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This is a list of all episodes and movies of The Prince of Tennis and The New Prince of Tennis organized by arc. Filler arcs and episodes are labeled as such. Quasifillers (marked with ○) denote episodes which replace an arc in the manga, such as the Josei Shonan arc's replacement of the Midoriyama arc.

The Prince of Tennis

Season 1

Intraschool Ranking Arc

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English Title Summary Filler?
1 Oct 10, 2001 王子様現る A Prince Appears Ryuuzaki Sakuno meets Echizen Ryouma, a returnee from the United States, for the first time on the way to a tennis tournament. Ryouma is disqualified due to lateness, but has a match against high schooler Sasabe, whom he beats easily.
2 Oct 17, 2001 サムライ·ジュニア Samurai Junior School starts at Seigaku, and Ryouma shows up two second years who are bullying his fellow first years. He then plays a match against second year Momoshiro Takeshi, who withdraws due to injury. Osakada Tomoka meets Ryouma for the first time.
3 Oct 24, 2001 登場!青学レギュラー The Seigaku Regulars Make Their Debut The Seigaku regulars are introduced, along with reporters Inoue Mamoru and Shiba Saori. Ryoma beats second year bully Arai Masahi with a broken racket and is entered by Tezuka Kunimitsu for the intraschool tournament, despite his first year status.
4 Oct 31, 2001 マムシと呼ばれる男 The One Named Viper The intraschool ranking tournament begins. Ryouma beats his initial opponents easily before facing second year regular Kaidou Kaoru. Kaidou uses the Snake Shot, forcing Ryouma to switch to playing with his dominant hand.
5 Nov 7, 2001 スネイク·ショット Snake Shot Kaidou uses the Snake in order to wear down Ryouma's stamina. He appears to be succeeding at first, but it turns out that Ryouma is hitting shots in order to force Kaidou to bend his knees closer to the ground. Ryouma ends up winning the match.
6 Nov 14, 2001 その男, 越前南次郎 Echizen Nanjirou Inoue and Shiba travel to the Echizen household in order to snag an interview with Ryouma's father, Echizen Nanjirou, a famous retired tennis player. Nanjirou quite literally beats Inoue with his eyes closed, but lets slip that he's focusing on training Ryouma.
7 Nov 21, 2001 二人のリョーマ The Two Ryoumas Ryouma plays third year regular Inui Sadaharu, a Data Tennis player, for his next ranking match. Using his data on Ryouma, Inui manages to successfully predict where his shots are going and counter him accordingly.
8 Nov 28, 2001 スプリットステップ The Split Step Using a the One-footed Split Step, Ryouma successfully manages to increase his speed and agility and, combined with his Twist Serve, surpasses Inui's data. This episode also shows Ryouma's relationship with his father and how easily he's beaten by him.
9 Dec 5, 2001 ザ·ハード·デイ The Hard Day Inui is unable to return the Twist Serve and loses. Ryouma wins his subsequent matches, securing his spot as a regular. Kaidou then beats Inui, kicking him out of the regulars. He becomes the team's manager and the infamous Inui Juice is born.
10 Dec 12, 2001 逆襲!佐々部再び Counterattack! Sasabe Again? The first years visit the tennis school where Katou Kachirou's father teaches. They run into Sasabe and his father, the Golden Retriever, and Ryouma plays the elder. The match doesn't conclude as Sasabe didn't warm up properly and injures himself.

