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Yips is not a special move in the strictest sense, but a condition.

In its most basic form, Yips is a condition triggered by extreme anxiety that causes affected players to freeze up.[1] Some players are able to evoke a similar feeling in their opponent with just their presence and strength. This includes Yukimura[2], Tokugawa[3], and Volk[4]. However, when certain conditions are met, effects can be more severe than merely freezing up, causing opponents to lose any or all of their five senses.

To plunge an opponent into darkness[5], users must make the opponent aware of certain unwanted or painful experiences linked to one of the opponent's five senses. The following list provides examples, but is not necessarily conclusive:

  • Touch: Loss of the sense of touch is most closely related to the classical form of Yips. It can be triggered in an opponent by continuously returning shots without trouble[6] or when forcing them to attempt to hit a more risky shot after a long rally of low-risk shots[7].
  • Sight: Loss of the sense of sight can occur in the same way players can lose their sense of touch. The difference is nuanced in that the latter is caused by being unable to break through the opponent's defense whereas the former relates to the ball continuously being returned without error. Alternatively, experiencing uncomfortable blindness voluntarily can also lead to an eventual loss of sight[8].
  • Hearing: Loss of the sense of hearing can be triggered by providing the opponent with information they do not want to hear.[6][2]

It is possible to make the opponent lose their sense of taste if they feel strongly about not wanting to experience a certain taste[9], however, in how far this is applicable during an actual match remains unclear. Furthermore, so far, no player has lost their sense of smell through any specific triggers. As such, when a player is referred to as having lost their five senses, they may really have only lost their senses of touch, sight, and hearing, with the other two senses generally not being used during a match.[10][5]

Experiencing a loss of all five senses may result in players quitting tennis.[10][5] Overcoming Yips, both on the spot and at a later time, is extremely difficult and requires a strong heart.[11] Players must exhibit the mental fortitude to impose any strong personal values they may have on the situation and override the anxiety[10][12] or continue to practice and expose themselves to the anxiety inducing activity until they register it as inherently painless[1][13][14].

An advanced version of Yips goes beyond stripping the opponent of their five senses and affects their Dreams. These dreams replace reality and make it seem as if developments favor the opponent, causing them to drop their guard completely[15][16] and leaving them unable to fight back on their own[17].



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