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Shiraishi Kuranosuke
Kanji 白石蔵ノ介
Kana しらいしくらのすけ
Gender Male
Age 15
Birthday April 14 (Aries)
Height 178 cm
Weight 66 kgPOT
64 kgNPOT
Blood Type B
Dominant Arm Left
Eyesight (Unaided) 1.5 (both eyes)
Shoe Size 27 cm
  • Mother
  • Father
  • Older Sister
  • Yukari (Younger Sister)
  • Gabriel (Pet Beetle)
  • Pet Cat
Current School Shitenhouji Middle School 3rd Year
Class 3-2
Seat 14
Committee Health Committee
Best Subject(s) Science
Worst Subject(s) None
Former School(s) Minami Umeda Elementary School
Club Position Captain
Play Style All-rounder
Doubles Partner(s)
Shoes Diadora (Speedzone Pro)
Racket(s) Mizuno (Wenew 900Ti)
Manga Debut Genius 249
Anime Debut Episode 1 of Semi-Nationals OVA
Voice Hosoya Yoshimasa
Tenimyu Actors

Shiraishi Kuranosuke (白石蔵ノ介(しらいしくらのすけ)) is a 3rd year student and captain of the tennis club at Shitenhouji Middle School. He is known for his calm disposition and his absolute mastery of the fundamentals of tennis. His signature Bible Tennis style has earned him the nickname of "Shitenhouji's Bible."


Shiraishi has brown eyes and medium length blonde hair. In the manga, his hair varies from white to silver to ash blonde, but in the anime as well as the wig used for Tenimyu his hair is ash blonde. In Doki Doki Survival for the 3DS, his hair is light brown.

He wears a bandage over his left hand covering from his fingers up to his elbow. Under the bandage is a golden gauntlet that is used for training his arm by adding extra weight to his swings.

In official art, he is always dressed stylishly and maturely for his age. He usually is seen wearing suit jackets, cardigans, or sweaters over t-shirts.


Shiraishi is known for being the calm and collected captain of Shitenhouji who has perfected the fundamentals of tennis. He holds himself to a high standard of "Perfect Tennis," but this ideal is challenged in the World Cup matches with Greece when he begins to realize he has been ignoring developing his own style of tennis in favor of perfecting the basics. He has a hands-off leadership style preferring to let players develop in their own way and lead by example.

On court, he is able to calmly assess his opponent and easily return some special moves (such as Fuji Shuusuke's Triple Counters or Ishida Gin's Hadokyuu) after a moment to assess shot and strategy. Even when he goes to match point with Fuji's advantage, his calm exterior does not break on court. It is only on the very last shot that Shiraishi shows he may have been caught wrong-footed.

The cracks in Shiraishi's armor appear when he is set to play Zeus Iliopoulos of Greece during the World Cup. His perfect tennis allows him to immediately realize he is at a disadvantage and that he needs to grow his own style. He works feverishly on improving himself until his next match against France.

He is able to keep Tooyama Kintarou in line by threatening him with his "poison hand," claiming that is what is under the bandages on his arm. Yanagi Renji takes this to mean that Shiraishi could also help manage Kirihara Akaya when Yanagi leaves the U-17 camp. Shiraishi displays in his doubles match with Kirihara that he is able to help him overcome Devil Mode and unlock a new ability Angel Mode by keeping him calm throughout the match.

Despite the fact that he seems like the "cool" type, Shiraishi is a not-so-deeply closeted nerd. He enjoys cataloging poisonous plants, he is shown to "return to basics" not just with tennis, but with comedy (and it falls flat), he keeps a pet beetle named Gabriel who he brings with him to U-17 and speaks to as though Gabriel is his whole world, and just like the rest of Shitenhouji he observes the traditions of Shitenhouji. According to his teammates Oshitari Kenya and Konjiki Koharu, his sense of humor isn't very funny.


Two years prior to the main story

Shiraishi joined the Shitenhouji tennis team and received a golden gauntlet from Osamu Watanabe. He was instructed to wear the gauntlet on his left arm and to always wear the gauntlet until graduation.

