Kikumaru Eiji

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Kikumaru Eiji
Kanji 菊丸英二
Kana きくまるえいじ
Gender Male
Age 14

Current School Seishun Academy Middle School 3rd Year

Club Position Regular

Doubles Partner(s) Ooishi Shuuichirou


Kikumaru Eiji (菊丸英二(きくまるえいじ)) is a 3rd year student at Seishun Academy Middle School. He is famously half of the Golden Pair with Ooishi Shuuichirou. He is also well-known for his Acrobatic Tennis and bubbly personality.



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Kikumaru Stats.png
Speed 4
Power 2
Stamina 4
Mental 2
Technique 4






Kurobe's Memo:

Match History

Tokyo District Preliminaries Iguchi/Suzuki vs. Kikumaru/Ooishi 0 - 6
Tokyo District Preliminaries Kanneda/Sawaguchi vs. Kikumaru/Ooishi 0 - 6
Tokyo District Preliminaries Mori T./Uchimura vs. Kikumaru/Ooishi 2 - 6
Tokyo Tournament Yamamoto/Yano vs. Kikumaru/Ooishi 0 - 6
Tokyo Tournament Honmura/Suzuki vs. Kikumaru/Ooishi 1 - 6
Tokyo Tournament Kikumaru/Ooishi vs. Akazawa/Kaneda 6 - 7 (3 - 7)
Tokyo Tournament Kikumaru/Ooishi vs. Higashikata/Minami 7 - 5
Kantou Tournament Mukahi/Oshitari Y. vs. Kikumaru/Momoshiro 4 - 6
Kantou Tournament Habu/Minamoto vs. Kikumaru/Momoshiro 3 - 6
Kantou Tournament Itsuki/Saeki vs. Fuji S./Kikumaru 3 - 6
Kantou Tournament Niou/Yagyuu vs. Kikumaru/Ooishi 6 - 4
Kantou Tournament Kiriyama/Oota vs. Kikumaru/Ooishi 5 - 7
Kantou Tournament Itsuki/Saeki vs. Fuji S./Kikumaru 2 - 6 (anime only)
National Tournament Kai vs. Kikumaru 6-7 (5-7)
National Tournament Ootori/Shishido vs. Kikumaru/Ooishi 7 - 6 (9-7)
National Tournament Jackal/Marui vs. Kikumaru/Ooishi 5 - 7
U-17 Pair Matches Kikumaru vs. Ooishi 7 - 4

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