Prince of Tennis

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Prince of Tennis
PoT v1.png
Japanese テニスの王子様
Tenisu no Oujisama
Author Konomi Takeshi
Volumes 42
Published July 19, 1999 - November 14, 2008
Status Completed
Serialization Weekly Shonen Jump

The Prince of Tennis (テニスの王子様), also known as Tenipuri, is a manga and anime series created by Konomi Takeshi. The manga began publishing in 1999 and finished in 2008 with 379 chapters spanning 42 volumes. The original anime ran from 2001-2005 for 178 episodes. It was followed by 3 OVAs covering the Nationals Arc of the manga, covering up to the end of the series. Other animes following side stories were released, as well as 3 anime movies (with one more to be released in September 2021). Details on all of the anime series can be found at the Episode Guide. The series has grown into a vast media franchise also featuring 16+ musicals, several games, and roughly 1000~ character songs.

Prince of Tennis was succeeded by the sequel series New Prince of Tennis, which began publishing in 2009. The term "Tenipuri" typically covers the entire universe of both Prince of Tennis and New Prince of Tennis. A 4-koma tribute series called Prince of After School began serialization in 2008, featuring characters from both series.

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