One year prior to the main story

After Shitenhouji won the Kansai Regional Tournament, Hara Tetsuya passed on the captaincy to Shiraishi. Not entirely sure how to handle this new responsibility, Shiraishi instructed the players to focus on practicing fundamentals of tennis to grow the strength of the team. Osamu told the team that they need at least one new member in order to participate in Club activities; according to the handbook, that member has to be a first year. Zaizen Hikaru was the only first year who had not yet joined a club, so the team attempted to recruit him with comedy since laughter was the heart of Shitenhouji. Shiraishi attempted a "return to basics" approach with a "big ear" joke that fell flat. Koishikawa Kenjirou was able to recruit Zaizen to attend by simply asking.

Shitenhouji advanced to semi-finals at Nationals against Rikkai. The night before the tournament, Shiraishi worked with Osamu and Hara to develop the lineup for the matches with himself in singles 1 and Hara in singles 2 to try to avoid the inevitable match-up between Hara and Mouri Jusaburou in singles 3. Hara suggested Kenya play singles 3 since Kenya's speed could be an advantage. When Shitenhouji lost in straight sets it ensured Shiraishi's Bible Tennis would not revealed at the National level. Kenya took personal responsibility for the loss and felt that Shiraishi should be angry with him for robbing Shiraishi of the chance to play and not letting their graduating upperclassman Hara play in his final chance in Nationals.


Shitenhouji finished first in the Kansai Regional tournament and received a first round bye. They defeated Okakura 5-0 in the second round and advanced to quarterfinals against Fudomine. Shiraishi did not play his singles 1 match in quarterfinals because Shitenhouji swept Fudomine.

Shitenhouji met Seigaku in semi-finals. Shiraishi played Fuji Shuusuke in singles 3. Shiraishi had no trouble returning Fuji's counter sand picked apart his play style to the basics. After going up 5 straight games, he taunted Fuji and said that he had expected Fuji to be on a level more like Tezuka. That sparked the fighting spirit in Fuji who unveiled variations of his original three counters as well as his new counter Gate Keeper of Hecatoncheires. Though it took him until the tie break, Shiraishi was able to return the final counter. They were evenly matched until Fuji made an unforced error, hitting a lob out and gave Shiraishi the win.

Shitenhouji finished 3rd place in Nationals.

Under 17 Camp

While he is cleaning up at school after practice one day, Shiraishi encountered a kabuto beetle. The beetle clung to his finger and refused to let go. Shiraishi thought the beetle was adorable and decided to take it home.

The rest of Shitenhouji went bowling without Shiraishi and Hitouji Yuuji and Konjiki Koharu discussed that it appeared as though Shiraishi had been leaving club earlier and that he was always in a daze. They misinterpreted the situation that he had a girlfriend. Shiraishi, however, had been spending his time alone at home caring for the new pet beetle he had named Gabriel. His younger sister Shiraishi Yukari interrupted him spending time with the beetle and told him she read in a magazine that Gabriel would not survive the winter. Astonished, Shiraishi cranked the heat in his room in the middle of the summer. [1]

Upon arriving at the U-17 camp, Shiraishi paired with Oshitari Kenya for the 7-point tie-break match. It was the first time they played one another since before their loss the previous year in Nationals. Both felt they were able to reach closure about how they handled Kenya's match in Nationals from the previous year. Shiraishi won, earning his spot at the winners camp.

Yanagi Renji approached Shiraishi and asked for his help with developing Kirihara Akaya as a player since Yanagi himself would be departing the camp. Yanagi explained that he felt Shiraishi's work with Tooyama Kintarou made him best equipped to handle Kirihara's erratic personality.

Shiraishi was selected by Oni Juujirou to represent court 5 against court 3 in the team shuffle challenge match in doubles 2 with Kirihara Akaya against Shinobu Miyako and Chikahiko Matsudaira. Miyako and Matsudaira successfully taunted out Kirihara's Devil Mode despite that Shiraishi attempts to intervene. Kirihara lashed out with his racquet in an attempt to strike Miyako. Shiraishi put himself physically between them, which caused Kirihara's racquet to strike his left arm, immediately resulting in Kirihara snapping back to his senses. This revealed the golden gauntlet he had been wearing since his first year. Shiraishi apologized to Watanabe for breaking their promise and removed the gauntlet.

