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Liliadent Krauser
Kanji リリアデント蔵兎座
Kana リリアデントくらうざ
Gender Male
Age 12
Birthday February 7 (Aquarius)
Height 186 cmPOT
187 cmNPOT
Weight 73 kgPOT
74 kgNPOT
Blood Type AB
Dominant Arm Right
Eyesight (Unaided) 1.5 both eyes
  • Father
  • Mother
  • Older Brother
Current School Nagoya Seitoku 1st Year
Class 1-8
Seat 32
Committee None

Club Position Regular
Play Style All Rounder
Shoes MIZUNO (Wave Lightning Z4)
Manga Debut Genius #321
Anime Debut Episode 4 of Nationals Semi-finals OVA
Voice Tetsuya Kakihara

Liliadent Krauser (リリアデント蔵兎座(リリアデントくらうざ))(Previously リリアデント・クラウザー) is a 1st year student at Nagoya Seitoku. He is one of the foreign exchange students his team used against Rikkai at the National Tournament. After his defeat, he decides to stay in Japan to participate in the U-17 training camp. He speaks mostly in English and is still getting used to the Japanese language and culture.

Liliadent Krauser


He has long, blonde hair and narrow, light blue eyes with long eyelashes.


Krauser speaks kindly and formally in Japanese, but that's mostly because he is still learning the language. In English, he speaks more casually and uses some vulgar language. He gets excited when it comes to learning more things about Japanese culture, and genuinely loves and appreciates the country.


  • Hobbies: Flower arrangement, watching Oogiri shows
  • Dislikes/Weaknesses: Kirihara Akaya, insects in general[3], kusaya[3]
  • Most Wanted Item/Thing: The latest computer
  • Skills Beyond Tennis: English
  • Routine during tournaments: Skypes with his family, works on his picture diary[4]


  • Food(s): Miso soup (seaweed and fusuma)[4], Shiro-Noir[4]
  • Color(s): Emerald green
  • Book(s): “There’s one hundred of them! An encyclopedia of Puns”[4]
  • Type of Person: Exotic Women[3]
  • Date Spot: Asakusa[3]
  • Where he wants to travel to: New Zealand[4]
  • A gift to his special person: An arrangement of preserved flowers he made himself[4]


Prince of Tennis

Krauser was in the foreign exchange student unit at Nagoya Seitoku. His team played through the National tournament with their regular lineup, and switched to the foreigners in the fourth round, against Rikkai, hoping that their skills would be enough to beat them. During his match with Kirihara Akaya, he beats and crucifies him up until the very last point he needed to win. Kirihara awakens Devil Mode and attacks Krauser back, ending in a loss for Krauser and later, his team.[5]

New Prince of Tennis

After Nationals, the other foreign exchange students prepare to leave for their home countries, but Krauser makes the decision to stay in Japan because he feels that he has things to do in the country that he lost to, since he thought they're under-developed in tennis.[6] He gets invited to the U-17 camp, and is the only one from his school to attend. In the first match, he teams up with Richard Sakata, but before the match, Krauser gets tripped and laughed at by Sakata. Krauser crucifies Sakata and wins the match, letting Krauser stay at the camp with the winners. At the camp, Krauser enters the 5th court and participates in the team shuffle match against the 3rd court. He plays a singles match against Nakagauchi Sotomichi. During the match, Nakagauchi repeatedly and consistently hits each ball to the corners to have Krauser run back and forth across the court to tire him out, while Krauser hits many hopping balls that go out and hits the fence. His hopping balls are actually a setup for his opponent's gravepost so he can use Haritsuku Gomen. Once it's ready, Krauser uses Southern Cross to hit Nakagauchi back into the fence and crucify him, however to his surprise, Nakagauchi recovers quickly and continues to play. Krauser uses the cord balls to initiate two more Southern Crosses, the first one hitting him back into the fence and the second hitting him over and out the fence, finally dealing a good amount of damage. However, Krauser is too exhausted by this point and passes out, deeming him unable to play and gets disqualified, losing the match. His team ends up winning the shuffle match, so he successfully enters the 3rd court. At the world cup, he is seen supporting the representatives with the rest of Rikkaidai.


Kirihara Akaya
Krauser states that he has a hard time with Kirihara, but that later gets changed in the 23.5 fanbook.[3] Although their first interaction was violently injuring the other during Nationals, sometime during Krauser's match against Nakagauchi, Kirihara cheers for him and they both start warming up to each other. Krauser still feels nervous around him, and when confronted by Yagyuu about it, he reveals it's because he's very different on and off the court.[7] Krauser once told Kirihara he'll kill him, and scolds him for nicknaming him "Uza Uza" (which can also mean "annoying guy"), but is still kind to him when helping Kirihara when he gets lost,[8] and when Krauser agrees to play card games with him (then teases his poor English by pretending not to know Japanese).[9] When Kirihara suspects that Krauser might be feeling lonely at the U-17 camp without his team, he offers for Krauser to call him "Senpai".[7]
Yagyuu Hiroshi
Yagyuu is one of the few people Krauser can talk to in English. Yagyuu occasionally enjoys a cup of tea with him and helps him with learning Japanese and Japanese culture. Yagyuu, along with Ooishi Shuuichirou, helps Krauser study classical Japanese. Krauser says that Yagyuu is kind to him.[10] Yagyuu even invited him to Rikkai's tennis practice when Krauser revealed his nervousness around Kirihara, as a way for them to get to know each other better.[7]
Ryouma Echizen
Ryouma is Krauser's roommate at the U-17 dorms. Krauser says that he's surprisingly good friends with him.[10] They're both friendly with each other and have conversations in English. They both have a background in America, and are able to relate to each other that way.
Amane Hikaru
Krauser is a huge fan of Amane's puns, and often bursts into laughter and praises them. Amane isn't sure how to react because he isn't used to this reaction to his puns. Amane says he wants to try making puns in English to make Krauser cheer up and laugh more because he notices that Krauser is lonely at the camp.[11] Krauser calls Amane his mentor.[4]


Play Style


Other Special Moves

  • Haritsuku Gomen
  • HB (Hopping Ball)
  • Southern Cross


  • He is German-American.[12]
  • Zaizen Hikaru gifts Krauser a purikura sticker, which he gets really happy about and sticks it on his notebook.[13]
  • Although he is not used to some of Japanese culture, like bathing with other people, he is skillful at shogi.[14]
  • He writes with a quill.[15]
  • When Krauser was first introduced, he played tennis left-handed. In every medium afterwards, he is right-handed.
  • Krauser's surname changed from Katakana to Kanji in The New Prince of Tennis.
  • He says he is jealous of the other Middle Schoolers who have their Senpai with them.[10]

Messages From and To Others

Others about Krauser

  • Someone already chose Echizen right? In that case, Krauser. Reason? He made me get serious. - Kirihara Akaya[16]

Krauser about others




  • "Your grave post has been completed."
  • "Bear the cross and suffer..."
  • "Oh my god... you’re even celebrating my birthday... Thank you very much indeed! The spirit of Japan’s hospitality... wonderful."[23]
  • "Everyone from Japan, hello. Wow... Japanese guys are getting so many chocolates from girls every year? As a thank you for sending me so many too... I love Japan!" [24]


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