Toono Atsukyou

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Toono Atsukyo
Kanji 遠野篤京
Kana とおのあつきょう
Gender Male
Age 18
Birthday April 27 (Taurus)
Height 184 cm
Weight 70 kg
Blood Type AB
Dominant Arm Right
Eyesight (Unaided) 1.4 both eyes
  • Grandmother
  • Father
  • Mother
Nicknames Executioner of the Court
Committee None
Best Subject(s) Medieval history

Club Position Medical team
Play Style Aggressive baseliner
Doubles Partner(s)
Racket(s) PROKENNEX Q30
Manga Debut Golden Age 53
Anime Debut The New Prince of Tennis OVA vs Genius10 Episode 4
Voice Katayama Yusuke

Toono Atsukyou (遠野篤京(とおのあつきょう)) is a 3rd year student representing Japanese U-17. He is an execution enthusiast and incorporates it into his tennis play. He's brash, loud, and doesn't hesitate to spout threatening and violent words to others.


Toono has long, sleek purple hair and purple eyes. He wears a thin elastic around his head.


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Personal Information[1][2]


  • Hobbies: Touring museums, Appreciating the Black paintings
  • Dislikes/Weaknesses: School infirmary
  • Spends His Allowance On:
  • Most Wanted Item/Thing: Phalaris’ bull
  • Skills Beyond Tennis: Fashion (Coordinator)
  • Father's Occupation:
  • Place He'd Like to Travel: Place de La Concorde
  • Gift He'd Give Someone Dear: What about I sacrifice my heart?
  • Routine During Tournaments: Rehabilitation
  • Random Fact:


  • Food(s): Apple Pie, Liver (Fresh and dripping with blood)
  • Color(s): Purplish red
  • Motto(s): I have not come to call the righteous, but the sinners (Marc 2:17)
  • Movie(s):
  • Book(s): Encyclopedia of execution methods
  • Music:
  • Type of Person: Girl with a nice complexion, A woman that looks good in blood red
  • Date Spot: Suzugamori and Kozukappara
  • Most Visited Spot on Campus:

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Execution methods

His 13 execution methods is a kind of tennis used to torment the opponent. After he hits the target, he awaits their execution. 13: Guillotine 12: Electric chair 11: Iron maiden 10: St. Andrew’s cross 9: Diamelismos 8: Wickerman 7: The brass bull of Phalaris 6: Cement shoes 5: Colombian necktie 4: Pear of Anguish 3: Buried alive 2: Shooting 1: Seppuku


Speed 5
Power 5
Stamina 4
Mental 4
Technique 7

Kurobe's Memo:

"The opponents he faces often do not get away unscathed. Even his voice is contrary to sportsman like conduct. However, I do not know any man who has shown more tenacity and pride in his own tennis up till now."[3]

Speed:: Even though he carries an old injury on his left knee, his leg strength is nothing to laugh at. For the sake of his career as an athlete, he needs quick and early treatment.

Power: For the purpose of improving the accuracy of his "executions", he has trained his upper body. Though his lower half needs attention.

Stamina: When he gets too stirred up, he increasingly begins to make wasted movements and deplete his own endurance. Though he hates running, Coach Tsuge had been trying to persuade him to train more in that area.

Mental: As he gets more into his "Tennis High", he becomes more and more ferocious and is likely to incur a foul from the referee.

Technique: He excels in applying his creativity and skill to modelling techniques after historical execution methods.

Match History


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  • "I’ll execute all of you"[1]
  • "Ahn? It seems there are people who voted for me. Hyahyahya! I’ll think of a special execution for you. Look forward to it!"[2]
  • "Yippie Ki-yay!"

Others about Toono

  • "He devised a new execution method on an experimental stand…no, he’s searching for a training partner. I declined, but you…what about it?" - Kimijima Ikuto
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  • "Quote goes here" - Character

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