St. Rudolph Academy Middle School

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St. Rudolph
Region Kantou
Prefecture Tokyo
Headmaster Watabe C. Mitsuko
Student body Total 577 (♂314 / ♀263)
Tennis Club (Middle School)
Manager Mizuki Hajime
Captain Akazawa Yoshirou
Vice-captain Nomura Takuya
Treasurer Kisarazu Atsushi
Membership 20

St. Rudolph Academy Middle School ((せい)ルドルフ学院中学校(がくいんちゅうがっこう), Sei Fudorufu Gakuin Chuugakkou), is in Tokyo. Brief one or two sentence description of school


This should focus mostly on the tennis club's history.


Middle School Tennis Club Regulars
3rd Years Akazawa Yoshirou
Nomura Takuya
Kisarazu Atsushi
Mizuki Hajime
Yanagisawa Shinya
2nd Years Fuji Yuuta
Kaneda Ichirou


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