Takei Toshio

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Takei Toshio
Kanji 武井利夫
Kana たけい としお
Gender Male
Age 18
Height 185 cm
Weight 70 kg
Birthday May 15
Horoscope Taurus
Eyesight (Unaided) 0.8 (both eyes)
Blood Type A
  • Father
  • Mother
  • Younger Sister
  • Dog
Current School Unknown (3rd Year)
Dominant Arm Right
Play Style Aggressive Baseliner
Shoes Yonex (Power Cushion 25 Men)
Racket Yonex (RDis200)
Manga Debut Golden age 47

Takei Toshio (武井利夫(たけいとしお)) is a 3rd year student in high school. He is part of the 2nd string of Japan's U-17.


Takei has wavy, purple hair and a thin mustache.


He is a dandy guy who spouts out dandy lines constantly.[1]


Team Shuffle

After 3rd court and 5th court were at two wins each and one tie after five matches, Takei represented 3rd court in the tiebreaker match. He lost to Oni without winning a single game.

Return of the 1st String

Takei was the final high schooler to be included as a representative for the 2nd string. However, before he could challenge any of the 1st string members, he was taken out.

Play Style

Befitting of his views on romance, he has explosive power, but not much stamina. He has trouble concentrating. He needs to work on keeping his tension up for the whole game.[1]

Personal Information[2]

  • School Committee: None
  • Hobbies: Gaming (Waku Waku Survival, Alien Hunter[3])
  • Dislikes: Sugary things
  • Most Wanted Item: Time to game
  • Skills Outside of Tennis: Gaming
  • Favorite Food: Chikuwabu[4]
  • Favorite Color: Gray and other neutral colors
  • Favorite Type: "I'm already feeling a bit bored with love."



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