Urayama Shiita

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Urayama Shiita
Kanji 浦山しい太
Kana うらやましいた
Gender Male
Age 13
Birthday July 3 (Cancer)
Height 147 cmPOT
148 cmNPOT
Weight 43 kgPOT
45 kgNPOT
Blood Type AB
Dominant Arm Right

  • Grandmother
  • Father
  • Mother
  • Older Sister
Current School Rikkaidai 1st Year

Committee Health Committee

Club Position Member
Play Style Counter Puncher
Shoes asics
Racket(s) FISCHER
Manga Debut Genius 373
Anime Debut The New Prince of Tennis Episode 2
Voice Takase Asaki

Urayama Shiita (浦山しい太(うらやましいた)) is a 1st year student at Rikkaidai.

Urayama Shiita


Urayama has short, orange hair that swirls on the top, resembling soft serve ice cream. He has large, round, light brown eyes and two pink circles on his cheeks.



  • Hobbies: Soft serve ice cream eating competitions
  • Dislikes/Weaknesses: Akaya
  • Most Wanted Item/Thing: An all-you-can-eat ticket for soft serve ice cream
  • Skills Beyond Tennis: Binge eating


  • Food(s): Soft serve ice cream (chocolate, coffee, chestnut)
  • Color(s): Chocolate color
  • Book(s): A magazine on sweets to eat in Harajuku
  • Type of Person: A beautiful person from a historical drama


When Kirihara falls asleep on the bus and ends up at Seigaku, Rikkai is short one player for their practice match against Kakinoki, so Yanagi Renji gets the idea to disguise Urayama as Kirihara by using seaweed as a wig. The disguise works, and Urayama loses (1-6) against Kuki Kiichi, which is impressive for Urayama since he is just a 1st year non-regular, and Kuki gave his best effort since he thought his opponent was Kirihara.[1]


Anime specific events

In The New Prince of Tennis, he works at the camp to do general tasks like laundry and setting up supplies along with Horio Satoshi and Dan Taichi.


Play Style

Other Special Moves


  • His birthday is on National Soft Serve Ice Cream Day.
  • His name is a pun for "I'm jealous."
  • He ends his sentences in "de yansu"

Messages From and To Others

Others about Urayama

  • "If we're talking about potential, then it's Urayama. The reason is because he has undergone Rikkai's training." - Yanagi Renji[2]

Urayama about others

  • About Kirihara Akaya: "Akaya-senpai is sometimes very scary, but he's super cool in a match~"[3]
  • About Marui Bunta: "Marui-senpai is awesome, and he often watches over my training. I admire him very much, de yansu~!"[4]
  • About Sanada Genichirou: "Sanada-fukubuchou's voice is loud and scary, but he's very dependable, de yansu~!"[5]
  • About Oshitari Yuushi and Oshitari Kenya: "Both of you are tall and good at tennis and have parents who are doctors. I'm envious, de yansu~"[6]
  • About Niou Masaharu: "I've rarely seen Niou-senpai practice, but he's so strong. I'm envious, de yansu~."[7]
  • About Yukimura Seiichi: "Yukimura-buchou praised me, saying, 'You have a talent for picking up balls,' de yansu~!"[8]





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