Fudoumine Middle School

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Region Kantou
Prefecture Tokyo
Established 1947
Headmaster Kimotomine Tarou
Student body Total 527 (♂279 / ♀248)
Tennis Club (Middle School)
Coach Tachibana Kippei
Captain Tachibana Kippei
Vice-captain Kamio Akira
Sports ground manager Ibu Shinji
Physical trainer Ishida Tetsu
Membership 7

Fudoumine Middle School (不動峰中学校(ふどうみねちゅうがっこう), Fudoumine Chuugakkou), also known as Fudoumine (不動峰(ふどうみね)), is located in Tokyo.


This should focus mostly on the tennis club's history.


Middle School Tennis Club Regulars
3rd Years Tachibana Kippei
2nd Years Kamio Akira
Ibu Shinji
Ishida Tetsu
Mori Tatsunori
Sakurai Masaya
Uchimura Kyosuke
Students Tachibana Ann




The winter uniform is a standard black gakuran[1] with gold buttons and a white dress shirt underneath. They have a pin on the collar with Fudoumine's school emblem. The summer uniform shares pants with the winter uniform, but they wear a short sleeved white dress shirt instead.


The girls' uniform is a standard sailor fuku[2] uniform with a dark blue collar and skirt, and a red two-tailed ribbon. The summer version is a short sleeved white top with dark skirt and the winter variation is long sleeved with a dark top. In both instances, the skirt hits knee length, and the uniform socks come up mid-calf.

Tennis Club

The jacket is a 1/3 zip pullover hoodie with pockets and black sweatpants with white line detailing. There are red bands around the biceps and white detailing between arm and breast. In the anime, the red is depicted instead as pink.


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