After years of wearing the gauntlet, removing the gauntlet gave Shiraishi a sudden boost to his speed and power with the drawback of needing to re-adjust his shot placement. Shiraishi's guidance led to Kirihara entering Angel Mode, a variation of Devil Mode with many of the same benefits but without the drawback of Kirihara losing control of himself. They won the match and 5th court overthrew 3rd court.

Mifune picked Shiraishi as one of the junior high players representing the Junior High All-Japan team in the World Cup.

World Cup Versus Greece

Shiraishi was chosen for the team to play against Greece in Singles 3 against Zeus Iliopoulos. Shiraishi was dumbstruck by Zeus' aura, sensing that he was omnipotent. Shiraishi instantly realized that his Bible Tennis style will be completely ineffective on the world stage and became paralyzed with fear. Tanegashima Shuuji challenged him to a game of "Look Over There" and won, declaring that he would sub in for Shiraishi. Tanegashima commented to himself that Zeus would have run over Shiraishi due to his incredible aura and that it would not have been Shiraishi's fault.

Shiraishi realized that he has been trying to play model tennis as a captain, but that playing by the books didn't always work when tennis doesn't always go "by the book." He saw Tanegashima as having a play-style he wanted to aim toward.

World Cup Versus France

Tanegashima and Touno Atsukyou overheard Shiraishi practicing against the wall, trying to find a new play style for himself. Shiraishi became so frustrated that he hit his ankle with his racquet, bloodying it. Touno bandaged his leg and Tanegashima reviewed Shiraishi's stats with him to display that he had 4's in every stat. He explained that Shiraishi is well balanced, but he would encounter problems when he faced an opponent like Zeus, again. Tanegashima offered to practice with him for as long as he would like to help him grow.

Shiraishi played doubles two with Kimijima Ikuto versus Tristan Bardot and Timothé Moreau. The French pair posed when they enter the court; Kimijima followed suit. Shiraishi entered the court without rising to the occasion and was booed by the crowd. The French pair took an early lead, and Shiraishi is not able to score any points. It was revealed through a flashback that Tanegashima had negotiated with Kimijima to buy Shiraishi time during the match.

Shiraishi returned for the second set with a clear mind, revealing that he can hit what appears to be Hadoukyuu[2] from the baseline and finally winning a point with a chance ball overhead smash due to the opportunity created by his Hadoukyuu. He then uses Oshitari Kenya's speed tennis style. It is revealed that he has developed a new variation of his Bible tennis, Star Bible Tennis that allows him to use these abilities.

Match in progress.

Anime only arcs

One Year Prior to the Main Story

Zaizen teamed up with Koishikawa in doubles against Shiraishi and Oshitari Kenya. Zaizen claimed he had only played tennis a couple times, but dominated the court. He described Shiraishi's style as "Textbook Tennis" and claimed he could read every shot and that Oshitari's speed tennis wasn't worth anything if he wasn't making smart shot placement. This woke Shiraishi up to the idea that Shitenhouji worked best in "dissonance" and that every player needed to develop his unique strengths in addition to a strong foundation. Shiraishi ended the match by hitting the Entaku shot, surprising Zaizen. He then spoke his classic tagline, "Nnn~ Ecstacy~!," for the first time which sent the whole team (including Zaizen) into a fit of laughter.

In the Western Japan tournament, Shitenhouji met Shishigaku from Kyushu. Shiraishi and Oshitari Kenya paired up in doubles against the Wings of Kyushu: Chitose Senri and Tachibana Kippei. Though they were a famed doubles pair, the Wings struggled against Shiraishi and Oshitari due to Chitose's recent injury that left him blind in his right eye and opened a gaping blind spot on his forehand side. Shiraishi lost his temper with the pair, declaring that they were not playing to his lofty expectations. The drive to improve awakened Saiki Kanpatsu no Kiwami in Chitose. When Chitose left Shishigaku in October of his first year, he chose to transfer to Shitenhouji.


