Taira Yoshiyuki

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Taira Yoshiyuki
Kanji 平 善之
Kana たいらよしゆき
  • Hirazen
Gender Male
Age 17
Height 185cm
Weight 76kg
Birthday July 20
Horoscope Cancer
Eyesight (Unaided) 1.2
Blood Type B
  • Grandfather
  • Father
  • Mother
  • Younger Brother
Current School Unknown (2nd)
Former School(s) Shitenhouji
Dominant Arm Left
Play Style Aggressive Baseliner
Doubles Partner(s)
Shoes Mizuno (Wave Sensation EX)
Racket(s) Dunlop (Aerogel 4D 200)
Manga Debut Golden Age 54
Anime Debut Episode ?
Seiyuu Hirai Yoshiyuki

Taira Yoshiyuki (平 善之(たいらよしゆき)) is a 2nd year high school student at the U-17 Training Camp. He is the former captain of Shitenhouji and considered one half of the Legendary Captains of Shitenhouji with his doubles partner, Hara Tetsuya. He is known more commonly by his nickname, Hirazen. He is ranked number 18 in the Junior All-Japan Junior Representatives.


He wears a patrol cap[1] with a camouflage print and his No.18 badge pinned above the brim. Although he's not seen without his cap in the series, he appears to have an unstyled faux hawk that falls to the right and pokes out from under the cap. There's a charm point near his temple on the opposite side.

When he's not actively making funny faces or cracking jokes, he often has a serious expression on his face.


When Taira is first introduced, he looks relatively serious and has his racquet tucked behind him in his back collar. This is quickly


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Personal Information

  • Favorite Food: Takoyaki[3]
  • Favorite Color: Army green
  • School Committee: Investigation of Amusement Committee
  • Hobbies: Working at his part-time job at a takoyaki shop and practicing his funny man act
  • Dislikes: Guys who aren't very interesting
  • Most Wanted Item: A comedy DVD
  • Skills Outside of Tennis: Manzai acts[4]


Hara Tetsuya
Together they make up a perfect comedy act in which Hara is the straight man and Taira is the funny man. They play doubles together at U-17 and are known as the Legendary Captains of Shitenhouji. In the OVA after Shitenhouji loses to Rikkai, Taira calls Hara by his first name suggesting a level of closeness between them. They both relentlessly make fun of Kenya.
Oshitari Kenya
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