Tokyo District Preliminary - Fudoumine Arc

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English TItle Summary Filler?
11 Dec 19, 2001 越前VS桃城 Ryouma vs. Momoshiro Ryouma and Momoshiro decide to play each other for the remaining Singles 3 position. They end up playing doubles at a street court, where they easily defeat their challengers before being bested by the Izumi Tomoya/Fukawa Kimiyoshi pair.
12 Dec 26, 2001 ア·ウンな二人 The Perfect Match Ryouma and Momoshiro decide to play Doubles 2 against Gyokurin Middle School out of pride. They end up rematching the Izumi/Fukawa pair, although they continue to do poorly due to their lack of coordination borne from their singles player status.
13 Jan 9. 2002 男はダブルス! Real Men Play Doubles Their strategies failing, Ryouma and Momoshiro split the court in half, each effectively playing singles in their own half and using the "Ah-Un" strategy to divvy up balls which land on the center line. They prove victorious in the end.
14 Jan 16, 2002 つばめ返し! The Triple Counter Fuji Shuusuke and Kawamura Takashi start off Seigaku's next game against relatively unknown public school Fudoumine's Ishida Gin/Sakurai Masaya pair. Feeling cornered, Shuusuke uses's one of his Triple Counters: Tsubame Gaeshi.
15 Jan 23, 2002 それぞれの戦い To Each His Own Battle In an attempt to counteract Tsubame Gaeshi, Ishida uses a powerful shot known as the Hadoukyuu. When Shuusuke attempts to return it, Kawamura intercepts it, injuring his wrist in the process. Shuusuke forfeits the game in order to get medical attention.
16 Jan 30, 2002 ブーメラン·スネイク The Boomerang Snake The Kikumaru Eiji/Ooishi Shuuichirou pair, also known as the Golden Pair, win their match. The Singles 3 game between Kaidou and Kamio Akira commences after a break due to the rain, and Kaidou hits the Boomerang Snake for the first time.
17 Feb 6, 2002 小さなガッツポーズ A Little Gesture of Triumph Kaidou is unable to hit the Boomerang Snake again despite repeated attempts, but the match ends up turning into a stamina battle, so he wins it. Tachibana An reveals her identity as the younger sister of Fudoumine's Tachibana Kippei to Momoshiro.
18 Feb 13, 2002 ラブレター The Love Letter Nanjirou reminisces on his time training under Ryuuzaki Sumire at Seigaku. The next match starts, with Ibu Shinji returning Ryouma's Twist Serve with ease and countering it with his own Kick Serve, turning it into a service game.
19 Feb 20, 2002 傷だらけのリョーマ Battle-Scarred Ryouma Ibu's Spot, which causes temporary paralysis of the arm, causes Ryouma to lose his grip on his racket, resulting in it hitting his eye. Ryouma's eyelid begins to bleed profusely, endangering his chances at victory.
20 Feb 27, 2001 タイムリミット Time Limit Tezuka gives Ryouma ten minutes to win the game or forfeit. Ryouma manages to overcome the Spot by switching which arm he plays with, securing both his victory and the team's. Seigaku celebrates at Kawamura's family sushi restaurant.

Seigaku Training Arc

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English TItle Summary Filler?
21 Mar 3, 2002 テニスコートは燃えているか? Is the Tennis Court Burning Up?
22 Mar 13, 2002 薫の災難 Kaoru's Troubles
23 Mar 20. 2002 登場!乾汁デラックス Here Comes Inui's Deluxe Drink
24 Mar 27, 2002 リョーマの休日 Ryoma's Day Off
25 Apr 10, 2002 青学最強の男〈前編〉 Seigaku's Strongest Man, Part 1
26 Apr 10, 2002 青学最強の男〈後編〉 Seigaku's Strongest Man, Part 2

