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This page features Nationals participants from the Toukai region.

Nagoya Seitoku

Nagoya Seitoku.png
Nagoya Seitoku

(Prefecture: Aichi)

After a recent decline, the prestigious[1] Nagoya Seitoku made several changes this year to aim for the national championship with renewed strength. Besides installing a new coach, they also brought in several exchange students from other countries.[2] However, success did not come straight away. While they qualified for the big stage, before even reaching the national level, Nagoya was unable to overcome Murigaoka at the Toukai regional tournament.[3]

At the nationals, the team started their run by dominating Yamabuki and fellow seed Kuroshio, using their original members with captain Hayashi at the center. For the semifinals against Rikkai, the exchange students Nagoya had preserved until then were brought in. Despite winning the two opening matches and making it all the way to match point in S2, the foreigners were unable to recover from Liliadent Krauser's turnaround loss and the subsequent realization that the opponents they had looked down upon tricked them. As a result, they only won a single game in the remaining two matches.[2]

Except for Krauser, the exchange students returned to their home countries shortly after the end of the nationals.[4]

Members (40 Total)
3rd Years Hayashi Shinya Captain
Nanahara Shou Vice-captain
Shionoya Naoki Treasurer
Minesaki Jan Interpreter
Members Hiei
Foreigners Liliadent Krauser
Michael Carothers
Sergei Mihajlovic Mikhailov
David Rivera
Lucas Siebold
Coach Miyasato Kanako



(Prefecture: Aichi)

Members (45 Total)
3rd Years Ushida Tetsuo Captain
Miyase Tomonori Vice-captain
Kakei Toshihiko Treasurer
2nd Years Iida Ryou Data collector
Members Hibino
Coach Satou Hideki

Shimizu Joushuuin

(Prefecture: Shizuoka)

Members (40 Total)
3rd Years Mochizuki Tamotsu Captain
Wakuta Makoto Vice-captain
Oda Hisashi In charge
2nd Years Manaka Kyouichi Treasurer
Members Asahina
Coach Shindou Hirotaka


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