Having mastered the fundamentals, Shiraishi plays a no-waste style of "perfect tennis", sealing the opponent's style and techniques[3]. He draws out the full potential of both opponents and his doubles partners.

Team Shuffle Information[4]

Shiraishi Kuranosuke TeamShuffle.jpg

Fanbook 10.5 Information[5]

Shiraishi Kuranosuke 105stats.jpg

Speed - 4: He moves quickly enough to get to the necessary position. He doesn't waste energy on excess speed.

Power - 4: After taking off the golden gauntlet, he can hit strong shots. However, that's the limit of his power.

Stamina - 4: He always keeps some energy in reserve, allowing him to keep playing no matter how long the match.

Mental - 4: He is very self-confident without overestimating his abilities. He calculates the difference in strength between himself and his opponent and stays calm.

Technique - 4: When he has the advantage, his technique is high enough to turn it into a complete victory. When he's disadvanted, he has the skills necessary to launch a counterattack.

Kurobe's Memo: For a middle school student, he's perfectly balanced. He can furthermore use his special move as finisher. Just what could his weakness be...?

Bible Tennis

With his mastery of the fundamentals of tennis, Shiraishi plays with no excess energy and always picks the best shot placement. He has eliminated the tics and mannerisms many players have when hitting shots to improve his concentration, stamina, and strokes.

Star Bible Tennis

With Bible Tennis as the basis, the Shiraishi maximizes his ability in one stat category at any given moment, giving him unpredictable and ever-changing strengths.

Entaku Shot

Shiraishi hits the ball off the frame of the racquet producing heavy sidespin. The ball slides in a circle on the ground when it lands and does not bounce.

Data Tennis[6]

Part of the Star Bible. Shiraishi analyzes the opponent's abilities to estimate their stat sheet values.


Part of the Star Bible. Shiraishi fires off a 175% power flat shot.

Speed Tennis[7]

Part of the Star Bible. Shiraishi dashes towards the ball at maximum speed and returns it as quickly as possible, leaving the opponent little time to react.


Part of the Star Bible. The ball seems to disappear after bouncing. By hitting it towards the doubles alley, Shiraishi only needs to hit past the net player in doubles to score.

Super Ultra Great Delicious Daishaarin Yama Arashi[7]

Part of the Star Bible. Spinning around his own axis, Shiraishi utilizes the force generated this way to hit a destructive smash.

Iron Wall Defense[8]

Shiraishi weathers the opponent's attacks, waiting for the opponent to expose an opening.

Personal Information

  • Favorite Food: Cheese risotto and his homemade soba with herbs, but ultimately he likes to have well-balanced, nutritional meals.
  • Favorite Color: Bright green
  • Favorite Motto: 有終の美 ("Finish with beauty" as in completing a task with a perfect result. Derivative of 有終の美を飾る)[9]. "Can I skip this?"[10]
  • Favorite Movie: Korean movies
  • Favorite Book: Illustrated botany guides, how-to guidebook for writing stories.
  • Favorite Music: Trance
  • Favorite Type (of person): A girl with a scent of shampoo on her hair. A person who epitomizes Japanese femininity (a Yamato Nadeshiko-type.)
  • Favorite Date Spot: Botanical garden
  • Father's Occupation: Pharmacist
  • School Committee: Health Committee
  • Best Subject: Chemistry
  • Worst Subject: None
  • Most Visited Spot on Campus: School infirmary
  • Hobbies: Chess, Calisthenics, Writing Stories
  • Dislikes: Girls who hit on boys. Glamorous, blonde beauties.
  • Spends His Allowance On: Health and fitness goods
  • Most Wanted Item: A full-length mirror, a bride for Garbiel.[10]
  • Skills Outside of Tennis: Identifying poisonous plants, becoming best friends with beetles.
  • Daily Routine: Doing yoga poses after bathing
  • Random Fact: He can identify 200 different poisonous plants.
  • His routine during tournaments: Mental training, reads self-help books.

