida 0 - 6
Tokyo Tournament Kabaji vs. Koyanagi not played
Tokyo Tournament Mori T. vs. Kabaji not played
Tokyo Tournament Kabaji/Kaida vs. Kisarazu A./Yanagisawa 6 - 4
Kantou Tournament Kabaji vs. Kawamura T. 2 - 2 no game
National Tournament Kabaji vs. Miura 6 - 0
National Tournament Kabaji/Ootori vs. Shigaki/Tanaka 6 - 2
National Tournament Kabaji vs. Tezuka 6 - 7
U-17 Pair Matches Akutagawa vs. Kabaji 11 - 9


  • Miscellaneous trivia
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  • “Thank you…for the votes….I shall express….my thanks…with tennis. Please…look forward…to the Hyoutei of…next year…usu.” [1]
  • “The winner will be Hyoutei…”[2]

Others about Kabaji

  • "This time he build a dollhouse for Usainu. Zaizen uploaded it to SNS and it became a topic, which made him embarrassed. It’s currently decorating Atobe-san’s house." - Hiyoshi Wakashi [1]
  • "That guy’s skills really surprised me. Keep using that power for ore-sama’s sake, Kabaji." - Atobe Keigo
  • "Hm…? Ah, Kabaji? Thanks for always waking me…ZZZZZZ." - Akutagawa Jirou

Kabaji about others

  • About Niou Masaharu: "I was carrying…Akutagawa-san…and he changed into…Niou-san…I dropped him."[1]
  • About Atobe Keigo being surrounded by a large crowd: "…usu. I’ll wait…for a bit…with food. Being so busy…must be…troublesome."[1]




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