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

Prince of Tennis Specials

Nationals OVAs

Prince of Tennis National Tournament OVA

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English Title Summary Filler?
01 March 24, 2006 Return of the Prince The participating teams gather for Nationals and the tournament begins. Rokkaku faces Higa while the other teams watch. Ryoma surprisingly returns from New York and it is decided whether or not he will replace someone on the team for Nationals.
02 May 26, 2006 Hot & Cool Higa vs. Seigaku begins with Singles 3, Tanishi vs. Echizen. The personalities of Higa are introduced. Much, much trash talking ensues. In a battle of size, Echizen's chibi-ness is thoroughly tested with a serve more powerful than anything he's faced before.
03 May 26, 2006 The Fourth Counter Doubles 2, Chinen/Hirakoba vs. Fuji/Kawamura. Kawamura has trouble finding an opportunity to use the Hadoukyuu, Higa's coach reveals the source of the team's seemingly violent attitude, and Hirakoba Rin has buckets of fun playing against challenging opponents.
04 July 28, 2006 Kikumaru All Alone Singles 2, Kai vs. Kikumaru. The tables turn a few times in this series-changing match, where Kikumaru grapples emotionally with playing singles and Kai puts up a strong battle. In the end, 'Prince of Tennis' crosses the line from magic realism to surrealism with a new technique.
05 July 28, 2006 The Longest Summer Doubles 1, Aragaki/Shiranui vs. Kaidou/Inui. After a challenge by Yagyuu, Kaidou plays the match to test his limits. Inui does not rally, letting Kaidou return all the shots, and Kaidou refuses to use the snake. It becomes a battle of endurance.
06 September 22, 2006 The Man Called Killer Singles 1, Kite vs. Tezuka. Captain Kite's merciless reputation comes to light. He takes the now-famous Higa Shukuchihou method to another level, proving to be a formidable opponent. He will do anything to win, and his methods light something up in Tezuka.
07 September 22, 2006 The Prince of Beach Volleyball In an alternate universe, Rokkaku and Seigaku play beach volleyball. The consequences of losing are harrowing.
08 November 24, 2006 Premonition Before the Storm The teams prepare for Hyoutei vs. Seigaku, in their own ways.
09 November 24, 2006 Heart Not Giving In Singles 3, Oshitari vs. Momoshiro.
10 January 26, 2007 Short-lived Match Doubles 2, Hiyoshi/Mukahi vs. Kaidou/Inui.
11 January 26, 2007 Tezuka Kunimitsu Singles 2, Kabaji vs. Tezuka.
12 March 23, 2007 Two of Us Doubles 1, Kikumaru/Ooishi vs. Shishido/Ootori.
13 March 23, 2007 Deathmatch - King vs. Prince Singles 1, Atobe vs. Echizen.

Prince of Tennis National Tournament Semifinals OVA

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English Title Summary Filler?
01 June 22, 2007 Fudoumine vs. Shitenhouji Battle Seigaku finish their last match against Hyoutei and go to watch Fudoumine vs. Shitenhouji to see who will move on to the semi-finals. Matches shown are Ishida/Kamio vs. Ishida/Kenya, Tachibana vs. Chitose.
02 June 22, 2007 Roar Singles 3, Fuji vs. Shiraishi.
03 September 28, 2007 The Horror of Comedy Tennis Doubles 2, Kaidou/Momoshiro vs. Hitouji/Konjiki.
04 September 28, 2007 Seigaku's Buren Singles 2, Kawamura vs. Ishida.
05 January 25, 2008 The Two Doors Doubles(?) 1, Tezuka vs. Chitose (because Inui and Zaizen do not participate.)
06 January 25, 2008 One-Point Match An official match between Kintarou and Ryoma.

Prince of Tennis National Tournament Finals OVA

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English Title Summary Filler?
01 April 25, 2008 The Prince Of Yakiniku The night before Seigaku battles Rikkai in the National Tournament Finals, they enjoy an evening of Yakiniku. Other schools from Nationals (including those Seigaku defeated) appear. They decide to have a team meat-eating contest.
02 July 25, 2008 Summit Showdown! Tezuka vs. Sanada.
03 July 25, 2008 The Way We Play Kaidou/Inui vs. Kirihara/Yanagi.
04 October 24, 2008 Can You See the Stars in Broad Daylight!? Fuji vs. Niou.
05 October 24, 2008 The Only One in my Heart Kikumaru/Ooishi vs. Jackal/Marui.
06 January 23, 2009 Prince Vs. The Child of God Yukimura vs. Ryoma.
07 January 23, 2009 Dear Prince~ To the Princes of Tennis Prince of Tennis Series Finale!

Another Story OVAs

The Prince of Tennis OVA: Another Story - Kako to Mirai no Message

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English Title Summary Filler?
01 May 26, 2009
02 May 26, 2009
03 May 26, 2009
04 May 26, 2009

The Prince of Tennis OVA: Another Story II - Ano Toki no Bokura

Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English Title Summary Filler?
01 August 26, 2011
02 August 26, 2011
03 August 26, 2011
04 August 26, 2011


Ep. # Airdate Japanese Title English Title Summary Filler?

The New Prince of Tennis

Season 1

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The New Prince of Tennis Specials

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The New Prince of Tennis OVAs

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Best Games!

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