Daily School Life

  • 06:00 - Wakes up.
  • 06:30 - Has breakfast after his calisthenics.
  • 07:00 - Goes to school for morning practice.
  • 08:30 - First Period: Japanese - Essay on A, I, U, E, O.
  • 09:30 - Second Period: Social Studies - History of Laughter.
  • 10:40 - Third Period: Math III.
  • 11:40 - Fouth Period: English - American Jokes.
  • 12:30 - Lunch break: Has an extravagant rice bowl in the cafeteria.
  • 13:30 - Fifth Period: Chemistry - Gathering medicinal plants.
  • 14:30 - Sixth Period: Art.
  • 15:30 - Hitouji Yuuji's Imitation Live in the gym.
  • 16:10 - Club activities - Special technique training.
  • 19:00 - Returns home for dinner
  • 19:30 - Takes a bath.
  • 20:00 - Does yoga and stretching.
  • 21:00 - Writes for his column "Poisonous Plant Bible" in the school newspaper.
  • 21:30 - Reads a encyclopedia on botany.
  • 22:30 - Upkeeps the bandages on his left arm.
  • 23:30 - Goes to bed.

Tennis Bag Contents

Another item 
Another definition
Personal Belongings Check by Koniki Koharu Travel Bag Edition
A scarf he received from his younger sister before take-off
“I think she might have mistaken Australia’s December for winter. Yukari-chan is really thoughtful of her older brother♥” - Konjiki Koharu
  • "He still has lots to work on with laughing matters! Because Kura-rin gets embarrassed...he should take the path of surrealism." - Konjiki Koharu
  • "The contents are too maniacal... What's with poisonous plants? Senpai, that's too dangerous." - Zaizen Hikaru


Kuranosuke first met Kaburiel by chance. He was cleaning up after tennis practice when Kaburiel clutched his hand and would not let go. He tried to set Kaburiel free, but Kaburiel would not leave his side. Now, Kaburiel is his most precious person who accompanied him to the U-17 camp. Though, Yukari told Kuranosuke that Kaburiel would not survive the winter. One of his character songs is all about Kaburiel. When performing it live, Hosoya Yoshimasa began to cry lamenting the loss of his own special partner.
Oshitari Kenya
Shiraishi and Oshitari have a close friendship that is strained following Nationals in their second year. Oshitari remains upset that Shiraishi wasn't honest with him about being upset, Shiraishi is frustrated that he didn't get to play because Oshitari didn't play his true style. They reconcile at the Under 17 camp.
Tooyama Kintarou
Shiraishi is tasked with keeping Tooyama in line and does so by tricking him into believing that the bandages on his left arm are to hide a "poison hand." He puts the brakes on Tooyama's enthusiasm, though still allows him the occasional concession when it comes to "Koshimae."
Zaizen Hikaru
In Shiraishi's second year when he has recently taken over as captain, Zaizen criticizes both his tennis style and his captaining style as "textbook tennis." He inadvertently helps Shiraishi see that while fundamentals are important, what makes the team strong is all of their individual styles. Shiraishi takes it to heart and starts allowing everyone to be their usual selves the next day.
Kirihara Akaya
Shiraishi is approached by Yanagi Renji at the Under 17 camp with a plea to help with Kirihara's growth since Shiraishi had such luck with Tooyama. During his doubles match with Kirihara, he helps him see past his violent tendencies to achieve Angel Mode.
Chitose Senri
Shraishi meets Chitose at the Western Japan Tournament in his second year. He becomes frustrated with Chitose and Tachibana Kippei for not displaying the strong doubles combination they are known for. He inspires Chitose to enter Saiki Kanpatsu no Kiwami. Later that year, Chitose follows Shiraishi to Shitenhouji and joins the tennis club.


  • Shiraishi's bandaged left arm was added to his design to make him appear more mysterious or like the Pyschogun that the protagonist Cobra uses from the COBRA manga. [11]
  • His catchphrase "Nnn~... Ecstasy!" was chosen because Konomi wanted an intense phrase that captured the spirit of Osaka.
  • Shiraishi's play style was developed by Konomi specifically as a foil to Fuji. He wanted to show that even in a world with a bunch of flashy play styles, that strong fundamental tennis could also be just as powerful.
  • Konomi tries to express that Shiraishi is someone that others can look up to through the openness of his heart. He used the example that if someone is speaking badly of another, Shiraishi is the type to stop them.
  • Konomi said that if he switched places with Shiraishi for a day, he would do something good to earn 10 kokeshi from Watanabe Osamu. Then he would start a bowling tournament.
  • In his first year, he slid across the entry gate of Shitenhouji where it is traditional to perform some sort of gag as you enter the gate. He was praised by the principal.
  • He was earned the nickname of “Shitenhouji's Bible” during the Newcomer’s Tournament in his first year.
  • He won 2nd place in the "Complete Swimsuit Eating Contest" in 2nd year. Oshitari Kenya took first place.
  • He has a pet beetle named Gabriel who he encountered after tennis practice one day. Gabriel won the “My Kabu-chan is the Best Cup," defeating Atobe Keigo’s King of Satan in the final round.
  • Konomi compares Shiraishi to Ashikaga Yoshiteru who was a general and also a master fencer. Both are also from the kansai region.
  • Shirashi once told Tooyama Kintarou that if Oshitari Yuushi takes off his glasses, he becomes a super hero (like Clark Kent).
  • Hosoya Yoshimasa as Shiraishi was the first Prince of Tennis character to get his own live concert tour. A DVD of the concert was released August 10, 2011. [12]
  • Shiraishi was Hosoya's first voice acting role and he was still in school when he recorded his audition.
  • Hosoya wrote the lyrics for a couple of Shiraishi songs including ""[13] and "Epilogue." [14]
  • On the opening page of Golden Age 237 are the words in English, "so attack." On the final page, "so I'm back." This is a direct reference to the lyrics of his character song "go on."[15]
  • In Tenipuri Festa 2016 in the October 16, 2016 evening performance, "go on" was voted second in the solo song category. Hosoya came to the show to perform the song as a surprise guest. In that same performance, "Koi no Gekidasa Ecstacy" was ranked number 3 of all songs which Hosoya also performed with the group.
  • Shiraishi ranked 10th as character readers most want to see in a suit, 7th in a Kimono, and 1st in a Lab Coat.[16]
  • Kirihara Akaya overheard Oshitari Yuushi and Shiraishi arguing like "Old Ladies from Osaka" over who was going to treat who at the winners camp.[16]

Common Questionnaire[17]

What do you have to focus on to control the team members?
Control? I'm not doing something like that at all. Everyone does what they want. All I tell them is to win.
Is being a captain hard?
It's very difficult. I have to win. But even if I'm not the captain, I still have to win.
It feels like you're captivated by plants?
Of course. Do you know how many plants are poisonous? Listen...(talk about poisonous plants continues for 45 minutes)
If you had a day where you were completely free?
I might look for a new botanical book. There might still be poisonous plants that I don't know about...(talk about poisonous plants continues for 25 minutes).
When were your special skills useful?
Even if someone eats a poisonous plant, I wouldn't be worried. But, it's not like anyone has been forced to eat a poisonous plant.

Words for the Two[17]

Others about Shiraishi

  • "All the captains have great presence. Maybe I should wear a beard too...(Then I'll be popular with the girls...)" - Aoi Kentarou
  • "I understand the worries of a captain too. Next time, let's talk about it over some drinks. Wait, I mean drinks like coke, you know?" - Akazawa Yoshirou
  • "You appear refined with your "The one who wins is the winner," but do you have the resolve to lose everything when you lose?" - Akutsu Jin
  • "It seems that Aniki's hadoukyuu was ineffective against Shiraishi-san...please have a match with me one day!" - Ishida Tetsu
  • "Hoh, Shiraishi-kun has an abundance of knowledge about poisonous time, would you like to develop a new Inui Juice with me?" - Inui Sadaharu
  • "Shiraishi-san, you have bandages around your arm! Are you hurt!? If you don't mind, please use this favorite medicine of mine." - Ootori Choutarou
  • "Shiraishi! You're so noisy with all your "ecstasy"'s! Well, there's a lot I'm thankful for about you." Watanabe Osamu
  • "I heard from Kenya that Shiraishi's sense of humor is not that great. And that's what makes him a suitable captain for them." - Oshitari Yuushi
  • "Shiraishi's "The one who wins is the winner" is a conviction I empathize with. Your decisive phrase, however, is lacking." - Kite Eishirou
  • "Actually, my play against southpaws is perfect. Both of you should gather together, and I'll crush you....just kidding!" - Kirihara Akaya
  • "Shiraishi, he's weaker than me yet he's the captain. Isn't that weird? Wah~, I don't want to die yet! I don't want the poison arm!!" -Tooyama Kintarou
  • "Shiraishi, I think we would have a lot to talk about. His boke and my tsukkomi would go well together." - Kurobane Harukaze
  • "That guy Shiraishi, even though he's popular, he says he's "not good with assertive girls." I'm not envious or anything!" - Oshitari Kenya
  • "During second year, Shiraishi's slump after the Rikkai battle was impressive. From then on, he's changed a bit." - Koishikawa Kenjirou
  • "Ah~, I want to sneak a peak at Kura-rin when he does yoga after his bath. Even better, I want to do yoga together with Kura-rin~ ♥" - Konjiki Koharu
  • "Shiraishi-buchou, really, give me a break with all the endless talk about poisonous plants when we're eating." - Zaizen Hikaru
  • "Perfect tennis? Heh~, how cool~. But but, I like more magnificent plays....ZZZ" - Akutagawa Jirou
  • "Shiraishi is someone who even Chitose acknowledges. Just by watching his match against Fuji, I can tell Chitose wasn't exaggerating." - Tachibana Kippei
  • "Both are impressive. I too will open the next door of muga and challenge them to a match. Wait for me!" - Chitose Senri
  • "...Because both of them weren't useful, I lost to Fuji. They were unexpectedly just waiting to be eaten." - Niou Masaharu
  • "Tezuka-san's strictness and Shiraishi-san's motto of getting results, I will become a captain who combines both!" - Hiyoshi Wakashi
  • "I learned important things from both. This time, I would like to experience the finest thrill in a serious match." - Fuji Shuusuke
  • "Shit, Shiraishi, telling me that "karaage is bad for my health!" It's my freedom to eat whatever I want!" - Mukahi Gakuto
  • "Tezuka-kun and Shiraishi-kun, you need to be more considerate towards females. That's a requirement for being a gentleman." - Yagyuu Hiroshi
  • "Shiraishi, if you admit to being an otaku over your health, it should be quite obvious to you that you must hold back from high calorie foods like cheese risotto." - Yanagi Renji
  • "I know Aniki's strength the best. For someone to be able to defeat Aniki...Shiraishi-san, he's a person to be feared." - Fuji Yuuta
  • "He’s really bad with older women! Shiraishi~, you were really hesitant back there, huh! Were you embarrassed or something? All right! Let’s rope Oni-occhan into it and have another competition at the beach!" - Tooyama Kintarou
  • "‘Nosuke, it seems like you’ve found your own tennis, huh. Your match against France was purely ‘ecstasy~’" - Tanegashima Shuuji
  • "A simple smile isn’t enough for the leading hottie amongst the middle school students. Aim for a brilliant, even brighter grin!" - Kimijima Ikuto
  • "Shiraishi-san! Here’s a coupon for the salon I visit, I got it just for you! It’s my thanks for that day♪" - Kirihara Akaya
  • "As your best friend, I’m always cheering you on, ‘Nosuke. White stone, be ambitious!" - "Gabriel" (Based on the nickname, this is Tanegashima Shuuji speaking through the beetle.)

Shiraishi about others

  • About Tanegashima Shuuji: "Seeing your ‘flash tennis’ inspired me to a new level. I really can’t express my gratitude enough."
  • About Kirihara Akaya: "I can't decide if I want to get a nice perm like Kirihara-kun's. What do you think?"
  • About Koishikawa Kenjirou: "Our 9th member, Koishikawa! Because he is knowledgeable, we can always depend on him."




  • "Ah~ Ecstasy!" (んんーっ、絶頂(エクスタシー)!)


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